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The land of kangaroos, string vests and blazing sun has become a staple destination on any gap year travel bucket list. It's not difficult to see why either. Its modern cities are jam-packed with students, gappers and travellers looking for their next fix of excitement. Aussie working holiday visas are incredibly popular and it often seems like nearly every other person is an international, giving you that true traveller feeling of discovery. Everyone's making memories in Aus, it's time to make yours.

New Zealand
New Zealand only really has two speeds - maxin' chillaxin' or full-throttle, rubber-burning fast. It's what makes the country so diverse, in terms of landscape and population. If you find yourself in front of a lovely mountain (which you will at some point) you could stand at the bottom with your picnic, taking in the scenery and breathing in the air or grab your wingsuit and jump right off the top of that mother. And both are completely normal in NZ, that's its quirk.

Take A Bite
Its not all Witchetty grubs and Kangaroo steaks over in Aus. By all means, dig in if either of those take your fancy but there are plenty of other sweet and savoury treats that the Aussies lay claim to. You may wish to try a delicious Anzac biscuit, traditionally made by wives who sent them to their solder husbands fighting in World War 1. We love a cookie with a romantic history.

If you're looking for a fat free option, a delicious hunk of smoked emu goes down well. It is also a popular pizza topping.

Don't forget the Macadamia nut, native to eastern Australia and included in a wide range of cooking. If you're missing your home comforts and fancy a slice of Vegemite on toast. Vegemite is so popular with Australians it is rumoured that summer camps across the US have started paying their Aussie staff by the jar full, to ensure that they keep hunger and homesickness at bay.

If all this food is making you thirsty you can pull up a beach towel and lay back on the golden sand with an ice cold pot of VB, a box of Goon or maybe just a ginger ale.

Blend In With The Locals
Australia is well-known as a cultural melting pot - the country's original indigenous population, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples were joined by the migrants, or descendants of migrants, from 200 different countries to help make up today's population of nearly 23 million people.

Despite this super-relaxed and smooth-talking crowd there is still room for you to don a pair of Ugg boots (yes, despite the weather) and take part in some cricket or some Australian Rules Football. Not so sporty? No problem. Australia has a lot to offer with regards to music, theatre and literature. If you just fancy a quiet evening in front of the TV where better to start than with an episode of Neighbors?