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This is your opportunity to get paid work abroad for a year with one of our au pair in America jobs earning over $10,000 while doing it on one of our au pair programs. Not only that, but you will be experiencing life as part of a fun and caring family, who will cover your essential living costs while you help take care of the children. Not so shabby eh? Much like our summer camp in America program this is a great way to spend a gap year, a career break or to develop your experience working with children and families. 

Smaller Earth works with the International Au Pairs Association, who regulate the world of Au Pairing. This means that we work to the very highest standard when vetting and processing you with your host family. We're pretty good at what we do. 

This program is for Au Pairs who have already found a family in the USA that will host them for 12 months. To make sure that your family meets all requirements to become a host family for Au Pairs they need to sign up with our partner agency, Cultural Homestay International, in the USA. We will send you more details after your registration. 

Au Pairs typically work around 10 hours a day for 6 days a week. It's not the easiest job in the world, but as Thomas Edison once said, "There's no substitute for hard work." (Yes, we Googled that, and what?). Having said that, you'll also get two weeks' paid holiday a year and a full weekend off a month. Plus you'll get $195 per week. Kerching.

Roles and Responsibilities 

As an au pair abroad in America, you'll become an important part of the family and will be involved in all aspects of family events and occasions. Your main focus is working with the children, which means you can stop worrying about doing any serious house work - you're an Au Pair, not a maid.

Your general tasks will be things like waking the children up, dressing and bathing them, playing games with them, doing school runs, prepping meals and helping put them to bed. It's everything you'd expect really...


What You Get

What's included?

  • International flights
  • Full Orientation in the family home
  • Food and Accommodation 
  • $500 contributed to an educational course
  • Direct weekly payments from your host family
  • One full weekend off per month
  • Two weeks' paid vacation per year 
  • Medical insurance
  • Visa paperwork
  • Assistance and advice on the visa process
  • In-country 24 hour support

Ongoing Support

As part of Au Pairing with Smaller Earth, we make sure that you are fully supported throughout your time in the States, because we're a lovely bunch and we want to make sure that you're doing well. We will provide you with a welcome orientation and you will check in with your Au Pair Coordinator once a month, just to make sure things are running smoothly. 

What's Not Included?

  • Criminal background check (£45)
  • Medical Check
  • Visa and Embassy charges (£145)


Save 100 EUR if you fulfil one of the following conditions (price originally 690EUR)

  • Your required childcare experience includes at least 200 hours with infants from 0-2 years old.
  • You've trained or have a qualification in a social field, e.g teacher, educator, social worker.


    Need to Know


    To be eligible for the au pair jobs abroad programme you need to:
    • Be between 18-26 years of age (inclusive)
    • Be able to commit to a minimum of 12 months
    • Possess a full driving license, with at least 6 months' driving experience
    • Have a clean criminal background
    • Have a minimum of 200 hours' childcare experience, which can be verified by the parent/supervisor of the child or children
    • Be a non-smoker
    • Have completed high school/secondary school
    • Be physically and emotionally healthy, as verified by a doctor
    • Be fluent in English
    • You have a host family (we can only offer direct placements)

    Au Pair Study

    You'll be heading out on your Au Pair programme on an American Cultural Exchange visa. As part of that visa, you'll need to study or develop a skill for up to 60 hours in a local American college. Whether it's learning a language or doing a photography course, there are a number of options. Education in the States can be expensive, but there are a number of free classes and your host family will put $500 towards your studies. American college life? Yeah, boy.

    Trust Us

    We want everyone's trip to be fun, enriching and most of all safe. 

    We ask each Au Pair to provide a minimum of two childcare references, a police background check issued within the last 6 months and a declaration of full health. 

    Smaller Earth along with our international Au Pair placement teams, provide 24/7 support for all of our Au Pairs. We ensure everyone is fully prepared for their trip with a comprehensive pre-departure guide, advice and orientation where applicable. 



    Do I have to go for the whole year?

    Yes, it's a visa requirement that you stay for the entire 12 months. But that's okay because it means you'll have plenty of time to get to know your Host Family and discover America!

    Is it necessary to have a driving licence?

    Yes, this is because many families live in rural or suburban areas and it won't be as easy to get around via public transport. You'll also be driving the kids to and from school or other activities so it's important that you're a confident driver with at least 6 months driving experience on highways, country roads at night and in all weather conditions. 

    Do I get to speak to the family before I depart?

    Absolutely! In fact we can't encourage this enough. It's a good idea to email the family regularly in the run up to your arrival.

    Does the fee include flights?

    Yes, roundtrip transatlantic flights are included in your programme fee. 

    How does the payment work?

    The balance of your fees is due only once your match with a Host Family has been confirmed. 

    How will I get paid?

    The Host Family will pay you on the same day of the week throughout the year. We encourage all Au Pairs to open a bank account because of the flexibility it permits for making purchases. Your Host Family will discuss banking options with you during your first few days with them.

    Do I need to have a host family already?

    Yes, this program is only for Au Pairs who already found a family in the USA that will host them for 12 months. To make sure that your family meets all requirements to become a host family for Au Pairs they need to sign up with our partner agency, Cultural Homestay International, in the USA. We will send you more details after your registration.

    Once you´ve started an application, we´ll get in touch for a quick chat to make sure you fit the program requirements before moving forward.

    We´ll support you fully throughout the application process to make it as easy and as smooth as possible.

    Start Dates

    This programme runs year round and there are no specific departure dates. When completing your application, give us an indication of the earliest date you'd be available to depart and we'll use that to get started. Your flights will only be booked once a match has been confirmed with a Host Family and you have both mutually agreed on the arrival date. 


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