21 Incredible Instagram Spots in Las Vegas

Dora Nagy
21 Incredible Instagram Spots in Las Vegas
Author: Dora Nagy
4.11.2019 14:38PM

Las Vegas is one of those magical places where, every 10 seconds or so, you’ll find yourself stopping to admire the environment that surrounds you.

The beautiful buildings, the extravagantly themed streets with magnificent neon lights and the electric atmosphere all add up to create a truly mesmerising scene. Now, I don't know about you but when I'm travelling, I love to capture all the amazing things around me. This is a great way to show your incredible journey back to your friends, family and the world. A good Instagram spot for me is not only a good background, but a place that has a story, a meaning and that helps you understand the place in a cultural and historical way.

Las Vegas is a place that encapsulates the link between modern culture and throwbacks to more recent American history. That unique link provides some incredible photo opportunities, if you know where to look.

So, whether you’re a photographer in Las Vegas for a week-long trip, or you’re on a whistlestop weekend tour after summer camp and you’re looking to capture the best photos of Sin City, here’s our guide to the best Instagram spots in Las Vegas.

1. ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ Sign

You knew it was coming, right?

It’s needless to say that a picture with the world-renowned sign is an essential stop for any trip to Sin City. It is about 60 years old, but this monument is still one of the most visited spectacles of the city. Few people know, but the back of the sign says: "Drive carefully, come back soon". So this is the perfect way to start and to finish your Sin City Instagram journey.

  • WHEN?

Better be an early bird with this one. If you want to take a good Instagram picture with the sign, it is better to get there before the social media crowd (and the heat) arrives. It can also be quite difficult to take a good picture with the sign at night, as the focus would be either on you or the sign because of how the flash illuminates the portrait.


It is FREE, unless you are planning to take a picture with one of the many Elvis Presley look-alikes that linger around. They often wander around the sign with the hope of someone willing to pay for a picture taken with him, so remember this is completely optional.


Location Tags: Welcome to Fabulous Las VegasWelcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign

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2. The Strip

The Strip is known to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US and it is also a big driving force for tourism within Las Vegas.

It's almost 7 km long and technically, it’s not part of Las Vegas since gambling was originally forbidden between the borders of the city. Nowadays they often refer to it as a part of the city and it’s easy to understand why. You will find the most luxurious and famous casinos, hotels and restaurants littered up and down this neon-strewn boulevard. Between the beautiful buildings, there are several miniature versions of famous attractions from around the world, including the likes of Paris’s Eiffel Tower, or Giza’s Sphinx.

The strip really is a whole world on one street.


Walking down the street is a FREE activity and there are a number of places you can hop in to on your walk for a meal, drink, or more simply, a look around. If you were a younger counselor at summer camp and are under 21 then no worries, we’ve put together an article which shows you how you can still have the best time of your life in Sin City (minus the sin!).

  • WHEN?

You can go anytime, but it's always better to experience the Strip when it's alive at night.


Location Tag: Las Vegas Strip

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Other Must Sees on the Strip:

If you’re wanting even more photos from Las Vegas and the strip, then check out the below resorts for more Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.

3. The Bellagio - For it's beautiful and spectacular fountain shows.

4. Caesars Palace - where you feel like a Spartan nobleman surrounded with the inside fountains, for example, the Trevi fountain

5. Venetian with the romantic, Italian Canal

6. The Stratosphere Tower with an amazing view of the city and thrilling attractions such as the SkyJump and the Big Shot

7. New York - New York with an unforgettable roller coaster ride around the Statue of Liberty

8. Excalibur Hotel and Casino, a castle where you can have a medieval-themed environment with King Arthur and Merlin.

9. Circus Circus that offers real fun carnival games and free circus acts

10. Treasure Island with the enchanting Pirate Ships, pirate themed bars and the mysterious atmosphere help create one of the best Blackjack experiences on the Strip.

Hashtags: #treasureislandlasvegas

11. Mandalay Bay with a breathtaking underwater experience with sharks and other beautiful sea creatures.

12. Flamingo is home for colourful fish, birds and of course, flamingos and offers an amazing pool party

13. Paris with a scaled Eiffel Tower is a French-themed casino hotel which is worth the price if you want a good look of the Strip and the Bellagio, you can even enjoy the view from their fancy roof pool.

14. Luxor with the spectacular Sphinx and the massive spotlight on top of the pyramid, the Luxor Sky Beam, can literally be seen from space!

15. The Mirage with it's own erupting volcano and the amazing shows and attractions

The history of the second most famous street in Las Vegas starts with the foundation of the city in 1905.

Las Vegas started right here on Fremont Street, with the dazzling neon lights and the alluring original casinos, such as the Binion's Gambling Hall, and the Golden Nugget. The street earned the Glitter Gulch nickname for obvious reasons.

The Fremont Street Experience should also be another stop on your Sin City Itinerary. The street is a movie magnet and for a good reason. Even Elvis Presley’s famous film, Viva Las Vegas, used footage of the street. My favourite part of the street is the Vegas Vic,which is a giant cowboy neon light and is one of the most recognisable symbols of Las Vegas. If you’re after photos of Las Vegas (the real Las Vegas), then this is where you need to come.

  • WHEN?

It is worth visiting the street at night time, when the atmosphere is electric and when all the lights are keeping the visitors awake and entertained.




Official Account: @fremontstreet

Location Tags: Fremont East District / Fremont Street Experience

Hastags: #fremontexperience / #fremontstreetexperience / #fremonteast

The LINQ High Roller on the Las Vegas Strip is currently the world's tallest observation wheel.

It is worth taking an Instagram picture from the Promenade, where you can actually see the wheel and take in its incredible scale. If you don't mind spending some extra money on the elevating 30 minutes experience, you should definitely hop on and enjoy the view of the city from up top.

  • WHEN?

Early in the morning, sunset or at night would be the best time to get the best shot, but if you can only get there during the daytime, no worries, as the cabins offer that much-needed air-conditioning.


Daytime ride price for adults : $25 Nighttime prices for adults: $35 Daytime Happy Half Hour (includes ride with open bar): $40 Nighttime Happy Half Hour (includes ride with open bar): $52

  • PRO TIP:

It is worth checking Groupon for special offers, especially in the summer.


Location Tags: Linq / High Roller / High Roller Wheel at the Linq

Hashtags: #thelinqhighroller

This is a perfect chance to hear, see and experience the history of Las Vegas.

From how it all started, to interesting information about the first neon lights and old casinos such as the Moulin Rouge,the Neon Museum has it all. It is a non-profit organization, as they collect and preserve Las Vegas signs to exhibit them for educational, historic and cultural enrichment. It's also an open-air exhibition, so make sure you take the sunlight into consideration.

  • WHEN? 

It's a different experience in the morning in comparison to the night, so it's totally up to you on what you prefer.


Although it's a non-profit organisation, you have to pay an entry fee, which goes towards the preservation of these culturally-important pieces.

Tim Burton Exhibit General Admission:

1 hour long admission to all areas of the tour (with the lights off or on dependant on what time you go) - $30

Tim Burton Brilliant:

30 minutes long guided tour between 7PM and 12AM of one area of the museum, with a neon show - $24


Officil Account: @theneonmuseumlasvegas

Location Tags: The Neon Museum / Neon Museum Boneyard / Neon Boneyard Museum

Hashtags: #neonmuseumlasvegas / #theneonmuseumlasvegas

If you love taking unique pictures, Seven Magic Mountains is your place to go.

A Swiss artist created the majestic pillars which are the only “creative expression of human presence in the desert” for miles around. Colourful rocks are stacked upon each other, forming 30 feet high towers in the middle of nowhere. It's not that far from the city, but you will definitely need a ride to get there. Watch out for snakes (it is the desert after all!) and make sure to bring some water with you.

  • WHEN?

Unfortunately, you can only visit this place during the daytime and keep in mind that it's in the middle of nowhere. To avoid the searing midday heat, aim for early morning, or just before close as the sun is beginning to fade.


Since it's in the middle of the desert, there is no public transport directly to the area. Rent a car, take a day tour where you'd stop there with the bus anyway, or if you’re really desperate to go there, you can take an Uber which would cost between $25-$50.


Location Tags: Seven Magic Mountains / Seven Magic Mountains, Nevada

Hashtags: #sevenmagicmountains

If you want to experience Nevada with all the incredibly rich shades of red it offers, then the following two areas are must-do’s. Both are definitely worth the ride there for the amazing ‘middle of the desert’ shots, with the first being Valley of Fire State Park.

The 150 million-year-old red sandstone formations often appear to be on fire because of the magical way the sun hits the area, with the name of the area actually deriving from this phenomenon. There are two campgrounds with a first-come, first- served system if you fancy an even more immersive experience.

  • WHEN?

It is open daily from sunrise to sunset (24h access to campgrounds)


Day use entrance fee: $10 / vehicle

Camping (including the entrance fee): $20 / night + $10 for sites with utility hook ups

Or if you are going with a tour the prices will vary.


Official Account: @valley.of.fire

Location Tags: Valley of Fire State Park / Valley of Fire

Hashtags: #valleyoffire / #valleyoffirestatepark

The Red Rock Canyon is a great alternative if you can't make it to the Valley of Fire.

It’s much closer to Las Vegas, as you can even see it from the Strip. This is a popular hiking and rock climbing destination, with it’s 900m high sandstone peaks and walls.

The good thing with Red Rock Canyon is its proximity to the main Las Vegas area, as it’s only a short half an hour trip to get there, which means it can make for a perfect, shorter day trip.

  • WHEN?

Early in the morning or early evening, just avoid being outside between 12:00-16:00 to keep yourself safely out of the midday heat.


Day use entrance fee/ vehicle: $15

Day use entrance fee/ pedestrian/bicycle: $5

Camping / night : $20 for the standard and RV sites


Official Account: @redrockcanyonlv

Location Tags: Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas / Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area / Red Rock Canyon

Hashtags: #redrockcanyon / #redrockcanyonlasvegas


I've seen enough to know that everybody has different tastes, even when it comes to taking pictures. I’ve listed a few more places that you should definitely add to your plans if you’re lucky enough to spend a little longer in Sin City.

The list could go on and on, especially as Las Vegas is such a vibrant, eclectic place, where unexpected things happen all the time. It’s a constantly developing and evolving city, with new things popping up on a yearly basis. Remember, we all experience places in very different ways. Don't underestimate the power of your own artistic vein and admire the beautiful Sin City in your own, unique way. You’ll be leaving as an unofficial photographer of Las Vegas, but more importantly, with a bank of memories that will last a lifetime.

Did I miss something important from my list, or are there other photos of Las Vegas that you think should be in here? Will you visit Las Vegas and Nevada after summer camp? Tag us on instagram at @smallerearth for a repost and let us see Las Vegas with your eyes.

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