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Resort and Hospitality Jobs Abroad

The Resort and Hospitality Jobs Abroad Guide

Hospitality jobs abroad are the ultimate getaway.

You'll live and work in a place that seems straight out of a dream, and be able to explore a new spot on the globe, for a whole season - or more.

There are loads of different areas that make up the worldwide hospitality industry, but resort jobs are a huge sector. Working in a range of different luxurious resorts abroad, you'll be bringing your superstar customer service around the world, as you get to work and travel globally.

Guaranteed job, guaranteed wage, guaranteed great time.

Resort jobs abroad provide a piece of mind like no other. These resorts have been in place for decades and have created world class onboarding and training processes for new staff from all around the world.

Although you'll be working in a resort job abroad, this new role will become your home away from home.

What to Expect from Hospitality Jobs Abroad

Work Type: Hospitality/Resort
Age Requirement: 18-30
Accommodation Options: On site
Working Hours Per Week: Full Time
Timeframe: Year Round (Minimum 4 month resort season)
Destinations: North America, New Zealand & Australia

Types of Hospitality Jobs Abroad

Work and travel? More like play and travel.

If you're an adrenaline junkie, there's no better way to work and travel than by working at a resort in another country. There are several different types of resort jobs abroad, so you'll have no problem finding the perfect resort job for you.

The most popular resort job positions include:

  • Customer service roles
  • Hospitality (kitchen or bar)
  • Resort Operations staff
  • Ski/snowboard instructors
  • Rental shop technicians

Wages will vary depending on your experience and the country you're going to. Most resort jobs tend to be located in countries with high demand because of tourism, so many of them are located in some of the world's most picturesque locations. From mountainous ranges in the United States, through to rolling green hills in New Zealand and beaches in Australia, your new office will be the envy of all your friends back home.

Why Work at a Resort?

Calling all thrill seekers.

If there's a better view in the world than looking down from a mountaintop on a crisp morning, we haven't found it. You'll be working at a place that is tailor-made for fun, surrounded by people enjoying the elements, just like you.

Hospitality jobs abroad typically come with built-in benefits:

  • Access to resort facilities
  • Discounts on food from the resort
  • Free or discounted equipment rentals
  • Deals with businesses in the local area for discounts on products or services.

International travel is the dream for many, but unfortunately, it can seem like a far-fetched one. Depending on your budget, deluxe resort locations abroad may not seem like they're a realistic vacation option. Hospitality jobs abroad can help you live that dream - you'll get paid to live in another country, and earn money to support yourself. You'll be able to explore your new surroundings, and get the absolute most out of your adventure.

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Resort Jobs Accommodation

If you're thinking about working a resort job abroad, you'll need a place to stay. Established agencies help you sort this out, so you can relax and have a blast.

Arrival: An established agency will sort your first few nights of accommodation and give you an orientation in your arrival city, as well as guaranteeing you a job before you go, so you'll be set to feel right at home as soon as you arrive.

Permanent residence: Each resort is different, but when they hire foreign staff through an agency, they're more likely to provide or help find accommodation for them. Either way, your agency will help you sort out your housing for the duration of the season, so you won't be stranded.

Why Work and Travel with a Hospitality Agency?

Resort jobs abroad are one of the most in-demand work and travel experiences, but they're also one of the most difficult for travellers who want to nail down a guaranteed job before they arrive in their chosen country. Employers at resorts often don't have the time or the capability to hire staff from abroad - especially not without an interview.

Established agencies have existing relationships with resorts abroad, and are able to take on some of the necessary screening before sending candidates along to be hired. Agencies know what resorts look for in an applicant, and can help you ensure that your application is as good as possible, before putting you forward. Once you’ve been fully interview-prepared, you’ll jump to the front of the queue for your interview, and you’ll have the best possible chance in securing your dream job.

Top Reasons Why Work Abroad Agencies Are a Good Option
An established agency will include:
  • Job guaranteed before departure
  • Discounted flights, or flights included in the program cost
  • 24/7 in-country support while abroad
  • Access to resort facilities (may include pools, ski slopes, etc, as well as discounts for local attractions & tours)

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