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Summer in America? Yes please!

Always dreamed of spending the summer living and working in America? Seeing the big apple? Eating a Twinkie? Watching the sunset of the Grand Canyon? Here’s your chance to do all of this and more whilst earning an awesome summer salary. With this work and travel opportunity you’ll spend three months working in one of America’s top resorts, topped off with a month’s travel around the USA. The cherry on the icing on the cake of your life-changing American summer.

You'll be provided with full support and guidance from the Smaller Earth team throughout.


Job Roles

There are a variety of positions on offer within each resort. Some skilled positions will require previous experience, whilst for others no direct experience is necessary.

All of our resorts have multiple bars. Bartenders have an incredibly sociable job - which is excellent when you're working abroad and living in a foreign country. Being a bartender presents an excellent opportunity for tips, as well as perfecting your pint-pouring and cocktail making skills. Learning to perfect your skill as a bartender within the prestigious American hospitality industry will be fantastic for your future career. 
Most of our stunning resorts offer a fine dining experience, as well as having a variety of other restaurants, which means being a busser or a busboy/busgirl is never a boring or monotonous task. You'll have the opportunity to work under some incredibly highly-esteemed chefs, perfect your customer service skills and secure a wealth of experience that will look extremely desirable to future employers on your CV. Again, a busser is the perfect role for meeting new people and gaining those tips! 
Front Desk
Working on reception is a more administrative-based role, requiring you to utilise a variety of important skills as well as perfect your customer services technique. Working on reception and in the office you are the face of the resort, acting as a main point of contact for any customers, which is a very important role indeed – the perfect opportunity to make a good impression. 
A waiter or waitress is a classic role within the hospitality industry that combines skill, personality and most importantly - fun. The opportunity to wait on customers within a prestigious resort in America will test your customer service acumen, develop your hospitality skills no end and provide plenty of opportunities for you to earn tips and network. 
The housekeeping role is all about creating a big impression and exceeding expectations by creating that ‘WOW' factor for the guests. Housekeeping room attendants provide for the comfort of guests staying at the resorts by ensuring that guestrooms and public areas are clean and well presented. 

Our resorts also employ international staff for other roles such as kitchen roles, pool server, lifeguard, golf attendant, spa attendant and fitness and gym attendants. No matter what your skills may be there are opportunities aplenty.

What's Included?

What's included?

  • Job before departure

  • Return Transatlantic Flights

  • J-1 Visa Documentation

  • Visa Sponsorship and Assistance

  • 90 Days Medical Insurance

  • Twenty-four hour support is provided by the Smaller Earth US office

  • Option to travel for up to 30 days


What's not included?

  • Police Check - £45 paid directly to the government body

  • US Embassy visa interview booking fee - $160 (£110) Paid to the US Embassy


Resort Locations

Resort Work and Travel opportunity spending a summer in America? Yes please! But Where?...

We work with over 40 different resorts in various locations across America. All of our resorts are located in isolated areas, as they require a lot of land and space for their facilities. This can mean the closest town or village may be 30 minutes away. Don't let this put you off, each resort has fantastic facilities, some resorts allow you to use these facilities on your time off. You can also explore local areas/cities on your time off.

Northern Outdoors
Northern Outdoors is a rustic Adventure Resort is located in The Forks, Western Maine. The adventure resort provide guests with superior quality outdoor recreation experiences, this is why almost 20,000 guests choose Northern Outdoors every year for their adventure vacation in whitewater rafting, hiking, team building, fishing, hunting and snowmobiling. 
Omni Mount Washington
Omni Mount Washington Resort is located in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, just a three hour drive from the city of Boston. A favourite New England retreat of presidents, poets and celebrities, the hotel delights every sense with enchanting music, refined dining and luxurious décor. The resort boasts a classic Donald Ross-designed golf course, award-winning alpine and Nordic ski center, luxurious signature spa, dining facilities and nine high-flying zip-lines. 
Four Seasons - Jackson Hole
Surrounded by the breathtaking vistas of Grand Tenton mountain range this alpine resort offers a mix of rustic adventure and luxury accommodation for their guests. Founded in the 19th century by two mountain men Jackson Hole has grown to be one of America’s premier vacation destinations. From Yellowstone National Park to the Snake River there is plenty of opportunities for adventure at this resort.


Dates & Prices

Programme Dates:

From June 1st to September 15th

Most resort work positions run from early June to mid September. Ideally you will be available for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 4 months. 


Programme Prices:

Our Smaller Earth Resort programme is built with flexibility in mind. We give you the option to pay the full amount before you depart for the US or pay the majority of the fee as you earn when you're out there.

Money saving option-

Pay the full £1599 in the UK + pay $0 whilst working in the USA


Pay £599 in the UK + pay $1450 whilst you work and earn in the USA



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