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Why Embracing Change is Essential to Growth

Alyssa Abel
Why Embracing Change is Essential to Growth
Author: Alyssa Abel
26.02.2020 14:45PM

Many people are afraid of change – when life is uncertain, it's hard to maintain a positive attitude. Yet, it’s important to work on this in the same way you work on other areas of your life. Those of us that thrive in these moments do so for a reason.

At the end of the day, transitions are inevitable, and no one person or place can stay the same forever. In pursuit of personal growth, you'll have to embrace change at some point.

When we open our eyes to new ways of life, we're able to learn about what makes the world go 'round. Take a look at how travel and self-development go hand in hand – and how they help you thrive.

How embracing change encourages growth

At its core, change pushes you to become a better person. Though it may not seem like it in the moment, these periods offer lessons that help shape our futures. Whether you undergo an evolution in your personal or professional development, there's much to realize, such as:

  • Flexibility - Often, we find ourselves attached to a routine. Sometimes, however, an event comes along that disrupts those habits. Flexibility is essential in these cases. You can't let certain circumstances roll right over you – instead, adapt and move forward quickly. In the same vein, change can help us think of new ideas to transform how the world works.

  • Innovation - Think about it – for thousands of years, people have worked to advance life in every way. Such progress is only possible when we aren't afraid of what lies ahead. Those behind some of the most notable innovations always looked at the next steps in a positive light.

  • Awareness - Change is only as scary as you make it seem. Maybe you're about to enter a new role and are fearful of how others will see you. Everyone makes mistakes, so let this be an opportunity to humble yourself. Work through each day without concern of failure or rejection. Change helps you to become more self-aware.

These are only a handful of ways that change encourages growth. Still, no matter how these transformations cause self-development, travel is an essential part of experiencing the kind of change you need to blossom.

How travel changes you

When it comes to both self-exploration and exploring the world, a change of scenery and lifestyle are exactly what you need to change the landscape within. When you only experience one place your entire life, you're unable to experience fundamental differences and aspects of the human condition. To create change socially and personally, this exploration is necessary. Travel disrupts your norm in many ways, including:

  • A change of environment - How extensive is Japanese history? Who built Machu Picchu? What happened at the Colosseum? You can find the answers to all these questions online or in a textbook. But when you head to the physical location, you're met face-to-face with more than just an explanation. Travel takes you further than learning about other ways of life – it takes you outside of yourself and plummets you into them.

  • A change of attitude - When your environment, social interactions, routines and norms change, you find yourself changing and growing as well. Of course you'll encounter challenges. Maybe you don't speak Spanish or know how to drive on the opposite side of the road. But no matter how small, these challenges are an essential part of your personal growth. For some students, travel is the first time they’re introduced to real changes or hurdles in their lives – and overcoming these obstacles makes you more confident and able to conquer future challenges. In your career, you can use these events to talk about growth and how you overcame these hurdles.

  • A change of perspective - When you visit more of the world, you see the world itself in a new way. You'll visit areas drastically different than those you know personally. This experience will allow you to become more open-minded – and it will expand your knowledge. Not only will you learn new ways of living, interacting and existing, but you’ll see where you came from with new eyes.

What embracing change means for your future

Change pushes you to become a more evolved person. You learn how to adapt to new circumstances, think of unique approaches and work to accept yourself. These adventures come together to promote personal growth. Once you broaden your horizons, you're able to connect more deeply with others, take more chances, make stronger efforts and immerse yourself in experiences you may not have considered before.

When you allow yourself to change, adapt and grow, you open the door to a fuller life and a more fruitful future.

Travel and self-development shapes us

Personal growth can only occur when we embrace experiences and allow ourselves to change – and travel is one of the most meaningful ways to deconstruct our former selves and bloom into something so much fuller. Open your mind – who will travel make you?

About the author

Alyssa Abel is a student life writer whose passions include travel inspiration, study abroad and self-development. Read more of her work on her blog, Syllabusy.

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