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The 5 Best Yoga Studios To Visit In Ubud, Bali

Abi Buller
The 5 Best Yoga Studios To Visit In Ubud, Bali
Author: Abi Buller
16.08.2019 11:14AM

During the latter part of 2018, I was lucky enough to spend a few months exploring South East Asia.

During the latter part of 2018, I was lucky enough to spend a few months exploring South East Asia.

This was after a whirlwind ride of being a summer camp counselor at Camp Future in Qingdao.

One of the things I love most about this summer camp experience was the opportunity to practise and teach one of my favourite physical activities – yoga! There are so many opportunities at summer camp for a range of different activities. If you have a passion; I guarantee there will be a role where you can put it into practice.

So of course when I made it to Ubud, I made it my mission to try out as many yoga classes and studios as I could during the week I spent there.

For any budding yogis out there, this one's for you.

So downward dog at the ready, inhale, take notes ...and then remember to exhale and prep for your wonderful adventures of yoga in Bali.

Ubud Yoga House holds a particularly special place in my travel memories.

I'd wake up each day to a quaint ‘house’ which sat directly opposite my hostel – in the most perfect location, surrounded by rice fields. One of my favourite classes was the ‘Sunrise Yoga’ class which, despite not usually being much of an early bird, seemed to help me feel refreshed and ready for another day of exploring.

The layout of the studio means that yogis can practise almost outdoors, with an open, first floor studio looking out onto the plush green fields. Particularly good for those trying yoga for the first time, this studio also offers ‘Yoga for Beginners’ classes on a daily basis. This is alongside the likes of 'Gentle flows' classes and Yin Yoga classes.

'Radiantly Alive' is a studio I stumbled across on a cafe noticeboard, when first searching for yoga studios to visit in Ubud.

The district is alive with wellness practices, with local businesses supporting each other to help promote their studios. Keep an eye out for pamphlets in shops and restaurants when seeking places to try yoga.

It’s also likely you’ll come across a discount or two as well. I first tried out 'Radiantly Alive' after I noticed the studio was offering free classes to first time visitors, and was pleasantly surprised to find I was able to take a 90 minute session free of charge. Here, I tried my first ever Ashtanga class. I was delighted by the energy of the teacher, the sense of community, and overall buzz of encouragement from regulars and drop-in tourists like myself.

If you’re looking for something authentic and tucked away, Intuitive Flow is the yoga studio for you.

Set back from the main road in a peaceful, jungle-enclaved spot, this studio offers a variety of classes, from Hatha to Restorative, as well as Basic Yoga. I didn’t actually try a yoga class here, but went for an hour-long, evening meditation class. Against the backdrop of Ubud’s customary orangey-pink sunset hues, the teachers use props and speech to guide you into a state of relaxation, to help you to unwind. The combination of a soothing, experienced voice, and the delicate hum of the jungle life makes for an entrancing sensation.

It's one you’ll want to reminisce upon any time life throws difficulties your way.


If you’re not sure if you’ll like practicing yoga in Bali, the best place to try it for the very first time is in the comfort of your Balinese hostel.

Due to the popularity of yoga in the area, many hotels and hostels offer free (or cheap) classes as part of your accommodation package. You’ll find that they usually cover the basics in a non-judgemental way, that requires no prior experience. You’ll also be among many other visitors and first time yogis, which can make the whole idea even more encouraging and relaxing. This is particularly true if the thought of overly flexible and enviably toned yoga bods has you running far off in the other direction!

One of the hostels I stayed in during my time in Ubud was called Puri Gardens Hotel and Hostel, which I would highly recommend for the rooms, the pool, the restaurant and, of course, the early morning yoga classes.

Ahh, Yoga Barn.

Probably the most idyllic sanctuary for overall well-being and yoga in Bali that I visited during my travels.

This spot has something for everyone. You could spend hours here stretching, meditating, dreaming, eating, and glowing, all under a beautiful wooden canopy set against a luscious jungle backdrop. The type of place where, for health-conscious, mindfulness types, you could close your eyes for a second and truly think you’re in heaven.

Unless you’re only into the more dynamic classes – in which case you’ll likely be focusing more on the intensity of the movement and the fact that, despite popular belief, yoga can actually be seriously challenging on the body. But whether you’re up for a healing yin class, a grounding meditation class, or a classic vinyasa, there’s a class that’s right for you. There will also be an utterly delicious and soul-nourishing meal waiting for you at the 'Garden Kafe', in the heart of the barn.

To me, this is the ultimate, best yoga studio to visit in Bali.

After an incredibly rewarding, challenging and developmental summer working abroad, it is important to look after your own wellbeing and yoga in Bali allows for that.

Yoga not only provides calmness and peace of mind for those that practice it, but also an understanding of yourself and your surroundings. As such, there is no better place in the world to practice than in the idyllic setting of Ubud, Bali.

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