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Summer Jobs Abroad

Summer Jobs Abroad Guide

Meaningful programs for your summer of a lifetime.

Getting a summer job abroad is a great way to see the world in a new light, because it'll probably be a lot sunnier where you land.

Summer jobs are for everyone. Whether you want a change of scenery, or you're a student between academic years, a summer job away allows you to do what you enjoy the most. Summer work dates tend to run between June and August, which still gives our applicants time to see some of the most desirable destinations on the planet.

In the current "experience economy", travel experiences are a more sought-after commodity than ever.

The 'work hard, play hard' mindset is a staple of the modern world. Summer jobs abroad are the ultimate 'work hard play hard' opportunities. The heat of the summer sun will melt the invisible line between work and play - it might be the most fun you'll ever get paid to have.

Summer jobs abroad work with almost any schedule. You'll head off for a pre-defined period of time, finance your travel experiences with your summer work abroad pay, and drive off into the sunset before the clock strikes midnight on summer.

Work Type: Varied
Destinations: Worldwide
Age Requirement: 18+
Accommodation Provided: Most Programs
Working Season: Summer - June/Aug (Longer If Preferred)
Flexible Timeframe: Yes (Minimum 8 weeks)

Frequently Asked Summer Job Questions

What is a summer job?

A summer job is your gateway to taking control and making sure you have the summer of a lifetime.

Running from approximately the start of June through to the middle/end of August, summer work abroad changes your mindset from "what if" to "what now?".

There are a variety of different destinations and a variety of different summer work roles within each, with many roles available through summer camp. Any sort of hobby is embraced and there will be a summer work role for. Rock climbing, drama production, arts and crafts and football are just a tiny number of potential summer work abroad opportunities available to you at summer camp.

Whether summer camp, volunteering, au-pairing or teaching English abroad, the opportunity to do what you love as a summer job abroad is waiting, you've just got to take it!

How can I get a summer job?

Simple - create an application to the program you're interested in, and fill in your profile with the activities and hobbies you love!

Summer jobs are available for those who want to do something they love. Regardless of your qualification level within that field, people with the right can-do attitude and positive energy to their work will ensure kids have the best summer possible.

This is why summer camps are happy to train the right applicants up in their chosen roles! So don't be afraid to shout about your chosen hobby from the rooftops and we'll help ensure you get your dream summer job abroad.

When should I look for a summer job?

Preparation is key when it comes to securing a summer job abroad.

Although most of our programmes will still have some spaces left just as the season starts, most of the sought-after summer work jobs will be filled early. All programmes are now accepting applicants so there's no time like the present to get started. It's also super important to allow yourself time to prepare everything else that you require, from visas to criminal background checks.

We're here to help you through the entire process, so you can focus solely on making a positive impression and look forward to your upcoming summer work abroad.

Where can I work in the summer?

Where do you want you want your summer work to be?!

We have programmes across the world, including America, Canada and China, but the decision is yours.

Would you like to have the famous American summer camp experience and make an incredible impact on children and young adults from around the world?

How about a summer camp job abroad with Camp Canada, where you'll work out in nature amongst some of the most breathtaking landscapes you've ever seen?

Or travel with Adventure China and immerse yourself in a summer camp job which blends a country's rich history with an incredible environment for one of the most unique summers possible?

If you've already done the summer camp experience and are looking for something different, we also have summer work job opportunities in Au-Pairing, Teaching English and Volunteering, which have destinations across Europe, Africa and Asia!

The world is quite literally your oyster!

What are some benefits of working at a summer job abroad?

Chances are, if you're thinking about a summer job, you've got a busy schedule right now. The beauty of a summer work abroad arrangement is that you'll know exactly where you're going, for exactly how long.

It fits in with your schedule, so you can focus on your other responsibilities until you're able to switch gears into summer mode as soon as you arrive at the airport. Whether you've got a break from academic responsibilities, or you're changing lanes and wanting a switch into a new industry, summer jobs are placed to help you do just that.

Many summer work abroad programs will provide travel necessities such as flights, accommodations, and food, as well as access to social platforms where you can meet other travelers before the summer starts. These programs act as an essential middle-ground, doing all the hard work to ensure you're placed in a summer job, so you can focus on looking forward to it.

You'll also take away a huge array of skills and experience, things which will become incredibly useful in both your personal and professional life.

Will I get time off from my summer job abroad?

Simply; Yes!

Although the programs are focused on the kids, it's important for you to have some down time away from your summer work to relax.

Its work hard; play hard!

On your days off, you and your fellow camp staff can travel the local area and try out hiking, wakeboarding, sightseeing and whatever else you fancy trying your hand at.

For some, your 'd'offs' (camp slang for your day off) will consist of a trip to Walmart to stock up on Hershey's, Reece's and a stack of DVD's to chill.

You make your summer the way you want it.

I have experience teaching kayaking (example), but no qualification. Can I still apply for a summer job abroad in 2020??


People with the right attitude and energy are so important to camps. If you have a hobby or experience doing something you love, you'll bring a positive outlook to the role and that will show to the children you're leading.

Summer camps are happy to train applicants up and to ensure that you reach the required level to teach and lead. But if you bring the right experience and make a lasting impression, you're most of the way there.

Summer jobs abroad are now available for 2020, so if you're looking at securing summer work for 2020, now is the time to apply! The most sought after paid summer jobs abroad go very quickly, so if you work to work abroad this summer, get your application in quickly.

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