Spend an unforgettable summer in China.

Experience an adventure like no other at one of our hand-selected summer camps in stunning locations across China.
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Summer Camp in China Overview


8 weeks June-August

Age requirement


Pocket money




The Summer Camp in China Experience

Join Adventure China and work at diverse summer camps across this mesmerising country.

You'll be involved with teaching English without a TEFL certification and enjoying an adventure-packed 8 weeks, seeing China's diverse landscapes and vibrant cities.

Working at summer camp in China goes beyond building relationships with campers. This unique experience fosters personal growth, confidence, and adaptability, all within an unforgettable summer.

You'll have many opportunities to explore China's rich history, natural wonders, and biodiverse landscapes alongside fellow international and local counsellors, meaning you'll work hard and play harder.


Easy return flights & airport transfer
Summer camp in China placement
Food & accommodation at camp
Up to 90 days medical insurance
Visa assistance & award winning customer service
Full preparation & guidance throughout
24 hour support while in China
Opportunity to travel after camp
Receive a minimum of £300 at the end of camp
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Additional Fees
Advanced police check - £60
Medical check - (varies based on GP)
Visa - Minimum of £151 (plus travel cost of at least one trip to Manchester or Edinburgh)
Flexible payment plans to suit you.

To make the program affordable and accessible, Adventure China have broken the price down into an easy payment plan, at no extra cost.

You'll be able to split your payments into 3 instalments, which are flexible based on how you move through your application.

  • Payment 1: £49
  • Payment 2: £50
  • Payment 3: £200

How it Works

1. Apply online 💻

Simply hit 'Apply now' to get your Adventure China application started.

2. Pay your deposit 💵

Don't worry, you don't have to pay all at once. Secure your place by paying the fully refundable deposit.

3. Book your interview 🗓️

The interview involves a relaxed chat to make sure you're the right fit for the program.

4. Complete your application 📄

Finish your application by making sure all sections are complete and all required documents are uploaded.

5. Get hired 😁

Get hired by successfully completing an online interview with one of our camp directors.

6. Attend a prep day 🏕️

Complete a prep day to get a taste of Chinese culture and to meet other people heading to your camp.

7. Get your visa 🪪

After a quick interview at the embassy you'll receive your F type visa.

8. Fly to China 🇨🇳

Now that everything is sorted, all that is left is hopping on the plane and beginning your adventure in China.

An experience in China like no other.

Do something more this summer and work at camp in the Far East.
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What Chinese summer camps roles are available?

There are so many types of roles available at summer camp in China.

As a camp trainer, you’ll be teaching the children set activities based on your background.

There are loads of activities available, both indoors and outdoors, so speak to the Adventure China team about what you could do in the summer.

Do I need to speak Chinese?

No, speaking Chinese isn't an essential.

Adventure China is an English speaking program, so all we require is that you have a good level of English.

You’ll be speaking at English throughout camp, as camps love to hire international staff, which helps their Chinese campers improve their English.

It certainly doesn’t harm you to know some Chinese, so brushing up on a few phrases, or using a translation app, can help you on your way.

Do I need a visa for summer camp in China?

In short, yes you will need a visa.

It can prove to be a little confusing on your own, that’s why the Adventure China team are there every step of the way, to provide you with personal guidance on getting your Chinese visa sorted.

Having sent people to China for a number of years now, we're as well versed as anyone in how the process works.

Can I travel around China after summer camp?

Of course - which will no doubt be with your brand new friends you’ve made at summer camp.

Your Chinese visa will give you 90 days from the date of entry, which gives you roughly 4 weeks after camp to travel.

We also partner with The Dragon Trip to offer life-changing group tours around China, meaning you can focus on just enjoying it instead.

How do you prepare me for my time in China?

There are a number of different things that the team will do to ensure you’re fully ready for your adventure of a lifetime to China.

All of the team have spent time living in China, so you’ll have one-to-one support from people who have really “been there and done it”.

Throughout the application process, you’ll be helped through each stage, ensuring you have the right information and guidance to be successful in each area. This includes documents, phone calls and prep for the next stage.

There are also in-depth prep days at numerous locations, where you’ll spend a full day and evening getting to know the team, your fellow colleagues and absolutely everything you need to know about your summer away in China.

What is the accommodation like at summer camp in China?

The fantastic thing about summer camp in China is that it can be so different depending on where you’re placed.

You’ll be informed of your accommodation option well in advance, but it can vary from staff only rooms to a hotel-style layout.

Most tend to be in dorm-style layouts, so you’ll have loads of time to get to know your fellow workers.

What is the food like in China?

When you eat, you’ll get to sit amongst the campers and your fellow workers, which gives the whole experience a real close-knit, family feel.

It’s normally a buffet-style selection, of incredible Chinese food, such as stir-fry vegetables, fried prawns, dumplings, soups and more.

Part of cultural exchange is the food, and you'll definitely get to try lots of new things.

Can the campers and other counsellors speak English?

Most of the campers will speak English - it’s highly valued and it’s one of the reasons why parents will send their kids to an international style summer camp; to help improve their English.

They will all have a varying level of English, but all will be able to follow basic English commands.

You’ll also be paired up with a Chinese counsellor, who can speak fluent Chinese and English, who will be able to relay messages back and forth as required.

Do I need qualifications to work at a summer camp in China?

You don’t need any formal qualifications to work at a summer camp, although they do add a lot to your application.

A strong passion or hobby can make all the difference in securing a role.

If you had experience teaching, leading or being part of a certain activity, it could mean you could be the next superstar camp counsellor!

But don't worry; when you get to camp, you’ll be provided with loads of training to make sure you’re up to the required speed for the role.

Where are the summer camps in China?

We work with numerous camps across some of the most incredible locations in China.

These include:

  • East China: Shanghai, Qingdao & Ningbo
  • North East China: Beijing, Harbin, Dandong & Changbai Mountains
  • South China: Guangzhou, Kunming, Hong Kong, Hainan


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Eszter T

Sep 2019

It was an absolute pleasure and honor to work with Adventure China.

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Aug 2019

Amazing opportunity to go to Asia, which doesn't leave a big dent in your wallet

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Aug 2019

The Adventure China programme is one in a lifetime experience.

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Aug 2019

From the start team have been extremely reliable, friendly and helpful.

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Sep 2019

Adventure China gives people the opportunity change for the better.

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