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As a Smaller Earth Blogger, please remember you are representing the Smaller Earth movement of positively impacting 20 million people by 2020.  We are inspiring people to go further and we need your help, so just be yourself and tell the world your story.  

Please read before blogging:

  • Do not exceed 350 words per article
  • By sending Smaller Earth your content, you agree that Smaller Earth can use that information on our site and can edit if so needed
  • Play nice, we will never post anything that even hints at being judgmental, discriminatory, ignorant, or mean.  In other words, Smaller Earth has the right to decide not to post your content if it is inappropriate.
  • As with anything, please use your own content and photos – isn’t that why you are blogging in the first place?
  • Last but not least, have fun - that is all we ask of you.  

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