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Gap Year Jobs

Gap Year Jobs Guide

Take off and find your future.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves...

"Gap year - [English] Noun: A unique cultural phenomenon - members of the human species, either alone or in a small flock, spread their (figurative) wings, and fly to another location on the globe. What they seek is uncertain - it's a journey of self-discovery, different for each individual.

"My gap year was full of life-defining moments."

If you're looking at working abroad for a year, gap years are an exhilarating opportunity into the unknown.

You can travel till your heart's content, finding destinations, yet finding yourself at the same time. For every hurdle, you'll have a lifetime memory. For every challenge, a day elsewhere you'll never forget. A gap year can find the best in us, by sending us out of our comfort zones.

By securing a gap year job and working abroad for a year, you're securing your opportunity to see the world. On your working holiday you'll be learning, and earning your way to traveling the world, by doing it alongside others who have the exact same mindset for growth as you. It is the best (and most fun) way to work abroad for a year.

It's not just about earning money while you're on the move - a gap year can bring an entirely fresh perspective, and send your life spinning in a completely new and exhilarating direction.

A change of scenery can be just as powerful and refreshing as a good night's sleep - but it's a whole lot more fun.

Work Type: Varied
Gap Year Destinations: Worldwide
Age Requirement: 18-30
Accommodation Options: Hostels, Flat/House Shares
Working Hours Per Week: 25-40 hours
Flexible Timeframe: Yes (Minimum 3 months)

Frequently Asked Gap Year Jobs Questions

How does a gap year work?

A gap year involves heading to a new country and creating a new path for yourself. Getting a gap year job allows you balance work and play - you'll earn money to discover new places at a time and pace that works for you. It allows you to work abroad for a year and with some visas, even longer.

By working a gap year job, you'll be around like-minded people who want to grow and see new areas of the world, just like you. You'll be earning money through a consistent job, which allows you to plan the next stage of your journey and continue on one of the most exciting adventures you'll ever embark on.

For those on a stricter schedule, a gap year doesn't mean you have to work abroad for an entire year! Although most visas will give you at least 3 months to work abroad, you can use it to fit your timescale.

So whether you want to shred the slopes for a few months during a winter season, or take in the rays across the summer, there's a job for you.

You will have to secure a working holiday visa to be able to participate and work in a gap year.

How can I make money in a gap year?

By securing a gap year job!

There are numerous roles available, which look specifically for those on a gap year working holiday visa. That's because you'll be bringing different experiences to the table and need the job to be as flexible as they require you to be!

Hospitality is always a favourite for gap year travelers, as there's loads of opportunities to secure a gap year job in the industry, which will allow you to work abroad for the entire year.

You'll then be able to get involved in the famous 'hospo nights', heavily discounted social events for those working in the industry. It's a great way to meet your fellow workers and to grow your network whilst you're away on your gap year abroad.

What should I do in a gap year?

The beauty of a gap year is that you're completely in control.

It's best to begin by planning out a rough idea of what you would like to do. What are you skill sets? What experience do you have?

From here, you can begin to look for roles where you can make an impact. Depending on which country you're looking at traveling to, you may also want to look at where these gap year jobs are based. Are they in the country? Do you have to be in a city?

Preparation is key!

But the most important thing about a gap year is to have the most incredible trip. The people you'll meet and the stories you'll have to tell will stay with you a lifetime.

So the quicker you secure your gap year job, the quicker you can focus on the things in life which matter to you.

What is the benefit of a gap year?

There are a huge array of benefits to working a gap year job.

  • Versatility & Adaptability
  • Varied Experience
  • Developed Professional Background
  • New Technical Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Grow your professional network
  • Meeting new friends for life
  • Earn money to continue your travels
How do I prepare for a gap year?

Going on a gap year is a big, yet incredible, journey.

You need to make sure you prepare properly, both for leaving your home country and for when you arrive in your new one.

This includes things such as:

  • Sort existing contracts/costs
  • Travel Insurance
  • Savings
  • Visas Vaccinations
  • Flights
  • Correct Currency
  • Initial accommodation
  • Bank Account & Tax Setup
  • Orientation
  • Find an agency to secure your work abroad

Your Working Holiday Visa Guide

If you're wondering which countries have working holiday visas available, then check out our useful guide here.
Work abroad for a year and see mountainous scenery like this.

Why Work and Travel on a Gap Year Program?

You're at the controls. A gap year can be whatever you want it to be - but it's always best to be well-prepared.

The biggest obstacle for would-be gap year travellers typically always comes back to the same thing: finding an employer who will hire you, knowing you might not be sticking around for long, before you actually arrive in your destination.

Gap year programs are the best way to guarantee you'll have an income from the moment you arrive, and there are some other great benefits as well. To work abroad for a year is the ultimate adventure.

What to Expect from Gap Year Jobs Abroad

A gap year is all about finding your footing in a new place on the globe. Here's what you can expect:

Types of Gap Year Jobs

It's the closest thing to bespoke travel on a budget.

There are different types of gap year opportunities available all over the world, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Many gap year opportunities either revolve around working outdoors or working with kids - or both.

Some of the most popular include seasonal outdoor jobs such as resort and summer camp work, various feel-good volunteer positions, and Au Pair or TEFL opportunities, for a more intimate connection and a home-away-from-home feel.

All Work and No Play? No Way.

Most of the time, the work will feel like play.

The work is important, and you'll be expected to show up, be responsible, and put in your hours, just like any other job. But there's something innately different about the feel of gap year work, and you won't find it any other way.

The great thing about gap year jobs abroad is that many of them are oriented around fun, flexible work. The various gap year opportunities means that you can choose which one is best for you, and do something you actually enjoy.

Why Work a Gap Year Job Abroad?

In an increasingly global world, travel experiences are becoming more valuable than ever.

A gap year program sets you up for success from the moment you arrive, and provides you with a much-needed opportunity to get on your feet and ultimately thrive in your new timezone.

You'll be able to earn money to finance your travel, develop some new skills, and have an unforgettable experience, all in one. Anyone can benefit from working a gap year job abroad - whatever the reason, whatever the season.

Live Free with a Gap Year

You don't need to choose between living free and being responsible. On a gap year abroad, you’ll be able to do both.

Every traveller dreams of unlimited freedom. Unfortunately, it can be hard to have the ultimate gap year when you're struggling to pay the bills. Thankfully, you've got options.

Gap year opportunities come in all shapes and sizes - it's your adventure, so you call the shots. The supportive structure of your gap year work program allows you to plan out your ideal travel experience with no second thoughts.

Don't have time for a full gap year?

You've got options.
If you're short on time, check out a Gap Year Lite opportunities
A Gap Year Lite summer program packs all of the punch of a full gap year, condensed into a timeframe that fits your calendar. Work and travel for a season, and keep your career or school life right on track.

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Life is best lived with no regrets. It doesn't matter where you end up, what you do, or what anyone else thinks of it. What matters is that you're ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime, and that you'll be able to make the most of it.

Whatever you're looking for, spending a gap year abroad is a chance to take control and live free. Most of all, it's an opportunity to define your own life, on your own terms. Below are just some gap year opportunities that you can seize to contribute to working abroad for a year.



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