5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Try KTV Karaoke in China

Abi Buller
5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Try KTV Karaoke in China
Author: Abi Buller
4.09.2019 13:19PM

Working as a summer camp counsellor in China allowed me to learn a lot about myself.

I made new friends, grew as a person and learnt to let go of my inhibitions.

So even when I stepped away from the summer camp environment at the weekends, I took some of that care-free spirit with me! I opened myself to new opportunities and learnt to say yes more – even KTV!

KTV, in short, is karaoke in China! You get your own little area for your group, where you can sing until your heart's content. With snacks and drinks aplenty, you've got everything you need for a fun night with friends.

I’ve never been one for karaoke, or really any kind of activity that involves a kind of performance in front of others. But somehow, being in China and South-East Asia meant this type of light-hearted fun deserved to be embraced.

Summer camp is full of fun and games and understandably focused on the campers. But it's also super important for the counselors to have some downtime too! So, if you get the chance, jump at the offer of having a KTV night away from camp – or even invite your travel partners to join you for a night of singing post-summer camp.

Here are a few reasons why you should absolutely give KTV karaoke in China a go!

KTV Karaoke in China is more unique than your standard sing-a-long...

While you may have tried karaoke as part of a night out in your local city, or even at home as part of a house party, there’s nothing quite like a KTV evening.

With your own private room to kick back in with your friends, you’ll often find glitzy interiors (disco balls aplenty) and maybe even a small stage for you to enjoy the limelight on. KTV-ers often make a full night of it as well, so be sure to stock up on a trolley-full of snacks and drinks to get you through the night. With a big group of you, you might also be lucky enough to have a few complimentary refreshments and discounts thrown in for good measure. Most rooms will also come with one or two hand-held microphones in addition to the main standing one, so you can all belt your hearts out to you favourite tunes together!

You can try your talents at some Chinese songs

But one of the biggest differences is, of course, the presence of Chinese belters.

While there is often an English option, and a fair few recognisable classics to choose from, it makes a difference to show that you’re willing to do your best to ‘do as the locals do’. You can pair up with one of your Chinese co-counselors and follow their lead on a more simple Chinese track, which you could even have a few lessons off them in the lead up to your KTV night! If you don’t quite feel comfortable with your level of learning, you could just be one of their backing dancers and add to the spectacle!

Who knows, with a bit of practice, you might be fluently singing your heart out in another language and developing a whole new talent along the way.

You can relax and let your hair down after a hard week's work

Spending a few hours singing in the evening is a great way to switch off from anything that might be on your mind while you’re away – whether that’s homesickness or simply that you need a bit of time away from camp.

It can be fun to spend a bit of time getting ready for the evening and having a taste of the weekend relaxation you might be used to from home. You’re bound to return to camp having made some more memories and feeling refreshed for another week of activities.

You'll be engaging in a popular local activity

Much like you might be used to grabbing an evening drink, going to the cinema, or to a bowling alley, it’s very common in China to socialise at a KTV venue.

You’ll likely find that your Chinese co-counselors are always game for an evening of KTV and soon you might even find yourself with the same enthusiasm for it.

You’ll also never be stuck for an evening activity when traveling around other Chinese cities, as you’ll know you can always rely on a night of karaoke to provide some entertainment.

You'll get to know your summer camp co-counselors better

There’s nothing like a good bit of singing to help you bond with your co-counselors.

You’ll get to know everyones ‘go to karaoke song’ and have a bit of light-hearted humour along the way. It can also be a lot of fun to create a killer playlist together, or team up into singing duos, girl groups, or boy bands to help you get the most out of the experience.

This time away from camp will help you form friendships that will help you through any of the harder days you may have.

Throughout summer camp in China, you'll make so many incredible memories. But it's also super important to have that 'me' time and focus on having a good laugh with good people.

So dust off your dancing shoes and vocal chords, and get ready for a few evenings of light-hearted KTV karaoke in China.

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