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Summer Camp in America Overview


Minimum 8 weeks

Age requirement


Pocket money

Earn at least $1900 after tax


Most programs

Explore America your way this summer.

Summer camp in America is one of the most impactful summer jobs abroad you could land, with moments to positively impact the next generation coming around on an hourly basis.

It is deeply engrained in American culture, and U.S. summer camps rely on international staff to bring a new energy and way of thinking to their campers.

Summer jobs in the USA offer a chance to explore this incredible during its sunniest months while creating lifelong friendships and memorable experiences along the way.


American summer camp placement
J1 visa sponsorship and assistance
Medical insurance
Application support
Food and accommodation at camp
24-hour support in America
Up to 30 days travel after camp
Pre-camp preparation
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Additional Fees
Medical Check - Varies on GP
Advanced Police Check - £60
USA Visa Interview - $160, Paid to US Embassy
Flexible payment plans to suit you.

To make the program affordable and accessible, Camp Leaders have broken the price down into aneasy payment plan.

You'll be able to split your payments into 4 instalments, which are flexible based on how you move through your application:

  • Payment 1: €49
  • Payment 2: €50
  • Payment 3: €150
  • Payment 4: €150

How it Works

1. Apply online 💻

Simply hit the apply button to get started with your Camp Leaders application.

2. Pay your deposit 💵

Don't worry, paying is made simple with Camp Leaders. We just need the deposit to begin with to secure your place.

3. Book your interview 🗓️

Our friendlier interviewers will have a chat with you and see if you're the right fit for camp.

4. Complete your application 📄

List your work experience, education, any skills you might want to teach at camp and upload upload all the required documents.

5. Interview with camp ⛺

Take part in an online interview organised by a camp. Be sure to be prepared and don't be afraid to be you.

6. Get hired 😁

Once your spot at camp is confirmed, we'll confirm your flights, insurance, and other details.

7. Get your visa 🪪

You'll get your visa after a quick interview at the American embassy.

8. Attend a prep day 🏕️

Take part in a fun and informative session to get you ready for camp.

9. Fly to America 🇺🇸

That's it! You're now ready to fly and have a summer of a lifetime.

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Where are the summer camps in America?

Camp Leaders work with 500 different summer camps across the whole of America (including at least one in every state bar Hawaii),.

So there’s an incredible amount of variety and scope in where you could be placed.

How much will I get paid for working at summer camp?

How much you get paid can depend on your role, camp, and skillset.

However, we guarantee that everyone will earn a minimum of $1900 after tax, meaning it pays to go with the Leaders.

Can I chose which summer camp I go to?

Summer camps in America will get to see your profile and background and be able to make an offer to you if they believe you’ll be a great fit for their camp.

Once you have interviewed with them, they’ll make a decision on everything combined.

So just focus on making the best impression possible and then you could have a new home for the summer!

This means that you may have the opportunity to work anywhere in the United States, so keep your mind open to new places.

Do I have to have qualifications to work at summer camp?

Qualifications will strengthen your application for summer camp but are not necessary.

If you have a background and passion for a certain activity, you could be the perfect fit for a particular camp.

This is one of the reasons for interviews, as they’ll be able to gauge your personality and how you would fit into their team.

Camps provide full training on the job when you arrive, so they would much rather get the right person!


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Jennifer R

Aug 2022

It was a great and easy process for someone who has never done it before.

Nathan F

Aug 2022

Always available, Very Helpful and knowledgable, had the summer of a lifetime!

Isabel S

Aug 2022

Fast and easy process, lovely people and made the process feel smooth.

George B

Aug 2022

It was a great experience and I really enjoyed my time in USA.

Jamie C

Aug 2022

Extremely helpful in providing the groundwork for the best summer I’ve ever had.

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