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Au Pair in China

Work Abroad as an Au Pair in China Families looking to hire an Au Pair want to expose their children to the English language as well as broaden their cultural education. You will work with Small...

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Teach and Travel Vietnam

Work and Travel Vietnam as a Teacher Vietnam is an incredibly diverse country with an affordable cost of living and growing transportation network. From the sandy coastlines to its mountainous i...

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Volunteer With Children In Thailand

Volunteer Teaching Thailand is a developing country famous for a diverse environment and beautiful beaches, numerous natural resources and stunning natural attractions. Thousands of tourists tra...

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If you’re looking for a sample of the good, the bad and the down-right bizarre, then Asia has got you covered. The whizz and whirl of the continent’s best cities will make your eyes the size of dinner plates and the hairs on your arms stand to attention. 

Asian cities are fast. They’re like western cities but they’ve pulled an all-nighter and binged on ten cans of Red Bull (much like a student on the night before deadline day). Successfully crossing a road is like surviving a near death experience and hailing a taxi, bartering the price and arriving in the correct destination deserves a good pat on the back.

If the city’s not your cup of fun, then not to worry, because the continent holds some of the best beaches, mountains and landscapes in the world. However, at Smaller Earth, we reckon that travelling’s not just about seeing things, it’s about the friends you make and the people you meet and Asia is blessed with some pretty wonderful people.

If you’re a foodie, then Asia is a great place to taste. From the spices of India to the soups of Vietnam, the variety of food on offer in the continent will have you rubbing your belly all day long. It’s not just the tastes that you’ll fall in love with, but the prices are astonishing. 50p for an end-of-the-night chicken chow mien? Fill me up, buttercup.

If you’re worrying about how the food might affect your little tummy then we’re not going to lie to you; there’s a good chance you’re gonna get the Delhi belly; the old funny tummy; a case of the dreaded diarrhoea. Don’t worry, it’s all part and parcel of the Asian adventure and, to be honest, crapping your pants will make a hilarious story in hindsight. 

However, if you seriously dread crapping your pants, there are three simple tricks up the old Smaller Earth sleeve:

1. Drink gallons of water - granted you may pee your pants, but it’s better than crapping them.

2. Take stomach settlers - you can get them from any pharmacy pretty cheap.

3. Eat street food - surprisingly, the street food is often the safest and cleanest and pretty much all travellers agree that it’s also the tastiest. Winner winner chicken dinner.

While some of the more notorious delicacies of Asia do exist - deep fried scorpions and the like - most locals don’t really eat them. They’re usually more of a tourist trap than anything else. “That traveller just paid me to eat a cockroach - what an idiot,” the food stall vendor will be secretly thinking, while twiddling his moustache. But hey, it’s all a bit of fun and as they say, when in Rome, eat weird insect things. Hold on, wait, that’s not it…