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Student Jobs Abroad

Student Jobs Abroad Guide

Design your summer of a lifetime, between your studies.

It's time to swap the classroom for the outdoors and the library for the lake. Student travel is a must for the summer.

Whether you're finishing sixth form or college, on a summer break from university, or you've just graduated, you'll no doubt be looking for a student job and a bit of student travel to keep you busy for the next few months.

Your education is as important as it gets. So you've got to find a role which allows you to go back freely to your studies in September. But finding roles that are available in this window can be tough.

Now think about your ideal summer. What would that be? Student travel? Working abroad outdoors in nature? making an impact? How about a student job abroad?

What if you could blend it all? The ideal dates between studies, the chance to earn money over summer and to make an impact whilst seeing the world?

There are so many student jobs abroad out there, depending on your passion, background and experience. From outdoor adventure roles in America, China and Canada, through to au-pairing roles for those passionate with children, we have something for every student travelling this summer.

Work Type: Various
Food Provided: Yes
Age Requirement: 18+
Accommodation Provided: Yes
Destinations: Worldwide
Timeframe: During Summer Break

Frequently Asked Student Job Questions

Where can I work in the summer?

There are so many student travel opportunities throughout the summer.

Where you work can be very dependent on what you would like to do as your student travel job.

Summer camps are hugely popular student travel jobs, with destinations including America, Canada and China.

If you'd like to Au Pair, you can do this in America, China & Spain.

For those interested in TEFL student travel opportunities, there are opportunities in Austria, where we also have numerous volunteering placements available across Africa and Asia.

Which country has the most student travel job opportunities?

Every country has loads of student travel opportunities for the summer, across a number of industries.

However, student jobs abroad are very dependent on meeting the visa requirements for certain countries. As such, certain areas are easier to secure summer roles for student travel than others.

Over our many years of helping work and travel abroad, we have built up trusted relationships with employers and visa sponsors, meaning we can ensure that we offer a comprehensive, fully managed job placement package in a number of different countries.

How can I get a summer job?

There are two ways you can go about it: either go direct, or through an agency.

Direct is when you see an open student travel opportunity (like if you see a job role directly advertised by an employer) and you pop over your CV in the hope they see and like it.

If you go through an agency, they are able to use their extensive knowledge of the industry to not only find you the correct roles that are out there, but to ensure provide support and guidance to ensure you're the right candidate. This includes a full application process, where they can ensure that you sing about your strengths and make sure they match the requirements of the employers.

Can a student work full time during holidays?


Although there are restrictions on the number of hours you work during term time, you are then allowed to work in a full time role, at least until your studies resume.

Can I get a reference from my summer student job?


Provided you've done a good job (which we're sure you will), then your employer will happily provide a professional reference stating your work contract and performance. This can be super useful going for further jobs, or for university.

Why Should I Work a Student Job Abroad?

Dates between studies

One of the major benefits of student jobs abroad is that they are deliberately placed between your studies so they can bring in superstar student staff, that would normally be too busy during the academic year. Student travel is exactly this; the best time of the year for you to travel, without compromising other important commitments.

It means your student job abroad can be the summer of a lifetime, without affecting your studies.

Expand skillset

Instead of summer just disappearing without anything of note happening, why don't you build and develop skills doing something you love on your student travel journey?

A student job abroad allows you to learn whilst you earn, with summer camps actively recruiting the right students, to then provide them with all the relevant education and qualifications to complete their roles. This means you'll leave your student travel adventure with memories and skills!

Build key, relevant experience

Always wanted to turn your hobby into something more serious? Then a student job abroad is the perfect bridge between the two.

Whether teaching, instructing or any of the many activities offered, summer camps are ready to take on the right people with the right attitude, even without formal qualifications in the role. They'll train you up and allow you to build experience in something you'd love to do.

Unplug and recharge

After spending many an hour in the library, stressing over assignments, it's time to unplug from university life for the summer.

Although you'll be working hard at your student job, a change is as good as a rest. You'll no doubt be working outdoors in the gorgeous weather, in a role that you'll love. What sounds better, a 9am lecture, or a 9am out on the lake?!

Make the most of summer

Summer flies past in a blink of an eye. In between work and seeing friends and family, there can be very little time to have the incredible experiences you want from your summer.

Working a student job at summer camp provides these experiences daily. Whether kayaking, sightseeing, horse riding or camp fires, each day will be filled with moments you'll never forget.

Make lifelong friends

The friends you make at camp will stay with you forever. You'll be around people like you, those who want to see the world, do something different and make an impact.

You'll go through things together that most won't and you'll have stories to reflect back on in years to come.

Student Jobs Abroad Opportunities



A Smaller Earth team member at a student travel jobs fair.

Come chat with us at your university job fair

From September onwards, Smaller Earth will be touring universities up and down the country, chatting to students about potential student travel opportunities for next summer.

If you can't make it, why not speak to us today about setting up your summer of a lifetime? Whether you have a million questions about student travel, or simply want advice on how to sign up, get in touch with us today to discuss your next student travel job!

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