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Work and Travel in Australia with Smaller Earth

An Australian working holiday is a fantastic way to improve your professional and life skills through work experience overseas. Choose to start your adventure in Brisbane, Melbourne or Cairns! This program offers you the chance to work and earn money while you travel and gain valuable experience in a number of industries. Famed for some of the most spectacular wildlife and breathtaking landscapes in the world, Australia truly has it all.

Looking to start your working holiday in Australia in the glorious city of Sydney? Then check out the Ultimate Working Holiday in Sydney - which is filled with even more activities during your visit week living in Australia.

The Australian economy is thriving and with record numbers of students unable to secure a career post-graduation, there has never been a better time to take a gap year and head down under. Smaller Earths' work and travel program gives you that extra security and reassurance to give you all the confidence you need to follow your dreams to live work and even study in Australia.

If you’re between 18 and 30 years old, you are eligible for a Work and Holiday Visa. This allows you to live and work anywhere in Australia for 12 months.

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The Work and Travel Australia Program

With over 50,000 kilometres of coastline and 10,000 beaches, Australia has more than any other country in world, from Queensland to Sydney and Perth to Melbourne, it also has some of the most exciting cities and is a great place to discover your independence while surrounded by sunshine, and some of the friendliest, most relaxed people on the planet! Spend your year doing what you enjoy, whether it’s hiking in the bush, surfing along Byron Bay, driving the Great Ocean Road, or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef.

While on the Smaller Earth Work and Travel Australia program you don't have to work, but it is a great way to experience the real Australian lifestyle and support your travels along the way. Whether you’re a rugged outdoors type looking for an outback adventure or a beach bum looking to chill by the sea, now is a great time to kick back for a full year and live the Australian dream. The Work and Holiday Visa allows you to have temporary employment in Australia for up to six months with each employer. You will also be allowed to leave and re-enter Australia any number of times from the 12 months from the date of first entry into Australia -- in case you are headed home for the holidays!

The Smaller Earth Work and Travel Australia program has been designed to provide you with as much or as little support as you need while on your working holiday in Australia. You will be given access to discounted airfare, help preparing your visa application and provided with full pre-departure assistance from the Smaller Earth team. We often refer to this program as a support package for the adventurous, independent traveler. It's just enough to get you on your feet when you arrive, help land you a job and set you up for the best year of your life. Our services are available the entire time you are in Australia, meaning you can continuously use the job database to find different positions throughout the year!

Please note: The Australian government does not allow Work and Holiday visa holders to arrange employment before arriving; therefore, this job site is crucial to finding a placement upon arrival! 

The Australia Work and Holiday Visa  

If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you are eligible for a Working Holiday Visa. This allows you to casually live and work anywhere in Australia for up to 12 months. You're basically earning money to fund your trip!

Although this varies depending on your country of citizenship, in general you must:

  • Be outside Australia when you apply and are granted your visa
  • Not have entered Australia on a Working Holiday visa before
  • Be aged between 18 and 30 years at the time of applying
  • Not apply more than 12 months before you intend to travel
  • Not be accompanied by dependent children during your stay
  • Have sufficient proof of funds*
  • Meet health criteria**

* In addition you also must have access to sufficient funds to support yourself for the initial stage of your holiday. Generally, we advise taking four weeks worth of expenses -- $1,200 to $1,500USD. The amount may vary depending on your length of stay and the extent of your travel, as well as your personal level of comfort. You should have a return or onward ticket or the funds for a fare to depart Australia. and you may be asked to provide evidence. Evidence may include a certified copy of a bank statement and/or a flight reservation for leaving Australia.

** Depending on your circumstances, you may need to undertake a medical examination which may include a chest x-ray, HIV, Hepatitis B and/or Hepatitis C test. All required health examinations must be completed before a decision can be made on your visa application. If you need a medical examination, the cost is not included in the visa application fee you pay when you submit your application.   

Smaller Earth provides you with top notch support while you are applying for your visa and advice on what gear you should pack for your trip of a lifetime! We make sure that your journey from the airport to the hostel is hassle-free by organizing two nights accommodation for you and providing a great support network for 12 months. This support includes access to our partner's exclusive job database, full advice on all aspects of your trip, a resume model to insure you have the best application for the jobs you want and not to mention fantastic customer service!

What's Included

  • Airport transfer -- no matter what time you arrive!
  • 2 nights of accommodation in a popular backpacker hostel
  • 12 month membership to an online job database (worth $99!)
  • Welcome orientation -- covering everything you need to know about living, working and travelling in Australia!
  • TAX file number (TFN) registration -- what you need to get paid!
  • Bank account -- ready to use upon arrival with a Visa Debit ATM card
  • Mobile phone SIM card
  • Mail holding - you can arrange for all of your mail to be sent to our office while you are traveling
  • Additional activities vary by location - see the location specific tab for more info!
  • 365 days of emergency support

What's Not Included

  • Work and Holiday Visa, approx. $460 USD
International flights

  • Travel Insurance

  • Housing beyond the initial two nights accommodation
  • Any extra living expenses or excursions


  • Participants stay at Nomads Melbourne, which is centrally located near Queen Victoria Markets.
  • Dorm size is 4-6 share, 24 hr Wifi or 2hr internet included
  • The hostel has a roof top sundeck, bar, TV/ Games room etc and offers several social activities throughout the week
  • The airport shuttle is operated by Skybus, who run frequently 24hr/day.
  • We include a day trip to Philipp Island, where you get up close to kangaroos, koalas, seals and watch the world's littlest penguins waddle ashore in the evening. Alternatively, we can offer a Great Ocean Road Day Trip.


  • Stay at Bunk Backpackers (short walk to city center, but closer to cafe/ shopping/ arts part of town)
  • Dorm size 4-6 share, 24 hr Wifi or 2hr internet included
  • Bunk has a social activity every day of the week (like ping pong comp, comedy night etc). There is heated swimming pool, spa, pool table and lots more.
  • Airport shuttle is operated by Con-x-ion, who run all day and night
  • Here we include 2 flexible nights in Noosa, as well as the entry to the famous Australia Zoo.


  • Stay at Nomads Cairns (short walk to city center, not the one on the esplanade)
  • Dorm size 4-6 share, 24 hr Wifi or 2hr internet included
  • The hostel has volleyball court, massive swimming pool and lots more. Weekly social activities include pool/ ping pong/ volleyball comp, pub quiz, movie nights, ..
  • Airport Pick Up is run by hostel
  • We include the Atherton Tableland trip, which has given solely great feedback so far. Learn about local wildlife, slide down waterfalls, be prepared for surprises!

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