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Welcome to the USA - the

Land of the Free.

Work in America.

What to Expect on a

Working Holiday in America

Travel Level: Medium
Cost of Living: High
Visa Required: Yes
Vaccinations: No
Safety Level: High
Friendly Locals: Yes

Work Abroad in America

Experience is wealth, and there are an astounding amount of experiences available in the good ol’ U.S. of A. The 50 states each have their own quirks and defining features, and we’re willing to bet that you’ll never run out of places to explore.

America is home to some of the world's most recognizable destinations. From the cityscapes of giant metropolitan cities like Chicago, New York, or San Francisco, to the awe-inspiring views at destinations like the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls, you'll have the adventure of a lifetime.

You'll also find a wealth of different opportunities for work in America. You can try your luck at finding work and living in a big city, or get out into nature for an outdoor job, like a role as a summer camp counselor.

It's one of the world's most popular destinations for a reason. Whether you want to work in America for a year, or just for a season, you'll live the American Dream and have the experience of a lifetime when you work and travel in the USA.

If you're dreaming of a gap year in America, you're in luck. The United States has quite the reputation when it comes to opportunities. It's also got some incredible views - from canyons and mountain ranges, to sandy beaches and deserts, to sunny lakes and stunning coastal roads.

Going to live and work in America allows travellers to discover incredible new places, form lifelong friendships, and challenge their perspectives. This is the power of cultural exchange - and it's the future of our world.

It's a world of possibility, so head to the land of opportunity.

American Culture

There’s a lot of flashing lights and billboards in major tourist destinations, and they’re worth a look - but they shouldn’t capture your whole attention. There's much more to the USA.

No other country is as deeply embedded in the global consciousness as the United States. For better or worse, it's a country that loves the spotlight, which is why, in America, it's almost impossible to mention the word "culture" without saying the word "popular" before it.

America is a media giant, driven by sports, music, and movies. Some of the most famous tourist attractions in the country are closely tied to its popular culture. Among these incredible and unique locations are Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Times Square.

Ask any American citizen to describe the culture, and you’re likely to get some wildly different answers. America is made up of all kinds of diverse people.

You’ll find a huge range of people, whichever area of the country you visit - and even their accents will vary. From Long Island (a New York suburb, pronounced by locals as Lawnguyland), to the y’all-ing, drawling folks in the South, you’ll find hardworking people who are fiercely patriotic.

Cultures are defined by their stories, and America is full of them. There's no better place to write your next chapter - if you secretly wish your life felt like a movie, the USA is the place for you.

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