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Work abroad.

Write your own story.

Work Abroad Programs

Travel with intention.

If you're looking for sustainable adventure, you've come to the right place.

A work abroad program can get you where you want to go, wherever in the world that is. You'll be a welcome guest in the community, and the shared cultural exchange experience will leave you feeling more deeply connected with the world. It's the best way to transcend the ordinary, and develop an honest new perspective on life.

You're the author of your own life. Only you can decide what the next chapter will hold.

Working abroad is a responsible and flexible way to see the world. Travellers who secure travel jobs are able to fully immerse themselves in diverse cultures, while supporting the local economies of the places they're visiting. Smaller Earth believes in lifechanging, immersive and educational travel experiences, and the work abroad programs we provide and are associated with represent those values.

If you're interested in a meaningful, organic travel experience, only one question remains. How will you write your story?

Frequently Asked Work Abroad Questions

How can I earn money when traveling?

Quite simply; secure a travel job!

There are loads of different opportunties available, depending on your skillset and your passion.

If you work abroad, not only will you earn money to fund your onward travel, but you will have the experiences of a lifetime whilst making an impact. Travel jobs allow you to have it all.

Which country has the most job opportunities?

There are job opportunities all around the world, so applicants have a huge selection of areas in where they can work.

Through the many years of placing applicants in cultural exchange roles, we have a huge range of jobs available, in a number of different areas. These include:

Each country has a selection of different work abroad jobs, from summer camp and au-pairing, through to ski season roles.

How do I get a job in another country?

There are so many opportunities to work abroad; you just need to know where to look!

There tends to be two main approaches: to either look directly, or to go through a company that specialises in such placements.

Depending on what your chosen role would be, there are loads of potential avenues into your preferred job. In some cases, you do not even need formal experience! Completing something as a hobby and with a real passion for your chosen field, coupled with the right attitude, can provide you with your opening into working abroad.

Being a cultural exchange specialist, Smaller Earth has impacted millions of people through their work abroad programs.

Camp Leaders, Adventure China and Camp Canada all provide you with the opportunity to work abroad for the summer, making an impact doing something you love. If you have a hobby or background in any outdoor activity (such as rock climbing, football, watersports or anything between!!), or you love working with kids, then they would all love to have you on board!

As well as summer camps, Smaller Earth can also help you get an au-pair job in another country, or help facilitate a trip away volunteering.

Click through each of the brands to find out more about how you can have you summer of a lifetime.

What do I need to work abroad?

A passion for what you do!

Although experience is really useful to have, the right applicant is worth so much more. For those that bring a love and energy to whatever they do, there's loads of opportunity to be trained up 'on the job'.

As part of our application processes, we find out what your hobbies and passions are and we look at utilising them in your dream job.

If you love rock climbing, why not work abroad as a ropes/rock climbing instructor? Don't be put off if you've never taught before; we all start somewhere. If you bring a high level of commitment, energy and passion to the table, we'll make sure we put you in a job that you'll love.

Which country gives work visas easily?

It's important to know what type of visa you need for your placement.

Most countries will require you go for an interview at the relevant embassy, to ensure you get a visa.

As part of our application process, Smaller Earth guides applicants through exactly what to do in getting the correct visa. We ensure that you know what you need ahead of your visa appointment and that you get the appropriate visa.

All of the countries we have placements in (USA, Canada, China and New Zealand) have visas which will allow you to work for the duration of your placement.

How do I prepare to work abroad?

Through the entire process, there are loads of little things to consider, which our team will happily talk through with you.

By doing some initial planning, you can make sure that you're fully ready to work abroad.

  • Research - What/where/why! It's important to do a little background research first, read a few articles and get some inspiration about where you can work abroad. Some things may be more suitable than others, so check out what works for you.

  • Train Up/Get Experience - If you're really keen on becoming an outdoor adventure instructor, of which you currently do as a hobby, there's no harm in looking for some solid experience in a similar role, or even a formal qualification. Even though they're not required, it will give you a great boost during the application process and really set your application apart.

  • Find Your Ideal Role & Country - Look through our various programs to see which role and country suits you the best. We have loads of different jobs in different locations, from summer camp to TEFL roles, so it really is your decision on where you want to work abroad.

  • Criminal Background Check - It's important to bear in mind that if you're working abroad, that you have a clean criminal background. This is required by all Immigration services, but more so from ourselves. It's of the upmost importance that if you're working around children, that you you are vetted thoroughly, to ensure everyone's safety.

  • Visas - Our team are the experts when it comes to cultural exchange, with thousands of applicants flying around the world every year. We know exactly what's required when it comes to visas and will happily talk you through every single stage.

  • Learn About The Country - From currency to time difference, there will be small things that you'll need to adapt to. Take your time to have a flick through Google, scan articles and get to know some of the smaller differences of your chosen country.

  • Saving - Although you'll be working abroad, it certainly doesn't hurt to have the safety net of some savings. So keep on with your hours, transfer those wages into your savings account and treat yourself when you're away!

  • Packing - Make sure you take the right stuff! Make sure your essentials are packed, with the right amount of shorts, t shirts and other clothing items being high on the list. There are loads of small things you might not think about, from adapters to phone chargers, so take your time to make sure you've got everything.

Work Abroad Guides

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Summer Jobs Abroad

"Gap Year Lite" summer jobs are ideal if you want a full gap year experience, without taking a year off.

Summer jobs abroad are the way to go if you're seeking some sunshine. You'll be able to live and work in a warm destination, and finance your expeditions with your pay.

Most opportunities for summer jobs abroad come with food and accommodation provided, making it a simple way to work and travel for a season. Whether you're a student, or just need a summer job, these programs are for you.

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Gap Year Jobs Abroad

Gap year abroad programs are ideal if you've got a year off and long bucket list.

Whether you're taking a year to yourself before heading back to school, starting a new career, or going in an entirely new direction in life, there's a gap year program for you.

A gap year abroad is the ultimate opportunity to put a big dent in your bucket list. Spend a year in a different country, and make the most of your next expedition.

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Summer Camp Jobs

If you're responsible and positive, and love interacting with kids, a summer camp job is for you.

Summer camp jobs are the ultimate way to work and travel. You'll get paid at camp, have food and accommodation free, and have the flexibility to travel afterward.

As summer jobs go, a job at camp just doesn't feel like work. You'll take your campers through fun activities each day, and have food and accommodation paid for.

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Au Pair Jobs Abroad

Au pair programs are a popular option for travellers looking for travel jobs abroad with accommodation.

You'll live and work with a host family while caring for their young children. The phrase "au pair" translates to "equal to", so you can expect to be treated like part of the family.

It's a unique cultural exchange experience that is mutually beneficial for both the host family and the au pair. In exchange for childcare and simple household tasks, you'll receive food, room and board, as well as pocket money.

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Teach English Abroad

Teaching English abroad is ideal if you're a skilled communicator. Get lost in translation.

Teaching English abroad is all about interaction. You'll play an important part in contributing to the mutual understanding between cultures that is growing more and more important in our modern world.

You'll earn an internationally recognized TEFL certificate, so these travel jobs are a highly rewarding way to travel for people thinking about, or already in, teaching-related careers.

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Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering abroad is the ultimate way to make a positive global impact.

There's been a global rise in "voluntourism", as more travellers are being mindful of making a positive impact on local communities and minimizing their impact on the environment.

Volunteering abroad enables you to immerse yourself in another culture while contributing to a better world. Our volunteer partners abroad have a focus on ethical and sustainable travel, and take Corporate Social Responsibility to the next level.

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Resort Jobs Abroad

Resort and hospitality jobs abroad are the ideal way to glide through your gap year.

Resort jobs abroad have something for everyone. You'll be a vital part of the day to day operations of your workplace during the high tourist season.

Resort job roles include outdoor operations staff, restaurant work, first aid workers, and equipment technicians. Full training is provided for all roles, and the upfront program costs are typically offset by above-average wages.

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