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Teaching Jobs Abroad

Teaching jobs abroad is the best way to develop both yourself and your students.

Teaching Jobs Abroad and TEFL Guide

Educating the next generation, anywhere in the world, is a vital calling to many people.

Whether you want a teaching job abroad to utilise your current experience in the teaching field, or you'd like to build your qualifications with a recognised TEFL or ESL placement, there's so many jobs abroad for teachers and beginners alike.

A TEFL, or Teaching English as a Foreign Language program, is one of the most popular options for two types of working travellers: those looking for teaching experience, and those looking to improve their own language skills.

You'll live and teach English in a foreign country, experiencing all that it has to offer, while instructing non-native English speakers, gaining valuable teaching experience by helping them to grow their skills.

If you've already completed a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) qualification and want to try something new, then why not take up teaching jobs abroad with the likes of Adventure China, Camp Canada or Camp Leaders? All allow you to build vital, relevant experience within your teaching field. For those look for jobs abroad for teachers, this is the perfect route for you.

About Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

In today's global economy, the ability to speak multiple languages is a highly valuable skill. Being an English language teacher abroad is a great way to gain practical experience and pad your CV to make you stand out.

TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) jobs abroad are an ideal option for travellers who want to get out of their comfort zone, and into a new culture.

With certified TEFL jobs abroad, you'll gain an internationally recognised qualification which can set you up perfectly for future teaching jobs abroad.

This TEFL qualification can be gained and used all around the world, so it serves as a great basis for your teaching career.

About English as a Second Lanaguage (ESL) in China

Another potential route for jobs abroad for teachers is English as a second language (ESL). This is another form of existing qualification, similar to TEFL, where the likes of Adventure China will be able to facilitate roles for English teachers in China. If you currently have an ESL qualification, the team can help you secure your job in ESL abroad in China.

If you're looking at being an English teacher in China, it will provide an incredible experience which will help set up your teaching career in a way that very few will have.

An English teacher in China will be passing on their knowledge of the language to young children, who are actively being encouraged to learn English as a Second Language. If you have an ESL qualification, then utilise it this summer with an ESL job abroad in China with Adventure China.

A Teaching English as Foreign Language qualification is the quintessential work abroad programme.

Get a Trustworthy TEFL Certification

Whenever you're travelling overseas for a Teach English as a Foreign Language work program, it's a good idea to make sure you're travelling with a trustworthy organization.

In the TEFL/TESOL work and travel industry, 'trustworthy' means going with an company that's accredited and validated by an internationally recognized institution like Trinity College London. Your Teach English as a Foreign Language TEFL certificate will be recognized all over the world, providing a gigantic boost to your teaching CV and your ability to secure future teaching jobs abroad.

You can also be confident knowing that any Teach English as a Foreign Language program vouched for by Smaller Earth has been heavily evaluated and closely examined, to make sure it suits our high standards of safety for participants, and that the organization matches our values for a TEFL supplier.

What to Expect from TEFL Jobs Abroad

Regardless of which Teach English as a Foreign Language program you're interested in, you'll be able to expect certain things from your TEFL opportunity:

Fully TEFL Accredited & Reputable
Minimum Length: 3-4 Months
Accommodation Provided
Use of Teaching Facilities
Teach English Materials Provided
Teaching Training & Support Provided

Types of Jobs Abroad for Teachers

There's no right or wrong choice when it comes to teaching jobs abroad - it simply depends on which option you feel is the best fit for you. There are 3 main ways to teach english overseas and to secure yourself a teaching job abroad:

Option 1: Join a TEFL-certified program

Certified TEFL programs are your best bet if you want to boost your CV as much as possible and are a great source of jobs abroad for teachers. They're typically set in a more rigid classroom structure, providing you with valuable teaching experience in a traditional instructor setting.

For the right candidates, it can be easy to get a TEFL certification and teach English abroad, but many TEFL employers, as well as the countries they operate in, will require you to have a degree in order to be hired. This can present somewhat of a barrier to travellers who are looking to gain teaching experience during a gap year.


  • Highest level of qualification


  • Higher barrier to entry
Option 2: Secure a Role Using an English as a Second Language (ESL) Qualification

Another option for jobs abroad for teachers is if you currently have an English as a Second Language (ESL) qualification.

Through Adventure China, we're currently recruiting English teachers in China, if they have either a TEFL or ESL qualification.

Here, you can gain invaluable experience within the teaching industry and being an English teacher in China adds vital work experience to compliment your prior experience.


  • Relevant and specific work experience to add to your existing ESL qualifcation

  • Greater range of jobs abroad for teachers

  • Opportunity to be an English teacher in China


  • Must have an English as a Second Language (ESL) qualification
Option 3: Find a TEFL alternative and other jobs abroad for teachers

If the more rigidly-structured certified TEFL route doesn't feel quite right for you, or if you don't feel that you meet the requirements, there are plenty of alternatives that will allow you to teach English abroad without a degree.

Rather than getting a TEFL certification, it's possible to gain teaching experience elsewhere and secure other jobs abroad for teachers. A perfect next step could be to teach English in China as a summer camp activity, which will provide invaluable experience within the industry of teaching English abroad. If you're looking for a teaching job abroad, this could be for you.


  • More flexible, lower barrier to entry into the teaching industry

  • Greater range of teaching jobs abroad


  • Lower level of qualification
Option 4: Go it alone

You can always elect to go it alone, and get a TEFL certification through an online course. However, this is quite risky, as online TEFL certifications will typically not be trusted or seen as valid by potential employers in another country.

Rather than find yourself alone and jobless in a foreign country, the safest route is always to go with a certified Teach English as a Foreign Language work and travel program, whether TEFL-oriented or not. However, when you go it alone in a new country, you're taking a huge risk on securing your dream job.


  • Ultimate flexibility


  • No support

  • No guarantee of work/validity

  • Risky

Other Teaching Jobs Abroad

Teaching Jobs Abroad in China

China is a huge new area for development, which is always looking for the next leaders who want to secure a teaching job abroad in China. Whether you wish to teach English abroad in China, or if you would rather teach and lead a chosen activity, there are loads of roles available at summer camps throughout the country if you wish to be an English teacher in China.

Even without the above TEFL or ESL qualifications, you can still secure a different level of English teacher in China. If you want to find out more about teaching jobs abroad in China, or you're set on being an English Teacher in China, then click through here to begin your summer of a lifetime in China.

Teaching Jobs Abroad in America & Teaching Jobs Abroad in Canada

Summer camps in America and Canada have been a vital part of children's summers for over half a century and they are constantly on the lookout for the best teachers from around the world, who wish to land a teaching job abroad.

With over 20 years experience in working with summer camps in America and Canada, Smaller Earth have consistently sent thousands of leaders and teachers abroad to North America every year. If you're interested in teaching jobs abroad in America or Canada, you can find out more now.

Teaching Jobs Abroad Blogs

Certified TEFL Jobs Abroad



Teaching Jobs Abroad

Teach english abroad summer programs and teaching jobs abroad provide opportunities for travellers who would like to teach English overseas, but don't want the rigid structure of traditional TEFL programs.

If you're looking for jobs abroad for teachers, or more specifically you'd like to be an English teacher in China, alternative teaching jobs abroad are the way to go.

Teaching English Jobs Abroad FAQ's

What's the difference between TEFL and TESOL?

You may come across different acronyms, such as:

  • TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

  • ELT (English Language Teaching)

  • ESL (English as a Second Language)

These terms are interchangeable, and usually mean the same thing. For a full breakdown, check out this blog on the difference between TEFL and TESOL, as well as a few others.

What are teaching jobs abroad?

Teaching jobs abroad can take many shapes.

Teaching jobs abroad aren't just limited to teaching language, and we have broken down some the different teaching jobs abroad below:

  • Teaching English Abroad Job: If you want to get involved and teach English abroad, you'll recieve full support in class planning and teaching. You'll be speaking in your native tongue and helping children pick up the basics themselves, especially in China.

  • Teaching Activites Jobs Abroad: If you've got a skill or hobby, you can definitely utilise this to teach abroad. Leading an activity takes a lot of skilled leadership and you can even make a difference in a child's life if they follow your lead and love the activity.

Can I be an English teacher in China?


Through Adventure China, you can get real-world, classroom teaching experience in China, where you can lead classes and have an impact on the lives of campers.

China is fast becoming a major superpower in the world and being an English teacher in China is incredible experience to add to your CV. If you wish to teach English abroad, this is a unique experience not to be missed.

Where are some of the teaching jobs abroad?

It totally depends on which route or option you take.

If you're looking at gaining experience in teaching jobs abroad, but you don't wish to be constrained by a rigid TEFL qualification, then being an English Teacher in China, or securing a teaching job abroad in America or Canada is the best way to go.

If you wish to secure a TEFL qualification, or you happen to have your Teach English as a Foreign Language experience already, there are countries all around the world where you can work.

Can I teach English abroad?

With the right experience and background, you can secure some fantastic teach English abroad roles.

The best mode of entry may be to build experience in the teaching field first. Adventure China takes on teachers who wish to be an English teacher in China, and it provides a lower barrier to entry.

Once you've got this sort of experience, it is so much easier to then be accepted onto a TEFL course or Teach English as a Foreign Language qualification.

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