Camp Canada First Time Counselor FAQ's

Liam Macleod
Camp Canada First Time Counselor FAQ's
Author: Liam Macleod
17.04.2019 18:00PM

Thinking about spending the summer in Canada? Not sure what to expect as a first time counselor? We’ve got all the answers.

Camp Canada is a one of the most memorable experiences you could ever have. Summer camps in Canada are completely unique, with incredible backdrops and stunning scenery becoming normal. Your 9-5 is out in the open and you'll no doubt bump into some of the local wildlife along the way.

But if you're brand new to Canada, camp or both, then we're sure you'll have loads of questions you'll want to know.

So we've put together a handy little guide to take you from newbie to superstar in the time it takes to read it.

1. How much does it cost?

The summer season price for first time counselors from the UK is £429. You only need a £49 deposit, with the remaining balance split over two payments in the future. Plus, those over 19 earn at least CAD$1500, so you'll get it back and have enough to save to travel this incredible country. Other inclusions are:

  • Guaranteed camp placement
  • Minimum of $1300 CAD spending money (19 years olds and over earn minimum $1500 CAD)
  • Support with Canadian work permit
  • 10 weeks of health insurance
  • Free accommodation in arrival city (up to 2 nights)
  • Orientation in your arrival city
  • Free Canadian bank account
  • Social Insurance Number assistance
  • Arrival travel assistance
  • Transport from your host city to camp
  • Room and board at camp
  • Support extending your stay after camp as a visitor
  • 24 hour emergency support
  • 5-10% Discount on before/after camp travel through Out Here Travel, TrekAmerica and Moose network
  • It is FREE to return to the same camp the next year, and you can receive a reduced rate of £199 (£49 deposit + £150 program fee) if you decide to go to a new camp

The only additional costs are:

  • Flights (Camp Canada's in house flights team can help with this)
  • Medical Check
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Biometrics fee (paid on entry to Canada)
  • Electronic Travel Authorisation Fee

You're supported by the team every step of the way, so if you're unsure or have any questions along the way, you can rest assured knowing that someone's there to support you and your application.

2. Am I guaranteed a job?

Camp Canada guarantees a job at camp if you’re accepted to the program after your interview. The team will help you make sure your application looks great, and get it in front of camp directors. They’ll also make sure you’re at a camp that matches your skills and preferences, so you get the most out of your summer.

3. What will I be doing there?

The 2 most common job roles at Camp Canada are General Counselor and Activity Specialist. There’s lots of different activities, so if you’re passionate about a specific hobby or pastime, you might be able to do it at camp. Check out the Camp Canada Job Roles page for more information.

4. What are my next steps?

After you’ve applied and filled out the basic information section of your application, the next steps are;

  • Pay your deposit
  • Request your interview
  • Complete your application, and get it ready for the camp directors to see
  • Let Team Canada find a camp for you. In the meantime, you can pay your balance and submit all required documents.

5. I don’t really have any skills or experience with children - can I still go to camp?

Of course! Camp is for everyone. If you don’t think you have many skills, or much experience with children, then think outside the box. Camp directors mostly want to see your personality, and find out why you want to work at their camp. Ask a member of Team Canada to find out if there’s any camps that match your interests or hobbies.

6. What can I teach at Camp?

There are tons of different roles available at Camp Canada. If you don’t have a specific skill that makes you a natural fit for an Activity Specialist role, that’s okay. Can you take up painting or pottery in the next month and be an arts activity specialist? Or maybe you can try your hand at kayaking or rock climbing. Check out this blog to find out which jobs Camp Canada is still hiring for.

7. Do I get days off?

Yes. Working at Camp is the most fun you’ll probably ever have in a job, but it can be tiring at times, too. Camp Directors understand this, so you’ll have days off, and periods for you to relax, recover and enjoy the Canadian landscape. You’ll find out more about how can you spend your days off when you know which camp you’re at.

8. Can I still contact home while I’m at camp?

Yes! Wifi and electronics are limited at some camps, but the majority will have a staff area with wifi and computer access. Most camps have lockers to keep your phone and laptop if needed. Every camp will have a landline phone too.

9. What age of kids will I work with?

Typical campers at Canadian summer camps range from 6-16 years old. During staff orientation, you can let your supervisor know which age group you want to work with.

So there you have it! If you do have any other questions at all, our Camp Canada team are ready and waiting to answer them. Never think a question is too small; if you're thinking it, we guarantee that someone else has already asked it. They're the experts when it comes to work and travel in Canada, so use them!

If you want to compare Camp Canada with other summer camp opportunities, check out our summer camp in America or summer camp in China.

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