Summer Camp Essentials From Walmart For Budgeters And Ballers

Georgia Chapman
Summer Camp Essentials From Walmart For Budgeters and Ballers
Author: Georgia Chapman
15.08.2019 12:01PM

The shop that has it all.

If you have read our Camp Leaders love letter to Walmart here, you’ll know exactly how we feel about Walmart and we’re not scared to shout it from the rooftop. Our home away from home. Our best friend. Walmart. Even the name sounds warm and welcoming.

I have absolutely no affiliation with them at all, but as a summer camp counselor in America you will know (or come to learn) that its a right of passage to spend your entire paycheck and summer inside the blue walls. Days pass from walking through the automatic doors until you finally reach the checkout.

From snacks, to flat screen televisions, to haircuts, it really does have everything.

Plus it has free wifi, what more can you want?

At summer camp, you’ll be working hard to ensure the campers you look after have the time of their lives. So, in your downtime, you’re going to want to invest a little bit into looking after yourself, in whatever manner works for you.

We crafted a list to show you some of the awesome items that will definitely rescue you (and bank account) this summer. We understand that everyone has a different budget, so I’ve broken down the list to show you my summer camp essentials, as well as a Budgeters (-$1) and Ballers (+$10) section. So if you’re feeling savvy or spendy there’s something for you.

1. Food and drink

I could not get through the week without Chips Ahoy/Pretzels/Coca-Cola/Oreos (all the oreo flavours you could ever want).

You’ll thank us once you’ve had a long hot day by the lake and you have just got on break, you grab a cold can of coke from the fridge and hear the beautiful crack of the can opening. Music to my ears.

You’re in an active job where you’re going to be using a lot of energy, don’t feel guilty about treating yourself to your favourite chocolate bar (or two..).

My Essentials:

  • 10 pack Sprite/Coca-Cola - $4.99
  • Pringles - $1.49
  • Hot Chocolate (Swiss Miss 30pack) - $4.99
  • Instant Coffee - $3.75
  • Tea (English Breakfast of course) - $4.99


  • Theatre box candy (Skittles/Junior Mints etc.) - $0.98
  • Ramen Noodles - $0.25
  • Chewing gum - $1


  • Bulk packs of EVERYTHING

Everything you need for a week (or more) at camp!

2. Self care

“Treat yo’ self!”


Summer camp isn’t always camp-fires and sing-songs. Sometimes, you will need 5 minutes to chill and breathe. You do you boo. In fact, it’s super important you do. Take some time to focus on your own wellbeing and if that includes a pamper session, then all the better.

Walmart has everything you need for a night in.

My Essentials:

  • Face Masks - $1.37
  • Water Bottler (Hydrate to dominate!) - $1-$4
  • Thermos (coffee coffee coffee) - $4.88
  • Nail Varnish - +$2
  • Shampoo & Conditioner - $4


  • Loofah (Trust us, dirt or tan, no one knows) - $0.98
  • Flip Flops - $0.98
  • Face/Makeup Wipes - $0.99


  • Blanket (a good one) - $14
  • Socks - $9 for a 12pack

Get refreshed and get ready to take on the next week, re-energised.

3. Technology

Let me repeat this. Walmart has EVERYTHING.

You can buy a flat-screen TV and nasal spray in the same store. Even though camp is an amazing way to disconnect from social media and technology, it’s also a great way to collect memories and relax. (By the way, you probably won’t need a flat-screen TV, just saying…)

My Essentials:

  • Movies (the best kind for camp) - $3.68
  • Polaroid film - $7.80
  • Hands-free Earbuds - $8.18
  • Watch (Necessity) - $6-12
  • Mini speaker - $20-$30

Budgeters: Not too much tech under a dollar unfortunately!

  • Replacement wired headphones - $1


  • Fujifilm Instax entire set (camera/case/film/stickers/warranty/album) - $79.99 (one of my favourite purchases)
  • Torch/Flashlight - $10
  • Iphone cable (They may/do go walkies) - $16 3ft

Use technology for your advantage but remember to live in the moment when at camp!

4. Entertainment

While you’re working abroad, there’s so much fun you can have with your co-workers.

You can tell stories, jokes and really learn about them. Yet, by week 7/8 you might know absolutely everything about them, so at this point, Walmart's got you covered.

Don’t even worry about it.

One of the beauties of summer camp is that it forces you to be creative with the resources you have. There’s no sitting in front of an ipad or a games console, you have to create entertainment, not game designers!

My Essentials:

  • Magazines - $6
  • A Good Book - $6-12
  • Connect 4 - $6.18
  • Jenga - $8.59
  • Anything from the party section for themes - $1-7


  • Notepad (Hangman) - $1
  • Wipe board Pens (Create a staff quote board) - $1
  • Cards (The kids will love these) - $1/$2


  • Twister - $14
  • Assorted board games - $20+ (check what your camp has already, first!)

This is your chance to be creative, whether for you, your work-mates or the campers!

What more can we say about Walmart?

You’ll miss it when you’re gone and you’ll count down the days until you’re back buying Equate items and Walmart Treats from the Bakery. Yes, it’s important to shop local and support independents wherever possible, however, Walmart can be our guilty pleasure for summer camp essentials for now.

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