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What to Expect on a

Working Holiday in Europe

Cost of Living: Medium
Friendly Locals: Yes
Safety Level: High
Vaccinations: No
Different Cultures: Yes
Visa Required: No

Work Abroad in Europe

Europe is rich with diverse culture.

One of the greatest benefits of working in Europe is you are always a hop, skip and a jump way from being able to experience many different countries. Fancy a weekend in France on your days off? It's always possible. Most countries are extremely well connected by planes, trains and automobiles.

Europe can provide you with the opportunity to spend quality time in countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Austria and many more. All of which have different languages, cuisines and cultures ready for you to explore.

You'll find a vast array of possibilities for work in Europe, not only will you gain skills in your chosen field but you'll also be able to develop language skills. ¿Hablas español? You soon will.

There is so much to see in Europe, it's pretty much impossible to name it all. From beautiful beaches, vibrant cities to stunning scenery there really is something for everyone.

Every country in Europe has it's own unique magic. No two countries are the same and that really is the beauty of one of the world's most diverse continents.

The weather, the food, the people and the architecture you find in different European countries can vary massively. That's what makes Europe a must visit destination and why it's remained so popular over the years for both work and travel.

European Culture

Art, architecture, film, music, literature, food, sports. Europe has it all.

If you are a culture vulture, then Europe is your perfect playground.

Europeans are ever so proud of their surroundings and so they should be. Get chatting to a local and allow them to 'wow' you with their impressive knowledge of the cities and towns they live in. From historical events to the best local restaurants and bars, there is an never ending list of things you will be able to discover.

Many cities in Europe take part in the European Capital of Culture Programme. This is awarded every year to a different city and celebrates the richness and diversity of cultures. It's always worth taking a trip to a city in the year in which they are celebrating to check out what exciting events are taking place.

But there are no limits. Every European city has an impressive events calendar, with food, art and music festivals being a regular occurrence. Fancy getting chased at the bull run in Pamplona, Spain or pulling on your lederhosen for Oktoberfest in Munich. There is always something a little weird and wonderful to do.

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 Work Abroad in Europe Opportunities

Au Pair in Spain
  • Live with a host family in Spain
  • Meals & accommodation included
  • Airport pick-up, orientation upon arrival
  • One-to-one coordinator, 24/7 support
TEFL in Austria
  • Teach English in Austria & earn your EFL certificate
  • Over 130 hours of training & 300 hours of teaching practice
  • Shared accommodation for the duration of the program
  • Graduate with both a TEFL-YL and Trinity CertTESOL certificate

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