China Overview

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Visa required


Cost of living

Low - Medium


Chinese Yuan

Work Abroad in China

With its rich tapestry of cultural traditions and jaw-dropping landscapes, China is becoming one of the world's most popular work and travel destinations. It offers opportunities for personal growth and overcoming challenges in a culturally distinct environment, with well-developed cultural exchange opportunities that now exist.

China has fast become one of the world's largest countries by population and economy. But one thing that has always been massive is its sheer size, with countless types of landscapes found in every corner of this incredibly vast country.

This considerable size is now matched by the incredible opportunities arising from its rapid development. China provides life-changing experiences for those look for a job abroad in China, with a high demand for English speakers in various fields. This makes it an enticing destination for those with a particular expertise or skill set already seeking an adventure like no other.

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With over 3,000 years of history and diverse landscapes, from towering imperial palaces to the sprawling Great Wall, China offers a unique blend of tradition, beauty, and inspiration for those seeking a more profound understanding of this captivating country. Working abroad in China may initially present a language challenge, but locals are welcoming and patient, making it an enriching experience to navigate cultural differences.

Key Facts

  • Population: 1.4bn
  • Number of Regions/Provinces: 34
  • Capital: Beijing
  • Currency: Chinese Yen
  • Area: 9.597m km2
  • Yearly Tourists (approx): 30m

Major Cities

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Shenzen
  • Guangzhou
  • Chengdu


China has a long, fascinating, and rich history which goes back centuries. Its history and heritage are proudly displayed throughout the country, and monuments paying homage to it are never far away. The various Dynasties of China across the ages have all impacted the world. For those interested in history, few countries can match the rich story that can be told here, especially in wonders such as The Great Wall of China.


Traditional sports with distinct Chinese attributes are very popular, with various forms of martial arts coming from the country. Yet the favourite sport in China is basketball, with famous names like Yao Ming having been huge worldwide. Individual sports are also big, with big names from China dominating the likes of badminton, table tennis, and snooker.


Chinese musicians tend not to be as well known in Western countries but are understandably huge within their own country. There’s a lot of traditional Chinese-influenced music that has also made its way worldwide, while more recently, the younger generation is enjoying an inspired style surge of bands and performers.


Being one of the largest countries in the world means there’s a lot to see in China. The Great Wall of China winds its way through countless miles of expansive landscapes whilst conquering river systems such as the Yangtze River, providing a spectacle of riverside locations for thousands of kilometres. You’ll find hikes, gorges, and mountain ranges in each area, a haven for adventurers who want to get off the beaten path.