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Ski Resort Jobs In New Zealand

Our Ski Resort Jobs in winter programme is one of the U.K's leading ways to spend a season or more living in New Zealand on a NZ working holiday visa. Trade the British summertime drizzle fo...

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Wherever there's adventure, there's typically tourists. Wherever there's tourists, there's typically resorts. And wherever there are resorts, there's typically a boat-load of jobs to be filled by international travellers looking for seasonal work. That's where you fit in.

Find yourself in one of dozens of resorts we work with in some of the coolest places on earth, whether it's one of Canada's famous ski spots or in the home of adventure sports in Queenstown, New Zealand. Resort work abroad offers you the opportunity to experience the full-throttle adventure lifestyle that comes with living in such exciting and diverse places. The surf is most definitely up, bro. Grab your board, this one's gonna be a big one.

Smaller Earth has a number of in-house resort programs based around the world, but the care, attention to detail and competitive prices remain the same no matter where your travel desires lie. We work in the host countries on the ground, hand matching you with your perfect employer.

With a whole host of jobs available, from kitchen work to housekeeping to front desk jobs, if you're up for a bit of hard work, then the opportunites are all yours. When it comes to resort work abroad, it's all about working hard and playing harder - a mantra that pumps deep in the Smaller Earth veins. Bring the action.