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Share Your Stories With the World.

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It's time to inspire others to go further.

We’re looking to expand our creative community around the world, so we’re now accepting applications from talented contributors.

If you have something to say, we’ll amplify it to the rest of the world on our website.

You can be based anywhere in the world, and be a valuable part of our global community.

Be a digital storyteller.

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Join the Smaller Earth family

By becoming a Creator, you'll join the wider Smaller Earth family, a group of travel enthusiasts who share a strong belief in cultural exchange and travel.

Aside from the network you gain, benefits include:

  • You'll continue to build your online portfolio

  • Your content will be featured on an established travel site with high domain authority (with backlinks to your own blog/website)

  • The ability to reach a new audience and inspire meaningful travel through your work

  • £25 per accepted article (paid after every 4 articles.)

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How it Works

You'll liaise directly with our Global Marketing Team, who will work with you on creative briefs for our two main brand websites; Smaller Earth and Camp Leaders.


Smaller Earth

Focused on broader travel articles, as well as a big focus on self-development. Areas include:

  • Self development & growth through travel
  • General cultural exchange (summer camp, volunteering, au-pairing etc)
  • Working abroad
  • Gap years
  • Budget travel
  • Solo travel
  • LGBTQ+ travel


Camp Leaders

Our flagship summer camp brand, with content heavily focused on, you guessed it, America. Areas include:

  • Summer camp
  • Camp life
  • Activity work
  • Work & travel in America
  • Stories and experiences
  • City specific (in particular, '48 hours in ' & 'Free Things to Do in' titles)



  • Have been on Smaller Earth programs or similar cultural exchange programs.
  • Are experienced world travellers.
  • Have a portfolio or sample of live, creative work they've done in the past (URLs required)

What we're looking for

We’re looking for genuine, original content that highlights the benefits of travel and inspires people to go further. Smaller Earth content is recognizable because it:

  • Is positive, honest, and insightful.
  • Tells an interesting story about a travel experience, activity, landmark, resource, etc.
  • Contains helpful information about what to expect from transit, accommodation, restaurants/food, etc in a destination.
  • Contains good visual content wherever possible.
  • 800 - 1200 word articles, however, we are more focused on the quality of content and storytelling, rather than an exact word count.
  • It should also follow the guidelines listed in the Smaller Earth Content Guide.

Apply now to become a Creator.

Use your talents to create impactful content from anywhere on the globe, and have it featured on Smaller Earth or Camp Leaders.

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