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6 Great Reasons to Work and Travel Through an Agency

Liam Macleod
6 Reasons to Work and Travel Through an Agency
Author: Liam Macleod
17.04.2019 19:40PM

Travel is becoming more a part of our everyday culture than ever before. Our planet is more connected, and more accessible, than at any point in history.

Social media has made our earth’s natural beauty more visible than ever, and inspired a generation of explorers. If you’re dreaming of going on your own adventures around the globe, but don’t know where to start, this blog can help point you in the right direction.

There’s no rulebook to preparing for a work and travel experience. Planning for your next trip might include organizing visas and other paperwork, booking flights and accommodations, and finding a job in a new destination. If you’re a new traveller, or just want some extra help and guidance, a travel agency can help start you off on the right foot.

Safe travel

Any legitimate agency will be very selective about which experiences they offer.

Programs coordinated by a genuine, trustworthy agency will have been heavily researched and planned out, and should be accredited. If you’re going to a new place, you’ll be able to get guidance on which areas are safe, so you can focus on exploring.

You’ll also meet people who are in the same boat as you - so you’ll make some great friends to work and travel with, and keep in touch afterward if you really hit it off. You’ll have access to local guides and other staff, who will be able to help you if necessary.

It’s worth doing some research to make sure you’re comfortable with the agency before you book your trip.

The world is your oyster

This one is a total cliché - but it’s an important point.

Whether you want to challenge yourself and get lost in a brand new culture, or go at your own pace and comfort level, an agency will help you find the right experience. They’ll organize it all for you, and help you choose from a range of unique experiences. There’s plenty of options for work and travel, including volunteering and conservation work.

Just tell them what you're interested in, and they can help you make it happen.

Peace of mind

I went through an agency 3 years in a row and they sorted everything out for me without issue.

Simply put, it’s the the easiest and most hassle-free way to see the world. If money is an issue, a work and travel opportunity might even fund your next adventure. It’s so much better knowing you have a job waiting there for you - it makes the whole process pain free.

In addition to all the help planning your trip, most agencies will offer 24/7 emergency support via phone and online. You’ll have emergency numbers and contact details of helpful people, so someone will be there to help you if anything goes wrong. You’ll also likely have some kind of traveler’s insurance sorted. This is a big benefit for both you and your loved ones at home, as you’ll have a company dedicated to helping you out if you ever need it.

You might never have a reason to use it, but it's good to know you have it.

It's easy

It shouldn’t feel like a money grab - a good agency should provide value for cost.

You should be able to get everything sorted with ease - it’s a one-stop shop, where you’ll have flights, accommodation, and paperwork sorted for you. You’ll be able to pay most of your travel costs upfront, so there are no surprises. An agency should provide some type of travel insurance, and can also arrange onward travel if you’re interested.

You’ll be surprised at how fast your time abroad will fly by, so using an agency can remove the hassle and save you time.

This option is about simplicity and effectiveness, and allowing you to get the most out of your travel experience.

Make new friends

Travelling is the easiest way in the world to connect with new people.

You’ll be in a new place, without the comforts of home and all the people you know. Working through an agency can help facilitate friendships quickly, as you’ll meet new people and experience the same new things together.There will likely be Facebook groups or other message boards, where you can find like-minded travellers. This way, you can look forward to meeting them in person, and even plan out some adventures together beforehand.

Travel friendships are unique, as people tend to become close mates quicker than normal. There’s something about being alone in a new place that makes people gravitate towards each other. You’ll see amazing new sights and go through tons of memorable experiences together, and you’ll get to know yourself at the same time.

Even if you opt for an independent travel experience, you’ll come away surprised at how open and social you’ve become, because you’re forced to interact with new people.

Expert advice

Every agency is built around staff that are passionate about travel, and have a great deal of experience.

No matter where you’re headed, an agency will be able to tell you the best place to explore, grab some dinner, or watch the sunset. They can also advise you if there’s any areas to avoid.

They’ll let you know anything important before your trip, and they'll happily organise and sort out the stuff you don't have time for.

There is no right or wrong way to travel - it simply depends on experience and comfortability. An agency can help you get the most out of your trip, no matter how experienced you are. So whether you decide on Camp Leaders, Camp Canada or Adventure China, all the stressful bits are taken care of, so you can focus on enjoying yourself to the maximum. If you have the opportunity to travel, go out and do it while you can - there’s so much to see in the world!

Whatever your plans are, it’s worth doing some research to see if travelling with an agency is right for you.

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