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If we say safari and you think of the internet browser, then you need to get out more. And to be specific, you should go to Africa. As the undeniable king of the animal world, Africa provides ample opportunities to get back to your roots, head into the wild and immerse yourself in sheer jaw-dropping nature. 

But it’s not just the animals you’ll discover, but some of the most interesting and wonderful communities across the globe. Open your eyes and ears to traditional folklore legends, mammoth landscapes and incredible natural wonders. Africa will hit you right in the heart.

The South and the East of Africa tend to be heavily influenced by the Arabic culture, with spiced steamed rice served up with delicious vegetable curries that would have been introduced by Indian workers in the area. Be prepared for a slightly veggie outlook on life as the cattle in this region will be used for dairy rather than meat. The reason being is that cattle are seen as a symbol of wealth...the milkshake really does bring all the boys to the yard in the South!

Once you're done stocking up on all of your grain and fish you may fancy something sweet for dessert. Take your pick from some juicy mango or pineapple, or why not go a little more exotic with some papaya? For a more traditional experience you can indulge in some plantain and bush meat such as monkey (mmm tastes like chicken) or wild pigs.

African culture is as rich as its food and just as enjoyable. The art and music of the nations is held in high regard with the rest of the world and the literature is just as revered. You may have heard of Anansi the Spider over the years, why not hear the story for yourself from one of the captivating story tellers that you will come across on your journey?