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You’ve heard about it from your cousins, friends, even your dear old Auntie Margaret, now it’s time to find out about summer camp in America for yourself. With one of our jobs in America you really can get a full summer working…and tanning, eating ice-cream, learning to water-ski, singing round a campfire, but mostly working… in the States, making some great mates and earning a bit of cash as you go.

You'll spend up to 9 weeks working at a summer camp in america, working as a cabin counselor, so living in a cabin with children and guiding them through the summer of a lifetime, or working to keep camp running smoothly each day in the office, kitchen or housekeeping department. You can then travel for up to 30 days after your contract ends, experiencing the American culture and ticking some of those famous landmarks off your bucket list.


We work with over 500 USA summer camps. All of the camps that we work with have been A.C.A accredited and we pay a visit to the States every summer to ensure you will be well taken care of at all of the American summer camps we work with. 

The majority of camps are located along the East Coast, so you’re looking at Boston, New York, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. We also have camps in California, Maine, West Virginia… the list goes on.*

Travel across America

After those buses pull out on the final day of camp and you realise that the best summer of your life is done and dusted, you are going to need some serious cheering up. What better way to do it than taking your hard-earned dollars and roadtripping around the States? We offer numerous outstanding discounts to our participants when they join the program for a variety of great all in road trip packages.

* We also have summer camp opportunities in Canada.



Types of Summer Jobs

We have been matching people up with camps for over 15 years now. We ask you what you like, we ask them what they like, then we find you the perfect match. We’re like the cupid of the summer camp in America world. Except we wear trousers.

Camp Counselor 

If you love working with children and feel confident with teaching or coaching then the camp counselor role is the summer camp job for you. Typically, you will be living in a cabin with one or a couple of co-counselors and 6-9 children, although it could be more or less depending where you are placed. You will be responsible for getting the kids up and ready, getting the cabin in order and delivering your well-groomed and nicely dressed children at their activities. Whilst your campers are at their activities you will be teaching your own lessons in a variety of skills before coming back together for some group bonding time.

Support Staff

If you are more interested in gaining work experience outside of working with children then the support staff role is for you. Camp couldn’t function without support staff and it is these guys who keep everything running smoothly on a daily basis. You could spend your days working in the office or maybe you have cooking and kitchen experience? Alternatively, you could be responsible for keeping camp looking awesome as part of the housekeeping or maintenance team. For this role, you must be a full-time student. 

Full Preparation

You may have heard stories about how difficult it is to gain a visa to work at summer camp in America. It may seem like a lot to do for a summer abroad. The good news is that we will take care of it for you, because we’re nice like that. We will guide you through the application process and find you a placement that suits your ideals for the summer as well as assist you with all the necessary documentation. You could work in America anywhere between May and August, with time to travel after and we can give you lots of tried and tested tips for that too.

We will even go as far as to sort your flight out for you and ensure you have full instructions on how to get from your UK departure airport to the front doorstep of camp. Our office is packed full of passionate and knowledgeable summer camp alumni who have lived through every step of this journey before. We can answer all of your questions and we’ve probably asked most of them ourselves in the past too. We can’t pack your suitcase for you, but you will know exactly what to put in it by the time the summer comes around. 

What You Get

What's Included

  • Summer camp in America placement
  • Free food and accommodation
  • Visa assistance and sponsorship
  • 24-hour support in America
  • Up to 90 days medical insurance
  • Up to 30 days travel after camp
  • Pre-camp preparation day
  • Up to $1550 in pocket money
  • Upgrade to return flights for only £150

Non Camp Leaders Fees

  • Police Check - £60 paid directly to the government body
  • US Embassy visa interview booking fee - $160 (£95) Paid to the US Embassy
  • Medical form signature fee - costs are dependent on your GP's charges

Essential Info


For all jobs at camp, you have to:

  • Be 18 years old by June 1st
  • Have a clean criminal background check
  • Speak English fluently
  • Be available to fly out to the States between 1st May and 19th June
  • Be able to work for a minimum of 9 weeks

Types of Skills

  • Water activities & lifeguards
  • Land sports
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Horse riding
  • Performing arts & media
  • Arts and creative

Types of Camps

  • Independent
  • Faith-based
  • Special Needs
  • Non-profit
  • Girl Scouts
  • Sports-based


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