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Welcome to the Great White North.

What to Expect on a

Working Holiday in Canada

Travel Level: Medium
Cost of Living: Medium
Visa Required: No
Vaccinations: No
Safety Level: High
Friendly Locals: Yes

Work Abroad in Canada

Exploring the Great White North is a must-have experience to add to your world travel checklist. It’s a place that will have you coming back, time and time again.

There’s always something to discover in the world’s second-largest country - from coast to coast, you’ll find an incredible variety of different cultures, foods, and people. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in a unique cultural exchange experience, and discover the characteristics that make Canada a shining example of inclusivity and diversity.

Whether you want to live and work in Canada during a gap year, or just for one season, like at a summer camp in Canada, there are tons of work and travel opportunities available.

Canada’s immense and varied landmass allows for an abundance of outdoor activities - with 4 distinct seasons, you can choose a new adventure at any time of the year.

Canada’s vast landscape provides the ultimate backdrop in front of which to meet an incredibly diverse cast of characters. The vibrant energy of Canada’s major cities slowly dissolves into the serene, rustic landscape of the surrounding wilderness.

Whether you’re playing on snow-capped mountains in winter, or escaping the summer heat by diving into one of Canada’s many lakes, Canada is almost guaranteed to be your new favourite destination.

Whatever you’re looking for on your next adventure, Canada’s got it.

Canadian Culture

If you want to be welcomed with open arms, Canada is the place to go. It's a country well-known for it's polite citizens - a huge reason that a working holiday in Canada is an increasingly popular option.

The self-defined “cultural mosaic” of the world, Canada is an inclusive place that tends to view diversity as a strength. Toronto and Vancouver are among the most multicultural cities in the world, and many other Canadian locales follow this trend. As a result, most Canadians are open to new people and perspectives, and have an awareness of today’s social issues.

In a country that prides itself on its variety and multiculturalism, a national identity can be difficult to pin down. Canada has two national languages (English and French), two national sports (hockey and lacrosse), and 4 distinct seasons. There’s even several contenders that could make a legitimate case to be the national animal of Canada (it’s the beaver).

Each region of Canada has a distinct feel and personality - so there’s a new experience hiding behind every maple tree. From coast to coast, it seems that there are invisible ties that bind all Canadians together, in spite of their differences.

How to Spend 48 Hours In Toronto

How to Spend 48 Hours In Toronto

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