The Top 12 Camp Activities We Need to See in the Next Olympics

Liam Macleod
The Top 12 Camp Activities We Need to See in the Next Olympics
Author: Liam Macleod
17.04.2019 19:04PM

Every 4 years, we become glued to the TV to watch our favourite country compete for gold and glory at the summer Olympic games. Even without the sports, the pageantry and national pride makes it an epic summer tradition. It brings together individuals, cultures and customs from all around the world.

Watching the most recent Olympics, we realized just how much our global athletic events are just like the ones at Camp Canada. Whether it’s the triple jump or the colour war, there needs to be a winner. Naturally, there’s a few events at summer camp that we think would knock it out of the park at the Olympics. Check out our Top 12 summer camp activities that we'd love to see being contested at the world championships, commonwealth games, Olympics and beyond!

1. The Ultimate Spaghetti Scavenger Hunt

The ultimate spaghetti scavenger hunt is exactly as it sounds; saucy, sensational and highly entertaining.

Competitors select their ‘treasure’ - gummy bears, skittles, or anything else colourful and sweet, and blend them through a bowl of traditional spaghetti bolognese. Yeah, you read that right. It’s a new twist on an old classic. Members of two teams, all with their hands tied behind their backs, compete in a series of heats and eliminations. Watch to see who can collect all of their treasure first, and fastest...using only their mouth. This one is a photographer’s dream.

2. The Classic Tug-O-War

We’re thrilled to announce that, once upon a time, this was a real competitive Olympic sport.

Between 1900-1920, before being retired at the same time at the swimming obstacle course, this was the hottest competition at the Olympics. We’re pretty sure that it’s ready for a comeback. This sport is a real winner, and it reveals winners, too. Whether it’s done on land, or from a canoe in an olympic-sized pool, it’s a real back and forth battle.

3. Frozen T-Shirt Race

This one shares a complimentary mix of aquatics and endurance, so it could find itself in a few categories - such as athletics or watersports.

Frozen T-shirt race athletes are provided with 5 T-shirts that have been drenched in water and frozen for 5 days. They race fellow individual athletes to dress themselves in all 5 T-shirts, one on top of the other. The first person to have all 5 T-shirts on wins. It's certainly harder than it looks, which is why it should definitely be in the next Olympics.

4. Speedy S'Mores

How hungry are you to win gold? It’s not always about speed and endurance, but, well, most of the time it is - and this one really is.

The Speedy S'mores Olympic Committee place a tray of delicious marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker delights in front of each competitor. S'mores athletes will be given 5 minutes to see who can down the most mouthwatering mouthfuls, to be crowned with the golden S'more medal. Just don’t try to eat the gold medal too.

5. Blob Parachuting

This mixed-doubles event is guaranteed to sell out moments after tickets are released - we’re sure of it.

It’s about time the blob was incorporated into a worldwide competitive league. One athlete sits themselves on the end of a water-based, half-inflated parachute, and their partner climbs onto a platform on the other end. When both are ready, the climber launches from the platform onto the parachute - propelling the first athlete high into the air. The highest launch goes for gold - extra points if they can do a trick in the air!

6. Glow in the Dark Bowling

Because in any great Olympic Games, there's always featured evening events that light up the night.

We think a competitive game of glow in the dark bowling fits the vibrant culture of the Games perfectly. Grab a couple bowling balls, some bottles, a whole bunch of glow sticks, and get rolling. Flick on some tunes for the athletes, and we've got a showstopper. This will certainly put a spin on your traditional bowling and/or lawn bowling experience, which makes it a true crowd pleaser. That moment you get your first strike, you'll be feeling just like this....#Refereejoiningthecelebrations

7. Giant Jenga

Think outside the blocks on this one - it's a truly skilled, mind over matter challenge.

The strategy is to keep yourself calm, cool, and collected - and most importantly, your jenga tower tall and strong. One bad decision can make or break your tower, so it’s certainly full of 'Don’t look away' entertainment. Keep a wary eye on your competition in this one, as they may try to trip you up at any time...

8. Rock Climbing Treasure Hunt

This might be a new event you haven’t heard of before, but it’s on it’s way into your life - and it’s here to stay.

Rock climbing treasure hunters stand before a climbing wall filled with treasures. Athletes will be challenged to reach the top, collecting treasures and other incentives along the way, behind the grips. It’s almost like a classic game of snakes and ladders. You may find a treasure that gives you a time reward, or one that sets you back a 5 meter drop. The objective is to see who can reach the top fastest. Don't forget to play it cool with your fellow competitors. We’d love to see this on the television!

9. Carved with Clay

Get sculpting.

Athletes are given 15 minutes to replicate a desirable feature - for example, a statue of an eagle. They are provided with a regulation-sized amount of modelling clay, and select tools - but here’s the catch. The judges get to decide what tools the competitors can use - so it could be something different on any given day. After the 15 minutes of regulation time, the judging commences. It’s a messy one, but you’ll be entertained by the creativity of the competitors. This one will be the most popular Olympic event on every social media channel.

10. Jelly-filled Balloon Dodgeball

How is this not an Olympic sport already?

This has been a playground and P.E class favourite for years, but we think this little twist has improved a beloved sport. Jelly-filled water balloons just makes it more intense - there’s more on the line than pride (don’t wear your nice clothes). It might well be more intense than the final match between Peter Lafleur (played by Vince Vaughn) and White Goodman (Ben Stiller) in the 2004 film Dodgeball.

11. Pillow Prizefight

Much like the traditional Tug-of-War, we’re pretty sure pillow fights have been happening around the world for centuries. Of course, some are a little more plush than others. The two handed ‘whack the hammer’ is the typical winning move, and follows rules similar to martial arts countdowns. The only thing that can get hurt in this one is your pride.

12. Colour Wars

Our # 1 favourite colourful camp activity.

We saved the best for last, and let's be honest - it wouldn't be a true carnivale without a competitive colour war. You've probably seen or heard of the colour run, or have even taken part in one yourself. The colour run is basically a tame version of the colour war, which is exactly what it sounds - an all out battle. Tempers will flare, and the entire camp will erupt into a battle between good and evil. Okay, maybe it’s not that intense - but this feel-good event is fun to be part of, no matter how you finish. This one really represents the fun, friendly and competitive spirit that can only be found at camp.

We thoroughly enjoyed putting those together. We’ll be sending through our suggestions for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo - let us know if there’s anything we missed!

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