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Summer Camp in Canada

Welcome to our latest adventure Everyone has heard of our summer camp in America programme but not as many people know that it now has a cooler younger sibling in Canada.  Sum...

Food Included
Accomodation Included
Visa Assistance Included
Insurance Included
Transport Included
Price from £399 10 weeks View

Summer Camp in America Jobs

You’ve heard about it from your cousins, friends, even your dear old Auntie Margaret, now it’s time to find out about summer camp in America for yourself. With one of our jobs in America...

Price from £599 9 weeks View

Soccer Coaching in America

With the rise in popularity of soccer in the USA, working in America, coaching the sport is becoming ever more popular too. With the UK seen as the home of football, it's no wonder those in the ...

Accommodation Included
Return Flights Included
Earn $170 - $250 per week
90 days Insurance Included
Price from £700 from 9 weeks View

Au Pair America

This is your opportunity to work abroad for a year with one of our au pair in America jobs earning over $10,000 while doing it on one of our au pair programs. Not only that, but you will be exp...

Price from £499 1 year View
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A lot of major North American tourism spots are, somewhat expectedly, overly-commercialised, over-sized cliches of flashing lights and bells and whistles, but that’s not to say that you won’t enjoy them. Abba may have been a big dose of commercialised marketing cheese, but you still have a good dance when it comes on at a wedding, don’t you? 

Much like the UK isn’t just castles and afternoon tea, North America has a lot more to offer than just billboards and ticket touts, but offers some of the most diverse cultures and landscapes to be contained in one continent, from the snowy ski resorts of Banff to the blazing hot plains of Utah’s Monument Valley. From the passionate and proud Southern Americans to the wonderfully polite Canadians, there’s enough diversity to provide you with everything you need for a grand adventure.

Whether you fancy the adventure of a summer camp job or even spending a full year working as an Au Pair in America, we've got you covered. You could even work in a 5* resort in the USA. North America is yours to be had.

As the king of fast food, America is not particularly revered for it’s culinary offers, but here at Smaller Earth, we reckon it gets a bad rap. Yes, you may be able to get burgers made with glazed donuts and deep fried pizzas - that’s not an exaggeration - but if you dig a little deeper, you can find some of the greatest food you’ll ever eat. And trust us, nowhere in the world does a steak quite like America.

If you’re looking for something with a little more character, then many of the French Canadian cities can provide you with that little bit of je ne sais quoi. It often sounds overly fancy, but we reckon that classic French Canadian food is essentially just posh northern-English food, with offerings like pea soup, tourtières (meat pies) and poutine (chips and gravy with cheese on top). So, for those who aren’t the most adventurous eaters, you can stay with in your boundaries, but still feel the pompous self-indulgence of eating pretentious food. Everyone’s a winner.