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Au Pair in ITALY

Working abroad as an Au pair is one of the best cultural exchange experiences that you'll ever have.  First off it's important to point out that being an Au Pair is completely diffe...

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Mamma Mia! You want to go and work in Italy. Great choice, you can gorge yourself on pizza, pasta and fresh Mediterranean food whilst experiencing a wildly diverse culture. Italy has one of the most sordid histories in Europe, from the Romans, to the Borgia (see the TV show to see what we mean), to Mussolini, to more recently Mario Balotelli! So you won’t get bored…

Whether you want to work in Italy for a few months or go the whole-hog and gap year in Italy you will love it. There is a great scene for young people in Italy whether you are in the Northern cities of Milan and Bologna or are down in Florence or Naples. Find out more about our programme Au Pair Italy.