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Smaller Earth Brands

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Camp Leaders

Established in 1999, Camp Leaders is the flagship brand of Smaller Earth.

A summer in America inspired everything that Smaller Earth is today - and the Camp Leaders brand leads the way. We send people for unforgettable summer adventures in the United States - they'll work with kids at summer camp for 8 weeks, followed by up to 30 days of travel.

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Camp Canada

Camp Canada was born from a love of the Canadian summer - and it's grown up fast.

With a similar history to Camp Leaders, Camp Canada was born to be a Smaller Earth brand. After a successful merger with the original Camp Canada brand, Nyquest, this program is exploding onto the scene as people look to explore the great Canadian wilderness.

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Adventure China

Adventure China is a pioneer project - leading the way in forging a new tradition in Asia.

A different experience calls for a different name - and the Adventure China experience is very different. It's an incredible opportunity to explore the vastly diverse Chinese culture and terrain. This Smaller Earth brand is at the forefront of the Chinese summer camp game - and bringing cultural exchange to a whole new level.

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Rainbow Garden Village

Make a little BIG change with a great volunteer organization - because every small contribution counts.

A leading volunteer opportunity, Rainbow Garden Village provides participants with a chance to help with various projects in Ghana, South Africa, and Thailand. Opportunities include animal and environmental conservation initiatives, as well as working closely with children in local communities.

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Resort Leaders

Join the club - Resort Leaders is all inclusive, all included.

Resort Leaders provides cultural exchange employment opportunities at highly rated hotels and resorts in the USA and the Caribbean islands. From top-notch support to flexible payment options, Resort Leaders goes beyond an incredible summer experience - it allows international participants to take the next step in their professional career.

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Lantern Camps

This one's for the kids - without campers, there wouldn't be summer camps for international staff to work at.

Lantern camps promotes the value of residential and overnight camping, and provides a platform for parents to learn more. The website allows parents to input their preferences, and compare various summer camps. Based on their knowledge of each camp, the team then provides valuable recommendations based on that input.

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Delivering smart, innovative solutions, Cleversteam powers our business.

We take pride in finding innovative solutions to problems, and Cleversteam is at the forefront of that effort. Since 2010, they've been providing technological solutions for some of our industry's biggest problems - including Hanover, a powerful online platform that has revolutionized the way companies in the cultural exchange world manage their programs.

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