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Trust Us

Support like no other

The team at Smaller Earth will provide hands on customer service with every step of the journey. We provide the required resources in order to make the trip the best that it can be, if not better. With our partners on the ground, combined with our office assistance, our customers will be sorted with everything from accomodations to jobs. 

Safety first and foremost

Smaller Earth provides 24/7 emergency support for everyone who is partaking in one of our programs. We only operate with hand picked programs and partners to ensure reliability, safety, and a meaningful experience for our customers. 

Experienced and trusted advisors

We are a global company, looking to positively impact 20 million people by the year 2020. To do this, we have over 15 global offices to spread our purpose and values to others. We have been in the cultural exhcange business for decades, and will continue to maintain a safe, secure, and easy process for the next adventure. We only work with partners who are also highy experienced and have a wealth of knowledge within the ins and outs of the cultural exchange programs. 

What is our purpose and values?

Our purpose is to 'Inspire People to go Further' be that personally, professionally, or geographically through our cultural exchange programs. All of our staff embody our values and help share our vison onto others. Our Smaller Earth values are to provide Ambition, Excellence, Innovation, Passion, Self Development, and Trustworhiness to everything and everyone. With that said, we aim to provide our customers with a memorbale experience from when an application is started, leaving the United Kingdom, in their new cultural experience country, and then safely back home. 

Want to give a gift that goes futher?

Have a friend or family member who is looking to go experience new cultures through working or volunteering around the globe? Start their adventure by paying as little as £29 to secure their place on many programs such as summer camp America jobs, Canada, Resort jobs in New Zealand or group tours. Contact us on 0151 702 6808 to discuss how you can help fun your childs trip.

Contact us

Any questions on how to start an adventure or where to go? Please feel free to contact us on 0151 702 6808 Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm.