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If you're looking for work and travel programs that push you out of your comfort zone, allow you to experience jaw-dropping destinations, and build life-long friendships, then your journey starts here with Smaller Earth.

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By working abroad, you'll fully immerse yourself in diverse cultures, while contributing to the local economies through cultural exchange. Find out more about how you can work and travel abroad.

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We inspire people to go further.

From 14 international offices, we send thousands of people on work and travel programs worldwide. On a deeper level, we believe that we're changing the world by inspiring people to go further, one person at a time.

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Who are Smaller Earth?

Smaller Earth is one of the UK's leading work and travel providers in meaningful travel and cultural exchange.

We’re proud to send thousands of travellers abroad on life-changing adventures every year to travel and experience working abroad.

Whether you want to work at a summer camp in America, Canada, or China, teach in South Korea, or have an epic gap year job abroad, we've got the advice, expertise, and cultural exchange programs for you.

We're proud to be a global company offering the opportunity of meaningful travel and cultural exchange worldwide to our applicants, making these opportunities more accessible than ever before.

What is cultural exchange?

Cultural exchange builds bridges between cultures, destinations, and, most importantly, people.

Sharing ideas and approaches benefits anyone involved, including applicants on placements, through to the new communities they serve. For applicants, it’s the trip of a lifetime to understand a new area and how it goes about things. This more profound understanding of a different place helps shape people’s professional or personal approach to life. It encourages those participating to become global citizens who can display better empathy and understanding for those worldwide.

Yet, it goes broader and deeper than just one person. Each cultural exchange applicant will make an immeasurable impact on their travel area and the people they engage with there.

A great example of this is at summer camp. International staff from around the world work at camps, positively affecting many different groups. They contribute to the wider economy of the town, city or State where they reside. They work hard and provide much-needed staffing capacity to the summer camp families they have joined. Yet, most importantly, they can have a life-changing impact on the campers they serve. Not only will campers have a positive role model in a particular activity or on a specific day, but they’ll go away having positive interactions with people from around the world, which is a significant experience to take into adulthood.

Cultural exchange brings people together.

Why should I work and travel abroad?

We believe that cultural exchange and travelling changes your life.

It broadens your horizons, changes your perspective, and helps you grow.

Everyone should travel, and it has the power to be truly meaningful. Finding that meaning is why we do what we do.

Working abroad allows you to experience a place on a deeper level. It challenges your perception, encourages cultural understanding and creates lasting friendships.

We’ve learnt first-hand that you connect with people, share values, and ultimately become more culturally aware by working in another country.

Work and travel shows you the world from a whole new perspective and we believe that revealing the bigger picture through cultural exchange is vital for all.

What work and travel programs can I do?

Smaller Earth programmes cover a variety of cultural exchange opportunities, through different work and travel areas, including:

Which destinations have cultural exchange programs?

Cultural exchange is not just an industry but an opportunity without boundaries.

As such, you’ll find cultural exchange placement opportunities globally, giving you the best possible chance to make a positive impact in an area you wish. Cultural exchange placements have been around for nearly a century, with some of the most popular destinations including:

As these areas have long been popular with travellers, it’s meant that incredible opportunities have popped up for those interested in cultural exchange placements.

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