The Go Further Project

What is the Go Further Project?

Originally called the Smaller Earth Foundation, the Go Further Project's main purpose is to provide travel opportunities for people who may not otherwise have them. We work with local organizations to identify individuals from under-represented demographics in their communities. Together, we provide funding for them to take part in two of our biggest cultural exchange programs - Camp Leaders and Adventure China.

Initially established in our home of Liverpool, we’ve expanded across the UK, and now work with multiple partners from various organizations. We're always open to new connections, so we can continue to help widen access to cultural exchange opportunities.

We provide participants in the Go Further Project with the following:

1. Placement on either the Camp Leaders or Adventure China program.

Our programs are a safe, secure way for young people to work and travel. We provide full support and a guaranteed job placement to work with children at amazing summer camps in the USA or China. They'll work for 8 weeks, before spending up to 30 days travelling afterwards - it's the summer of a lifetime, and no one should have to miss out.

2. Funding for flights, insurance, food, accommodation, and more.

We know the incredible effects of cultural exchange first-hand, and the Smaller Earth Go Further Project is our way of giving back. We waive the program fees for Go Further Project participants - including flights, insurance, food, accommodation. On the program, they will also receive pay or travel allowance, depending on which program they're on. By providing financial support, we aim to bring down the barriers some young people face when looking for international opportunities to develop themselves.

3. A fully supported participant journey.

The Go Further Project provides added and continued guidance for all participants. We run events at our offices that are exclusive to GFP participants. It's their chance to find out more about the program, and we spend extra time afterwards to help them sort out all their paperwork in person.

Once on the program, Go Further Project participants receive the same rock-solid support as every other participant - including 24/7 support while abroad.

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What Inspired the Go Further Project

We're an organization driven by a common purpose and values - and we're guided by our vision for the future. We're aiming to positively impact 20 million people by the year 2020, and the Go Further Project is just one way we achieve that goal.

Who Is It For?

The Go Further Project is intended for people who otherwise may not have the opportunity to experience cultural exchange. In technical terms, it's intended for young people who would be classed as widening participation or widening access. We aim to work with young people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, which requires us to be both flexible and focused on reaching the right people.

We don't want anyone to slip through the cracks - so we work with partners in local communities to identify the right candidates. Instead of accepting applications from participants directly, we work with community groups and universities who are able to identify the right individuals. They typically work closely with the young people, and support them through the process, which provides an added layer of confidence for the participants.

By working in this way, we're able to have a wider impact, as our partners are ideally placed to offer this opportunity. Our role is then to provide the funding and support for the participant to be able to take on this challenge.

Why Do We Do It?

We believe that we're changing the world - one individual at a time. As a growing global organization, we come from all types of different backgrounds. We may all be different, but we're united by the belief that cultural exchange is a force for good - for each individual, and for the world. Our belief comes from our own experiences - our staff have all had their own lives changed for the better by cultural exchange. Now, we work hard to provide the same opportunities for others.

We may speak different languages, but we're all united by a common purpose, a clear vision, and a set of values that are present in everything we do. Our country offices span the globe - our work covers ground on 6 different continents. Summer camps the world over are a place where cultures can come together, to positively impact the lives of everyone involved.

We work extremely hard to promote diversity and inclusion, because it's a part of who we are.

What Have We Done So Far?

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Established in 2018, we've now sent over 50 Foundation participants on Smaller Earth programs.

After a successful pilot season, our continued aim is to expand and make a significant positive impact. Therefore, in 2019, we committed to fully funding 55 young people alongside various partner organizations. These participants were brought onboard through a dedicated GFP Induction Day, which provided information on the programs, as well as one-to-one mentor support from our team who have all spent years at summer camps across the world.

We're proud to say that 3 of our original participants from summer 2018 returned to their summer camp for a second season in 2019.

It's About Cultural Exchange.

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How to Become a Partner

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Want to get involved?

We partner with local community groups and universities to send eligible participants for the summer of a lifetime. We don't care what size your organization is - if you work with a group of young people in the Widening Participation demographic, who wouldn't otherwise have a chance to travel, get in touch. Together, we can change the world - one person at a time.

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