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The GET Academy’s TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) Program is a 3 - 4 month vocational teaching placement that sees you teaching in real Austrian schools with real Austrian students.

The TEFL Program at GET Academy in Austria

TEFL Program Overview

The GET Academy’s TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) Program is designed to transform you into a confident and experienced teacher, regardless of your teaching background. You could be an absolute beginner, but with hard work and commitment you will walk away from the program feeling like you have owned the classroom for years and ready to teach English abroad.

You will start out by observing our experienced Senior Teachers teaching students in real Austrian schools. This way you will get to experience first hand how to manage a classroom, motivate students and learn how to teach our tried and tested in-house EFL program. You will then receive a week of intensive input concerning all aspects of TEFL methodology as well as help brushing up on your English grammar! In the subsequent weeks of the program, you will head to school on a daily basis under the guidance of our Senior Teachers and Course Tutors and put your knowledge into action with real Austrian students of varying ages and abilities. As you hone your skills and develop your knowledge, you will begin to plan your own lessons, implement them in the classroom and get feedback on their effectiveness.

At the end of the program, external moderators from Trinity College London come to Austria to review participants coursework and conduct final assessments. This process can be nerve-racking after so many weeks of hard work, but with the support of our academic staff you will be in the best possible position to impress the moderators with your TEFL knowledge and join the ranks of a fully qualified EFL teacher!

The Where & How

Based out of Vienna and Upper Austria, you will visit dozens of schools, teach hundreds of children and accrue over 300 hours of classroom experience, all while working towards two teaching teaching qualifications - the globally recognised Trinity CertTESOL and The GET Academy’s TEFL-YL certificate.

A Typical Day at TEFL Austria

The GET Academy’s TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) Program is very intense and there is a lot to do. The good news is that you are supported every step of the way and the program is designed to provide a learning experience like no other! A typical day usually involves:

6:30 - 7:30: Commute to the school where your teaching practice takes place.

7:30 - 13:30: Teaching practice with real Austrian students

13:30 - 14:30: Commute back to the training centre

14:30 - 15:30: Down time

15:30 - 17:00: Teacher training input session or private study time (depending on the day)

As part of the program, you also get the chance to take part in intensive beginner lessons in an unknown foreign language where they take on the role of a learner and gain a deeper appreciation of what makes your own students tick. Other modules include teaching in a 1-to-1 environment, much like a tutoring role, to help you learn how to analyse and plan lessons specific to an individual student.

You will be also be guided in how to design, create and use your own materials in lessons, and there is always plenty of opportunities to observe experienced teachers (and fellow student teachers), and get regular feedback from academic and course staff. A well-rounded experience if ever I heard of one!


As part of our mission to provide a vocational TEFL education to new teachers from the English-speaking world based on their academic merit, The GET Academy has a limited number of scholarships available for candidates wishing to participate in our TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) Program. We can discuss this after your have initially applied.

TEFL in Austria Application: Need to Know

Everything you need to know about applying for your next adventure.

Eligibility Requirements
  • You must be at least 18 years of age

  • Have a professional and positive attitude

  • Hold a current & valid passport

  • Be a native English speaker 

  • Have a clean criminal background

  • Be patient, open minded and have a desire to teach

  • Have an educational background that would allow you entry into university in your home country

Program Start Dates for 2019

April 26 - July 26

August 23 - December 20

When & How To Apply

We accept applications all year round. There is a short application process and some documents to submit before you arrive in Austria, as well as a pre-course task to help you brush up on your English language knowledge. If you think this is the program is for you, just submit your application. We will book you onto your chosen course date and take care of the rest.

What's Included with TEFL Austria

What's Included?

  • Trinity CertTESOL

  • TEFL-YL certificate

  • Shared accommodation for the duration of the program

  • Over 300 hours of teaching practice

  • 130 hours of face-to-face training

  • 15 hours of observed and assessed teaching practice

  • All travel to and from school and the training centre

  • Provision of teaching materials

  • Full use of training centre facilities 

  • Welcome lunch

  • Graduation dinner

What's Not Included?

  • Flights

  • Travel Insurance

  • Work visa if you plan on staying in Austria after graduation

Life in Austria

The GET Academy will provide you with the best possible support before, during and after your time in Austria. Our dedicated admissions, welfare and academic departments mean there is always someone to assist with any need that might arise.

Accommodation & Social Life

Our shared housing is available throughout the duration of the program. You'll share your living quarters with other program participants, so you'll have a built-in social life.

  • Vienna accommodation is located in the south-west of the city with public transport, shopping and nightlife all readily accessible.
  • Upper Austria accommodation is located at the foot of the Austrian lake district, the Salzkammergut, with access to swimming, hiking, skiing and more.
Food & Drink

Vienna offers something for all tastes: Figlmüller’s, which has been around for 110 years, makes an authentic Wiener schnitzel. If you are keen to sample some local sausage fare on the go, try the Bitzinger Würstelstand am Albertinaplatz, just opposite the Opera house. There is also a variety of vegetarian and vegan restaurants like Vegetasia, Tian and Veggiezz. For vegan dessert, check out the Eis Greissler ice cream shop.

The Viennese coffee house culture is highly recommended, and worth exploring – they've got great coffee and cakes. Don’t worry if you can’t order in German, as most places will have an English menu. In Linz, the capital of Upper Austria, they have authentic Austrian cuisine places like Leberkas-Pepi (fast food), Gosser Keller, and JKU Teichwerk, which is also vegetarian friendly. For more contemporary dining, try the Gelbes Krokodil - a popular spot to eat and hang out. You can watch movies next door in German and English in their cinema, Moviemento. In upper Austria, in cities such as Gmunden in the Austrian lake district, there are plenty of delicious options if you want to try out the traditional foods and yummy desserts Austria has to offer. Make sure you check out some of the bakeries in the area. As you wander through the town past the windows you won’t be able to resist stepping inside to try something new. Gmunden is also home to the famous Gmundener Keramik - it makes the perfect gift for family or friends when you return home from your adventure abroad!

Of course, what really stands out in Gmunden is the Traunsee - the lake that looks beautiful as it is surrounded by mountains and sleepy little Austrian towns. One of the prettiest views is from the Schlossort - a small castle that is out on the lake and provides a stunning setting for some of those Instagram posts you will want to take! From our location in Upper Austria it is an easy train journey to get to so many stunning locations - some touristy like Hallstatt, but some remain a well-kept secret only for the locals!

Culture, Art & Heritage

Culture, Art & Heritage

If you are into museums, Vienna has many to choose from and most are free with a Vienna PASS. Check out the MuseumsQuartier Duo or the Klimt museum. The Praterstern Vienna’s famous ferris wheel - is well worth a visit! As far as attractions go, Upper Austria has a lot to offer! In Linz you can visit the Schlossmuseum Linz, Linzer Höhenrausch and the Alter Dom. For more techie folks, the Ars Electronica Center offers some really cool inventions and also puts on quite a few gigs and festivals throughout the year. In Salzburg there is the famous Salzburg Fortress with truly stunning views overlooking the city. There is also the Altstadt Salzburg (Salzburg Old Town) and Hellbrunn Palace for sightseeing, and for a piece of movie heritage – there is always the Sound of Music tour of Salzburg.


Austria has plenty of shopping options. For grocery shopping, you can either head to your local Billa, Aldi, Lidl, or Spar. There are also plenty of weekly/weekend markets for a leisurely browse, where you can purchase organic products and homemade goodies produced by local shops and farms. Seasonal markets are very popular, and if you are in Austria over the Christmas period, be sure to check out the Weihnachtsmarkt and enjoy the Punsch! When looking to shop for clothing and other types of wares, there is everything from giant shopping centres such as Lugner City in Vienna or Plus City in Linz and other shopping areas in between. Basically, shopping centres are located all over Austria in cities, towns and villages - just bear in mind that shops are normally closed on Sundays.

Living in Austria After Your TEFL Program Graduation

So, you’ve graduated. You've wowed students and schools all around Austria, and you are now a qualified teacher. As part of the program, you will attend a C.V. writing and career preparation workshop. You can add your letter of recommendation to this, as well as your CertTESOL and TEFL-YL certificate. It will highlight how much experience you have gained teaching (over 300 hours) in Austria’s public education sector.

During the program and after graduation, we constantly update participants and alumni with job listings from affiliate schools worldwide. Our affiliate schools have been vetted for quality and offer a variety of positions in reputable institutions with good pay. The majority of our graduates secure teaching positions well before the end of their time in Austria, and all our alumni have reported finding a job within weeks of graduating.

With all the experience gained while participating in the program, plus two teaching qualifications, our graduates are miles ahead of the rest who have taken part in a normal certificate course.

TEFL in Austria
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