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What is TEFL?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (or TEFL as the cool kids call it) is the top dog qualification for travelers who fancy their chances as a teacher. Smaller Earth established Hello Academies TEFL Prague to offer a globally recognized certification, so you can flit from one corner of the world to another with cash in your pocket and job opportunities wherever you land.

The Where & How

You may have heard about online courses. It may seem like an easy way to gain a TEFL qualification, without having to leave your own living room. That’s not what you want though. You want to gain hands on experience in a classroom, teaching English in Europe to real students – otherwise you may find yourself stranded far from home unable to find a job. Many employers will actually turn away applicants who only have an online TEFL certificate. This is where Hello Academies come in.

There are TEFL courses dotted around the U.K. but why qualify here when you can go abroad? You get to immerse yourself in a new culture, overcome language barriers and gain a natural advantage for when your first job comes along – you will already know what to expect. See the Hello Academies TEFL course as a practice round, one that gives you experience teaching written and spoken English, classroom management skills and a chance to live abroad, to prepare yourself for your adventures overseas after qualifying.



Course Content

The Smaller Earth Hello Academies course is designed to transform you into a confident and experienced teacher, regardless of your teaching background. You could be an absolute beginner, but with hard work and commitment you will walk away from the course feeling like you have owned the classroom for years ready to teach English abroad. You will start out leading 15-20 minute practice lessons and towards the end of the program you will be rolling out 1-hour lessons like a pro. You will be teaching local Czech students of varying ages, usually split across two fluency levels, so your C.V will be nice and diverse. Lessons in teaching young learners and one-to-one tutoring will also be included.

During your teaching time you will be observed and given constructive feedback to add to your portfolio and improve your performance as a teacher. At the end of the month you will have amassed over 10 hours of teaching experience (and lesson plans), ready for you to build upon as you start your teaching career.

A Typical Day

Each day is made up of a morning session, lunch break and an afternoon session before you set up your classroom and teach for the evening. The school is based in a bustling area of Prague with great tram access for you to go exploring in your free time (you do get free time, we promise).
  • 9:30am-12pm: A morning session, usually focusing on grammar, lesson preparation and teaching methodology
  • 12pm-1pm: Lunch, a great opportunity to try some local food and practice your Czech language skills
  • 1pm-4pm: An afternoon session based around Czech language lessons, more prep time and some phonology.
  • 5pm-8pm: Time to teach and observe your course mates in their classes too
The Hello Academies TEFL course is very intense and there is a lot to do. The good news is though that the lessons you take part in, and teach, are interactive and based around high energy fun activities to keep learners engaged. You will be graded on the following:
  • Homework exercises
  • Teacher observations
  • Participation in class 
  • Attendance
  • Student evaluations
  • Final exam
The final exam consists of a grammar test and you must pass with 80% or more to successfully complete the course. Don’t let this worry you though, you are only tested on information you have been taught over the 4 week course and there is plenty of time dedicated to revision sessions.

When & How To Apply

Ideally, you will need around 8 weeks to prepare for the course before you board the plane. There is a short application process and some documents to submit before you go, but don’t worry, we guide you through the whole thing. If you think this is the course for you, which it totally is, just start your application and pay your deposit. We will book you onto your chosen course date and take care of the rest.


  • You must be at least 18 to take part
  • Have a professional and positive attitude
  • Hold a current valid passport
  • Be a native English speaker 
  • Have a clean criminal background
  • Be patient, open minded and have a desire to teach
  • University experience is a plus

What's Included?

What's Included?

  • Fully accredited TEFL course by IATQuO and exceeds basic TEFL course standards.
  • Accommodation 
  • Airport pick up & transfer
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Over 110 in-class hours
  • One month metro pass
  • 24/7 on-site assistance
  • Survival Czech lessons
  • Welcome dinner and graduation celebration
  • Local cultural excursions 
  • TEFL Training Course Materials
  • Job and Visa Assistance

What's Not Included?

  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Work visa if you plan on staying in Prague after graduation 

Smaller Earth will provide you with the best possible support before, during and after your time in Prague. Our local Hello Academies office means you always have someone on your time zone ready to help.

A note about Housing...

We offer pre-arranged housing to help make the transition to living abroad an easier process. Our centrally located housing, is included in the programme price and is available throughout the duration of the course. Metro and tram stops are conveniently located nearby. Situated in Prague 10, our housing complex is near to the metro and public transportation links and only 20 minutes from the Hello school.

Life in Prague

Eating & Drinking

Prague caters for all tastes. For some of the best burritos outside of Mexico, you could head to Malé Náměstí and visit the Mexican restaurant there. Maybe you would prefer pizza? Great, they even have gluten free options. If you would prefer to embrace the Czech culture and try something traditional, you have plenty of opportunity. Be prepared when you ask for the English menu though as the translations can be hilarious, but a little off-putting. Don't panic when they serve you the beef cheeks, its just rump steak and the pork neck comes highly recommended. When we tell you that beer is cheaper than water here, we speak the truth so get practicing the local lingo.

Culture, Art & Heritage

If museums are your thing, Prague is the place for you. With your monthly metro pass, you can hop from the National Museum, to the Kafka museum to one of the many art galleries, before heading back to Náměstí Míru to visit the Church of St. Ludmila. A trip to the castle is a must. If you time it right, you can watch the Changing of the Guards and even take a selfie or two with the guards themselves. Don’t expect them to smile though, its kind of not allowed.


If you’re ready to work yourself into a shopping frenzy, the malls in Prague will be perfect for you. If you prefer something a little more indie or eccentric, that’s fine, as there really is something for everyone. If it’s time to do the weekly food shop you can head to Billa or Albert – a week’s worth of groceries will only set you back by about £18 and if you want to splash out on some home comforts you can head to Tesco, M & S or the British and American candy store. Nothing like a bar of Dairy Milk to get you through your lesson plans, right? 

Working in Prague

Job Assistance

So, you’ve graduated. Our Hello Academies program coordinator has helped you find a lovely apartment complete with a tumble dryer and balcony, and your flatmate has some really hot friends. Good stuff, but something is missing. You’ve got the skills, now it’s time to pay the bills.

Finding a job in the Czech Republic could be a daunting task, but luckily for you, we’ve thought ahead. As part of your course you will attend a C.V writing workshop, walking away with some sample C.Vs as well as your own shiny lovely creation, telling employers how awesome you are. You can add your letter of recommendation to this as well as your TEFL Diploma – beyond fancy. Throughout the course, you will meet with employers from the top language schools in Prague and really build up some contacts.

Our program coordinator will provide you with all kinds of job support, including finding jobs that suit your expectations. There are different types of teaching jobs available for you to choose from. If you love working with children, you could find work at one of the many international nurseries around the Czech Republic. You will have a stable daily schedule and set working hours.

If teaching children is your idea of a bad dream then language schools will be your best bet. The schedules at these schools are much more flexible and will allow time for you to work elsewhere – you may wish to teach some private lessons one on one, or perhaps do some tutoring on a bigger scale for local businesses. 

Through Hello Academis, Smaller Earth has some great partnerships set up across Prague so you will always be the first to know of job postings in businesses, private colleges, high schools and nurseries. 

So far, all of our applicants have found a job within 2 weeks of graduating, some even securing work after the first week of the course. As long as you are willing to work hard and can interview well, you’ve got it in the bag. 

Start Dates

Please find the course start & end dates below:


September 12th - October 7th

October 17th - November 11th

November 21st - December 16th


January 9th - February 3rd

February 13th - March 10th

March 20th - April 14th

April 24th - May 19th

May 29th - June 23rd

July 3rd - July 28th

August 7th - September 1st

September 11th - October 6th

October 16th - November 10th

November 20th - December 15th


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