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Experience the best of Thailand on this 10 day guided tour! From the bright lights and hustle-bustle of Bangkok to the jungles of Khao Sok you will fall in love with everything this country has to offer. Eating scorpions may not be on everyone's to do list...but don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to chill out on the stunning tropical island of Koh Phi Phi. Full Moon Party we hear you ask? Go on then.

If you've ever wanted to explore Thailand with a group of awesome people then this amazing 10 day adventure trip could be just for you! Experience the energy of Bangkok, the breathtaking beauty of Khao Sok National Park, the tropical island paradise of Koh Phi Phi and hit up Koh Phangan - home of the famous Full Moon Party. 

By travelling in a group with our experienced guides, you'll make loads of new mates as soon as you arrive. You'll learn about local history and culture from our Thai and Western team and benefit from the experience of travelling with a group of others. 


Need to know

Group size & travel buddies

The group size is usually between 12 and 18 people but for special occasions like the Full Moon Party, the group size can be a lot bigger. Most people booking this trip will book alone, but we can of course hook you up with a fellow travel buddy before you leave. 

Visa & ages 

The Thai tourist visa is free for most nationalities, valid for 30 days and is issued upon arrival at the airport. No fuss, easy peasy. The average age for people booking this trip is about 24 but it's suited for those of you aged anywhere from 18 to 39. 

Accommodation & transport

You'll stay in floating raft houses, hotels and sleeper trains to name a few. Accommodation is simple and basic when compared to Western standards, but we know you'll be cool with that. You'll get around either by foot, train or boat depending on what your itinerary that day has in store for you.


We recommend arriving on the start date of the trip as your accommodation in Bangkok will be booked from this date. Extra nights can be arranged if you want to sleep off your jet lag...just let us know in advance.


This 10 day tour is action packed but rest assured that you'll be looked after. From the moment you enter the arrivals hall of Bangkok airport, there'll be someone there to greet you! Here's what you'll get up to on the trip...

Day 1, Arrive Bangkok
You start your trip in the heart of this buzzing city, with someone to greet you fresh from the plane! Well, okay after the long trip you might not be that fresh, but that's okay. You'll be taken straight to your accommodation near Khao San Road where you can check in and freshen up. Grab a beer or relax a little before meeting up with your Tour Leader and the rest of the group to go over the itinerary and answer any q's. Your dinner & a drink are on us're welcome.
Day 2, Bangkok Tour
Today you really get a chance to explore the sights of the city! You'll kick off the tour with a boat cruise through the Chao Phraya river before checking out the Dawn Temple 'Wat Arun', the bustling riverside markets and the Reclining Buddha Temple 'Wat Pho'. After stopping for some well earned food, go on...try a scorpion - you know you want to, you'll meander through the streets back to Khao San Road. You now have plenty of time to get dressed up and get your party shoes on as you meet up with the group for another epic night out on the town!
Day 3, Markets & Sleeper Train
This is your last chance saloon to hit up the markets of Bangkok and get those cheap clothes, sunny's and tacky souvenirs you've always wanted. Tonight, you catch the overnight train to Southern Thailand...and by overnight, we mean it is literally a sleeper train, complete with beds, designed for you to catch some zzz's. You'll have dinner on the train, sleep in your own bed and wake up refreshed ready for the jungle tomorrow. Just to note; sometimes the sleeper train isn't available, but fear not. If this happens, we'll upgrade to a pimped out overnight coach with awesome reclining bed-seats. Yup. We know how to travel in style.
Day 4, Khao Sok National Park
Welcome to the jungle! You'll arrive at Cheow Larn Lake today and travel by longtail boat to your floating raft house. When we say floating raft house, we actually mean a house, made of wood, floating on top of the lake. These little beauties are nestled deep in the rainforest of Khao Sok National Park surrounded by clear, fresh water that's warm all year round. Like a giant bath if you will. After tucking in to your grub for lunch, you'll cruise through the rainforest with your local guide. Spot the wildlife, marvel at the breathtaking scenery and get a free history lesson as you learn about the local area. Talk about fresh food...dinner tonight is not only included, but it's fish straight from the lake! After your feast, you'll take a night safari to see hornbills & other nocturnal wild animals before drinks under the stars and a moonlit swim.
Day 5, Khao Sok Jungle Village
Even though you have to wake up early today, you will forgive us. You're going to be hopping on a longtail boat for a morning safari to spot monkeys playing in the trees along the side of the lake. Life is hard isn't it? You'll return just in time for breakfast and spend the rest of the morning relaxing. After lunch, you'll travel to the Khao Sok Jungle Village - no jokes, this is actually a And if you didn't get your fix of monkey spotting earlier, no worries. On the way to the Jungle Village, you'll stop at a temple where you can hand feed those lil' darlings. Oh and breakfast and lunch are included today. Bonus!
Day 6, Koh Phi Phi
You'll arrive at Phi Phi Don today which is the largest of the Phi Phi Islands. Your task here is simple; head to the beach bar, order your favourite cocktail...then go slum it in a hammock. After dinner, you'll kick it with the group whilst watching the beach fire show. There's also time to go check out the nightlife on the island, you night owl you.
Day 7, Maya Bay
Fancy taking a stroll on the very same sand that Leo DiCaprio walked on? Well, okay so maybe not the exact same sand because, you know it might have been washed up by now. But still, this is where one of his earlier movies was filmed! Today you'll take a boat tour of the Phi Phi islands, including a stop at 'The Beach' Maya Bay. Feed the monkeys at the aptly named 'Monkey Beach', jump into the water from the limestone cliffs and snorkel in the crystal clear water. No jokes, it's actually the clearest water ever.
Day 8-10, Koh Phangan Party
Ahhh, you arrive on the tropical island of Koh Phangan, home of the world famous Full Moon Party. Cue bikini, beer and sunny's. The accommodation is located on a secluded beach with crystal clear water lapping at your feet in bungalows right near the waterfront. By day, you can explore the island and discover the beaches. That's plural..there are loads of beaches. Cue 'suns out guns out'. At night, party at Koh Phangan's famous Full/half/blackmoon beach parties, waterfall parties and jungle parties. We can arrange activities for you whilst you're on the island such as fishing, snorkelling, diving..even Thai cooking lessons! Kite-surf to your heart's content before ending your trip here and saying your goodbyes. You'll have made homies for life, guaranteed.

What's Included?

What's Included?

  • Total of 10 nights accommodation
  • Airport pick up from Bangkok
  • Western tour guide to look after you throughout the whole trip
  • Welcome dinner & drink
  • Bangkok river tour
  • Bangkok temples
  • Bangkok markets
  • Bangkok party night
  • Overnight sleeper train to Southern Thailand
  • 1 night bamboo rafthouse in Khao Sok
  • Jungle trek & caving (seasonal)
  • Morning & night boat safari to see some crazy wildlife feed baby monkeys
  • 1 night stay at Jungle Village
  • Bus & ferry travel to Koh Phi Phi
  • 2 nights stay in Koh Phi Phi
  • Island boat tour
  • Beach party night at Koh Phi Phi
  • Bus & ferry travel to Koh Phangan
  • 3 nights stay in Koh Phangan
  • Travel advice and support

What's Not Included?

  • Flights to Thailand
  • Insurance
  • Meals not listed on the itinerary
  • Transport back to Bangkok at the end of the tour if you're flying out from there


When do the trips run?

This trip runs every month of the year; just view the dates to select which one suits you best. 

How far in advance should I book?

Just because of how epic this trip is, it sells out about 2-3 months in advance. If you know there's a date you want - book your spot ASAP!

How do I pay?

Use the secure booking form and payment page on our website to pay your deposit and balance. 

What travel documents do I need?

To enter Thailand you'll need a passport that's valid for at least 6 months beyond the duration of your trip. Upon arrival at Bangkok airport you will be granted a 30-day tourist visa. Once you've purchased insurance, it's always handy to keep a printed copy of your policy with you at all times, you know, for those 'just in case' moments. 

What is the typical age and group size?

The average age for people going on this trip is 24; but we also have people join who are aged anywhere from 18 to 39! The groups size is usually between 10-20. 

What if I need to change my booking date?

Simply send us an email to change your booking date and we'll take care of the rest. Note that any changes made outside of 30 days from your planned departure date are free, but within 30 days will incur a £50 date change fee. Try to avoid last minute changes as we can't guarantee availability at such short notice. 

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes! It's essential for this trip and is always important. If you can't find a policy that suits you, simply email us and we'll provide details of our insurance that you're welcome to add-on to your trip. 

What happens if my flight is delayed?

No worries, just drop us an email or call if convenient and we'll re-arrange your airport transfer. Everything will work out so don't stress. 

Is Thailand safe?

Thailand is a safe place to visit, as long as you follow some basic health and safety guidelines and have respect for the local people and their culture. The most common dangers in Thailand are sunburn, dehydration, mosquito bites and the occasional hangover, however traveling in a group with us and our placement team makes it even safer! Our guides have travelled Thailand extensively and will share their experience, local knowledge and hangover cures with you. Sorted. 

Do we go to the Full Moon Party? 

In a word, yes. Your trip includes 3 nights on Koh Phangan, allowing you to experience a Full Moon/Half Moon/Black Moon party.

What happens when my trip ends?

The group leader will help you arrange your onward travel, back to Bangkok or beyond. 

What happens after I book my trip?

After booking the trip with us, we'll call you to confirm your date and answer any other q's you have. We'll send you a booking confirmation email and then all you have to do is arrange insurance, book your flight and get packing! Note - please don't book any flights until you have received a booking confirmation email from us. 


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