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20 Reasons to Travel Abroad in 2020

Lauren Evans
23 Reasons to Travel Abroad in 2023
Author: Lauren Evans
6.01.2020 11:10AM
With each new year, there's an opportunity for a new adventure. After spending so much of the last couple of years desperately looking for brighter horizons, 2023 is that opportunity.

Although this summer isn't completely over, we can get ahead of the game by planning for 2023. By booking a flight to a country you've never stepped foot in before, even if it's a weekend getaway or a city break, you'll give yourself a much needed (and well deserved) treat to look forward to. Travel is endless, as are the opportunities that accompany it. There's plenty of reasons to travel abroad in 2023, but here are 23 of Smaller Earth's best ones:

1. Travelling abroad gives you a personal goal

The easiest way to motivate yourself is by travelling abroad. Working hard in your 9-5, or earning some extra money, doesn't seem as tough if you've got something to work for. Thinking about the excitement and relaxation of a break is healthy. With loads of time to look forward and prepare, now is your chance to get your plans in place.

2. You'll have a story to tell

Everyone will be inspired through your stories of travel. Your adventure will become a part of you, and your life story. From the point of travel onwards, your tales through life will make you a storyteller.

3. Confront your fears

If you're nervous about leaving the nest, even for a short period of time, then it’s totally understandable. But don’t dwell on it for too long otherwise you're going to miss out. It's normal to feel like you can't leave your life behind or fly across the world. '11 Ways to Beat Your Fear of Travel' can get you started on confronting your travel anxieties. Hit them headfirst and become a stronger person as a result.

4. Widen your knowledge

Travel is the best form of education. You can learn about local culture, tasty cuisine, and different ways of life. Your knowledge of the world will expand with your experiences. The coolest thing is how you never stop learning about the world and you’ll become a global citizen as a result.

5. Learn a new language

It's easy to pick up the basics whilst you're away. A huge plus (other than it being fun) is that using the language of the locals is very polite. To get yourself started, download an app on your phone. ‘DuoLingo’ and ‘Babbel’ are just a couple of the huge variety of language course apps out there.

6. You'll make friends around the world

The best way to meet new people is by putting yourself out there. If you're travelling solo, there's usually activity groups wherever you go. Local groups, outdoor experiences, and socialising are great ways to interact with others. You'll end up with friends from different countries, giving you a reason to re-visit!

7. Natural networking

As well as making new friends, you'll grant yourself great opportunities. You never know who you could meet on your travels. Your friend’s list will grow and so your connections will get stronger. There could be someone to impact your working life too.

8. Strengthen relationships back home

Time out from reality is a healthy way to re-energise with your loved ones. Giving yourself some space from everything at home is okay. 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder' after all!

9. Fill up a photo album

There's no better feeling than wanting a memory to last forever. Whilst seeing new sights, your camera will be your go-to for capturing the country's beauty. Use your phone's camera, or take a go-pro along with you. Technology is way ahead of us in helping to gather your travels through a lens.

10. Taste all the food

One of the best reasons to travel abroad in 2020 has got to be the food. Think of all the fish on Sydney harbour, or slurping down the best coffee you've ever had in Seattle, USA. Be right back, booking a plane ticket as we speak.

11. Let your mind wander

Travelling is so good for your mental health. It's a fresh environment, new people, and a clean slate. Letting go of your worries and doing something different is so beneficial.

12. Dig into the back of your wardrobe

Everyone needs an excuse to get their infamous Hawaiian shirt out. Travelling abroad gives you a reason to re-wear items you've been neglecting for far too long.

13. Find inspiration

What you see, do, and achieve whilst exploring the world will impact your creativity. It makes you feel ready for a new challenge and gives you a new outlook on life. You’ll become inspired by everything around you.

14. Celebrate

A wedding, anniversary, birthday, you name it - any excuse to hop on a flight. Celebrate with family or take some time to be proud of yourself. If you're going to toast to something, why not do it on Italy's Amalfi Coast or in NYC?

15. Take a risk

Life is too short, so go for it! Time is precious and so are our rain forests. See it all while you can. Don't be worrying about taking time off, or what the neighbours will think if you go abroad for Christmas.

16. Gain independence

No matter how old you are, your independence never stops growing. Travelling abroad gives you the ability to grow and become reliable on yourself.

17. Fall in love with somewhere

Your heart will grow with the sunrise from Toronto's CN Tower, or whilst looking over the Grand Canyon. You'll fall head over heels for the world, and who knows, maybe even someone in particular?

18. You can travel on a budget

There are plenty of ways to travel on a budget. It's about prioritising the most important things to you, e.g. hotels over Airbnb. 'How to Travel the World on a Budget' explores how you can put pennies towards your paradise.

19. Life is too short

Sounds cliché, but it's true. You don't want to look back on your life and regret not going to the places you dreamed about. Travel abroad while you can and embrace every minute of it!

20. Further your career

Travel does more than just broaden your horizons, it's broadens your experience, too.

If you're working abroad during your travels, then the mix of soft and hard skills you pick up will shape you into a more rounded professional, one which has displayed their ability to work in new environments around the world.

For those not working, you're still developing your ability to think under pressure, to deal with new situations, and how to interact with new people.

There's so many benefits to travelling, you just have to get out there to see them.

21. Become a global citizen

In an age where some may look to isolate, being able to look outwards and engage with new people and culture is something people shouldn't underestimate.

A friendly face, a helping hand, or a kind stranger can help be the positive change we want to see. By reaching across borders and seeing one another, instead of a divide, we can create more than anyone knew was possible.

22. Unplug

The last few years have been devastatingly difficult.

Sometimes, a change is as good as a rest. Switch up your environment and unplug not only from technology, but your existing scenario which could've been beginning to weigh heavy.

23. Make 2023 your best yet

At the end of the new year, you can look back and say, "I had an insanely good year". The feeling that travel gives you is beyond comparison to anything else. Whether it be sunshine or snow, you'll have had an adventure of a lifetime and is that not enough of a reason to travel abroad?

Live now. Book that flight. Make yourself happy.

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