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Gap Year Jobs Abroad


Work & Travel Australia

An Australian working holiday is a fantastic way to improve your employability and life skills through work experience overseas. It offers you the chance to work and earn whilst you travel and gain ...

2 nights
tax/bank setup
Price from £329 gap year View

The Full Aussie Adventure Australia

If you're heading out to Aus, then you might as well start it with a bang. With our arrival holiday package you'll experience a week stuffed with escapades around Sydney, from harbour cruisi...

tax & bank account setup
Airport Transfers
Price from £549 gap year View

Work and Travel New Zealand

Kia Ora and welcome to New Zealand, the world's best little country! So what’s great about New Zealand? Well perhaps it’s the sandy beaches, rainforests, the famous All Blacks...

2 nights
tax/bank help
Price from £249 1 year View

Au Pair in SPAIN

Live and work abroad in Spain. Becoming an Au Pair in Spain is the perfect way to make new friends, learn or improve your Spanish language skills and experience the culture as a local.  Aro...

Price from £350 3 months View

Au Pair America

This is your opportunity to live as an au pair in America for a full year and earn over $10,000 while doing it. Not only that, but you will be experiencing life as part of a fun and caring family, w...

Price from £499 1 year View

Au Pair in New Zealand

Your role as an Au Pair is to really be the older sibling, the role model and the superhero (cape optional) to the children in your care. From waking them up in the mornings and helping them get dre...

Meals Included
Accommodation Included
Flights Included
Insurance Included
Price from £1900 1 year View

Au Pair in China

Living in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing or Guangzhou, with all accommodation and meals provided by your family, you will have plenty of time to gain an insight into this fascinating country....

Price from £695 from 3 months View

TEFL in Prague

What is TEFL? Teaching English as a Foreign Language (or TEFL as the cool kids call it) is the top dog qualification for travelers who fancy their chances as a teacher. Smaller Earth established...

Price from £1400 4 weeks View
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There are any number of reasons for wanting to take a gap year: perhaps you aren’t ready to progress straight from one course of education into the next, or maybe you’d just like to experience something a little more adventurous before settling into a full time career path. Whatever your reasons for wishing to enjoy a year out, getting a job whilst you’re travelling makes a lot of sense, and not just from a financial perspective.

Smaller Earth offer a wide range of gap year programs designed to find you work opportunities overseas that will be rewarding, memorable and perhaps even life changing! Whether you’d like to live with a host family as an au pair in China to experience a completely different way of life or you fancy rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck into demanding physical work in the Australian outback, or even if you just fancy an incredible summer job abroad. Smaller Earth can offer you the work abroad opportunity that’s right for you.

You need to think about what you’d like to get out of your gap year trip, whether you want the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped make a difference by volunteering in an orphanage or if you’d just like to get a few things ticked off your bucket list in a wild adventure trip of a lifetime. That’s why Smaller Earth have such a varied selection of programs available, and we’ve hand-picked every one because they’re all things we love too!

Make new friends, see new sights and maximise your own self development opportunities by getting on board with Smaller Earth today.

An action-packed gap year is quickly becoming a rite of passage. Gap year travel can enhance your CV, provide you with all kinds of life skills and teach you more about yourself than you could ever imagine.

Why rush straight into the 9-5 life when you can work abroad, funding further travel as you go and living life like you're on an extended holiday? You can fill your gap year with one long programme, such as working as an Au Pair for a year, or change things up with a bunch of different programmes - go from training as a TEFL teacher in Prague, to a summer camp job in America, to a stint on a marine expedition in the Seychelles. It's your gap year, so work and travel your way.