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About Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

It's the thoughtful, genuine, compassionate people, who want to make a difference, no matter how big or how small. They're the people that can change the world, one step at a time. Those people represent all that's good in the world. They represent the possibility of a better future.

If you're considering volunteering abroad, you're one of those people.

Volunteer opportunities abroad provide a platform to influence the future of our planet. You'll contribute to a better world, making an impact by supporting and empowering a community that needs it.

You'll be a guest in the community, where you can lend a hand and make an impact on the local people.

What to Expect from Volunteering Abroad

Destinations: Worldwide
Age Requirement: 18-30+
Work Type: Outdoor/Varied
Working Hours Per Week: 25-40 hours
Timeframe: Year Round (Minimum 1 Month)
Accommodation: Shared Volunteer Houses/Homestays
Ethical Volunteer Work Abroad

Volunteering allows you to make an impact on a community that needs it - and it will have a big impact on you, too.

Volunteering abroad is an immersive, meaningful experience, in a community that may be very different from your own. You'll experience the everyday realities of the people who live there, and contribute to making a positive global impact in a responsible and intentional way.

Projects are established in areas that need help, and rely on support from volunteers to make the biggest possible impact. Whether you want to volunteer in China, or volunteer in Africa, our programs have been developed through years of in-country work with specific areas and projects.

How You Can Make a Difference

It's not about trying to change the world - our planet does that well enough on it's own.

In a world where everything is always shifting and evolving, the only constant reality is change. Volunteering abroad is about trying to positively influence what that global change will look like, by interacting with people in other cultures and supporting their local economy.

In order to have a meaningful impact on the future of our world, we need to band together, and do our best to support established projects that have existing relationships with people in certain areas that desperately need their help.

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RGV & Corporate Social Responsibility

As an organization, we believe in meaningful, ethical, and sustainable travel. That's why Smaller Earth has teamed up with Rainbow Garden Village.

RGV is an incredible organization led by Steffen Mayer, an individual who empowers others to make a difference. Most importantly, he's enabled individuals who actually live in the countries where the volunteer programs are run to make a difference in their home country. For more information, meet the RGV team here. or find out more about RGV's stance on Corportate Social Responsibility.

Types of Volunteer Projects

In general, there are 4 types of volunteer projects: working with children, animals, coaching sport, or environmental work. You'll be able to choose which area suits your interests.

It’s important to help the local community thrive - the goal is not to become solely dependent on the support provided by volunteer projects. By creating and sustaining a viable local economy, groups have a chance to grow into fully self-supported communities, which will then have a ripple effect on communities in the surrounding areas.

There are numerous overseas volunteering placements available worldwide, but you'll find that the majority are located in Africa and Asia, due the sheer number of developing countries on both continents. It depends on which program appeals to you, but whatever you end up doing, a willingness to roll your sleeves up and help out will always be appreciated. Check out the Programs section below to find out more.

Why Volunteer with an Agency?

A lot goes on behind the scenes to ensure that each project is ethical and sustainable, and delivers the maximum possible effect. This is where volunteers can become absolutely vital.

Working with a well-established project can ensure your time and energy don't go to waste. Volunteer agencies know what the communities' needs are, and can help place applicants where they're needed the most. You'll have support throughout the volunteer process, as well as airport pickup and orientation upon arrival. Each program will also have meals and accommodation provided.

Volunteer agencies are a vital component in the mission to make a positive global impact. Helping developing countries to the extent that they thrive is a tall task, one that requires excellent coordination and communication. Volunteer agencies lead the way, by working closely with the communities who need help and understanding exactly what their needs are.

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Volunteer Abroad FAQ's

Will I get free time on when I'm volunteering abroad?

Yes! Although you’ll be working hard to make a difference, there’s certainly time to enjoy the local area on your days off, and even more so after your placement is finished. Most people will explore the local area at the weekends, which can mean anything from swimming in the ocean to chasing waterfalls. Once the placement is finished, there’s time to explore the entire country, head out on a group tour, or go on your own adventures.

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