Your summer, elevated.

Experience the expansive beauty that Canada has to offer and spend 8-10 weeks making a life-changing impact at summer camp.
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Summer Camp in Canada Overview


8-10 weeks at camp with up to 6 months travel after

Age requirement


Pocket money

At least $1000



The Camp Canada Experience

Join Camp Canada in the summer and experience this incredible country on a whole new level. You'll be based in the heart of the country, working alongside local and international staff to provide Canadian kids with Summer memories that will stay with them forever.

With stunning landscapes, a minimum of $1000 CAD for 8-10 weeks, and support from Camp Canada, it's more than a job—it's a chance to explore the rugged beauty of Canada while making a positive impact.


Fee subsidised by your camp
Canadian summer camp placement
Minimum of $1000 CAD spending money
Support with Canadian work permit
10 weeks of health insurance
Pre-departure virtual orientation
24 hour emergency support whilst in Canada
Free Canadian bank account
Support extending your stay after camp as a visitor
Social Insurance Number assistance
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Additional Fees
Biometrics fee - paid for at port of entry to Canada $85 CAD (valid for 10 years) and Electronic Travel Authorisation fee ($7)
Criminal and medical background checks

How it Works

1. Apply online 💻

Simply hit the apply button to get started with your Camp Canada application.

2. Start building your application 🏗️

Complete the initial sections, request two references and sign the program agreement.

3. Book your interview 🗓️

One of our friendly interviewers will have a relaxed interview with you.

4. Complete your application 📄

You'll have to upload all the necessary documents including a police check and your passport.

5. Get hired ✔️

Your profile is now ready to be seen by camp directors! 

6. Get prepared 😁

We'll help you get prepared for camp by organising your insurance and providing details of your placement.

7. Attend an orientation 🏕️

You'll learn more about summer camp in Canada and what you'll need to do before you go.

8. Fly to Canada 🇨🇦

Now that you're all set, you can hop on the plane and get ready for your Canadian adventure.

Experience a true Canadian adventure this summer.

Spend a summer surrounded by breath taking landscapes doing what you love.
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How much will I be paid for working a summer camp in Canada?

At camp, you’ll earn spending money (often referred to as ‘Pocket Money’).

With Camp Canada, all first-timers will earn a guaranteed minimum amount of $1000, and as the initial cost is also subsidised alongside included accommodation and food, it's a great pocket money to enjoy Canada with.

How does the visa work?

Instead of an International Experience Canada (IEC) visa, the government grants a work permit to international summer camp counsellors - all you need to work in Canada is to have a fixed-length job offer (so this is where the Camp Canada team comes in).

There are many more work permits available and much easier to get.

There’s no cap on the number of work permits, which takes the stress out of sorting one.

You’ll also supply your biometrics (fingerprints and photo) at the border, so don’t even need to travel to a Visa Application Centre (or have proof of funds).

You can even extend your stay if you wish to work in Canada and explore for up to 6 months after your work permit expires.

Camp Canada have sent thousands of people every year for over a decade, meaning they're best placed in the industry to help you with the process.

Where/how can I travel after summer camp?

Wherever (and however) you like!

Canada is a picturesque country, which you’ll discover during your time at camp, but you’ll also have loads of time after to explore with your new best mates.

Domestic flights are cheap and there are nationwide links by Greyhound bus.

How old are staff that work at summer camp in Canada?

We have staff ranging between the work permit limit of 18-30.

However, we can also take on participants between 31-33 if they have a working holiday visa.

As such, there is a great age range and background of staff from around the world.

How do I sign up?

You can simply hit the 'Apply now' button above, and you can begin entering your info to start your application.

What are the next steps/how do you support me through the process?

We have a team who eat, live and breathe Canada, from Canadians to those who have spent many summers at camp.

If you have absolutely any questions, you’ve got the right team around you to support you.

We also have key offices in both the U.K. and Canada, meaning there's lots of support here for you.

Applications are now open for next summer, so click “Get Started” to begin your summer of a lifetime.

From here, you'll be able to chat to one of the team about your application/options and once you have paid your deposit, you can then move on to your Interview stage.

Does it include health insurance?

Camp Canada organises and pays for up to 10 weeks of health insurance while you're in Canada.

This insurance also covers trips to the USA which last for less than 30 days.

You can extend your health insurance for $2.85 CAD per day, so there's loads of flexibility in covering what you need.

Where are the summer camps in Canada?

Camp Canada work with camps across the whole of Canada, so there's something for everyone.

However, most of the camps that they work with are located in Ontario, due to a higher number of the population living there.

We also have camps across the likes of Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta.

Can I be placed with a friend?

Summer camps require specific skill sets are personalities, so they choose who they need and who will be the best fit for their campers.

As such, we can’t place friends or couples together.

However, you could go to one of the Camp Canada job fairs, where you could speak to Camp Directors directly as a pair and see what potential there is to place.

Are flights included?

Flights are not included, but our team will happily help you find the best deal.

All of Camp Canada’s staff are visa exempt, meaning you can work in Canada with just a work permit.

That means you’ll save a lot of money on visa costs and avoid trips for appointments.


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Blayne S

Sep 2023

Made the process of finding a camp in Canada extremely straight forward

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Sep 2023

The Camp Canada staff are very welcoming, approachable and listenable.

Munachiso N

Sep 2023

Through full support, they helped greatly with eTA issues

Caitlin F

Sep 2023

Camp Canada made it really easy to find me a placement.

Lana D

Aug 2023

Camp was one of the best experiences. I enjoyed every moment.

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