Earn, learn, and contribute by working abroad.

Embark on a work abroad program and connect with communities worldwide more deeply. By travelling with intention, you'll gain new perspectives and be the author of your life's next chapter.

Working abroad is a responsible way to explore diverse cultures while supporting local economies. You'll become a working member of the local population, taking time to understand and embrace the local culture, a learning which you'll carry with you for the rest of your life.

Smaller Earth promotes life-changing, educational work abroad experiences, so how will you write your unique story?

Why should I work abroad?

Working abroad is one of the best things you can do with your time. By working abroad, you’ll contribute to a new community and experience a new area in a greater depth than if you just visited for a short amount of time. Plus, you’ll earn money, meaning your travels can go on longer and longer.

Where can I work abroad in 2024?

The world is literally your oyster when working abroad. Many countries have well-known work abroad opportunities, such as America having summer camps and Japan or New Zealand having well-known Working Holiday visas. There’s a little something for everyone when working abroad.

Is working abroad hard?

It’s important to realise that working abroad has unique challenges, like anything else. You’ll be dealing with being away from home and in a completely new environment, so it’ll take time to settle, especially with a new job. But overcoming these challenges makes it the best experience you’ll ever have.

What types of jobs can I get working abroad?

There are many different opportunities available for those looking at working abroad. Some of the most popular for those looking for a shorter season are summer camp in America, summer camp in Canada and summer camp in China, where you can work as an activity specialist, camp counsellor or support staff member. There’s also a range of hospitality roles available globally for short or long seasons.
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How can I earn money when travelling?

Quite simply; secure a travel job!

Many different work abroad opportunities are available, depending on your skillset and your passion.

If you work abroad, you will earn money to fund your onward travel and have the experiences of a lifetime whilst making an impact.

Travel jobs allow you to have it all. Your way.

Which country's has the most work abroad opportunities?

There are work abroad opportunities worldwide, so applicants have a huge selection of areas where they can work.

Through the many years of placing applicants in work abroad roles, we have a huge range of jobs available in several different areas.

These include:

Each country has different work abroad jobs, from summer camp and teaching to hospitality and resort roles.

What do I need to work abroad?

A passion for what you do!

Although experience is beneficial, the right applicant is worth so much more.

For those who bring love and energy to whatever they do, there are many opportunities to be trained 'on the job'.

As part of our application processes, we find out your hobbies and passions and look at utilising them in your dream job.

If you love rock climbing, why not work abroad as a ropes/rock climbing instructor?

Don't be put off if you've never taught before; we all start somewhere.

If you bring a high level of commitment, energy and passion to the table, we'll ensure we put you in a job you'll love.

How do I prepare for working abroad?

Throughout the process, there are loads of little things to consider, which our team will happily discuss with you.

You can ensure you're fully ready to work abroad by doing some initial planning.

  • Research - What/where/why! It's essential to do background research first, read a few articles and get inspiration about where you can work abroad. Some things may be more suitable, so check out what works for you.

  • Train Up/Get Experience - If you're keen on becoming an outdoor adventure instructor, which you currently do as a hobby, there's no harm in looking for some solid experience in a similar role or even a formal qualification. Even though they're not required, they will significantly boost you during the application process and set your application apart.

  • Find Your Ideal Role & Country - Look through our various programs to see which role and country suits you the best. We have many different jobs in different locations, from summer camp to TEFL roles, so it is your decision on where you want to work abroad.

  • Criminal Background Check - It's essential to remember that if you're working abroad, you have a clean criminal background. This is required by all Immigration services, but more so by ourselves. It's of the utmost importance that if you're working around children, you are vetted thoroughly to ensure everyone's safety.

  • Visas - Our team are the experts in cultural exchange, with thousands of applicants flying worldwide every year. We know exactly what's required regarding visas and will happily talk you through every stage.

  • Learn About The Country - From currency to time difference, there will be small things that you'll need to adapt to. Take your time to have a flick through Google, scan articles and get to know some of the smaller differences of your chosen country.

  • Saving - Although you'll be working abroad, it certainly doesn't hurt to have the safety net of some savings. So keep on with your hours, transfer those wages into your savings account and treat yourself when you're away!

  • Packing - Make sure you take the right stuff! Ensure your essentials are packed with the correct number of shorts, t-shirts, and other clothing items high on the list. There are loads of small things you might not think about, from adapters to phone chargers, so take your time to ensure you've got everything.

What countries can I get work abroad visas for?

It's important to know what type of visa you need for your placement.

Most countries will require you to go for an interview at the relevant embassy, to ensure you get a visa.

As part of our application process, Smaller Earth guides applicants through exactly what to do in getting the correct visa. We ensure that you know what you need ahead of your visa appointment and that you get the appropriate visa.

All of the countries we have placements in (USA, Canada, China, and more) have visas which will allow you to work for the duration of your placement.