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Hospitality Jobs Abroad Overview

Travel Level

Beginner - Experienced

Job Examples

Culinary, Service, Front of House


United States, Canada, and New Zealand

Age Range


The Resort and Hospitality Jobs Abroad Guide

Elevate your hospitality career by working in resort jobs abroad, bringing your five-star customer service approach to luxury destinations globally.

Hospitality is one of the world's largest industries, where experience is vital and transferrable. Once you've worked in a hospitality job abroad, you'll find the world becomes your oyster.

By adding an exclusive, high-end resort to your resume, you're showcasing your background, knowledge, and skillset to the industry. Enjoy a guaranteed hospitality job, a good wage, and an unforgettable experience as you make a resort job abroad your new 'home away from home'.

Can I travel when I have a hospitality job abroad?

Travel is essential to all resort jobs abroad placements, so you’ll get time off during your week to explore the local area. The main time you’ll get to travel is after your contract. With the money you’ve saved from your resort job and with your newfound friends, the world is yours to explore.

How long do I have to work in a hospitality job abroad?

You’ll need to work at least a season for most resort jobs abroad. So, if you were working in a ski resort, they’ll need you to be there before the season starts to train up and stay until visitors leave. After which, you’ll then have the opportunity to travel.

Where can I do a hospitality job abroad?

Particular areas are traveller's favourites due to the number of jobs available (mainly because they're hugely popular holiday resorts). The United States, Canada, and New Zealand have many people working there, yet resort jobs abroad can be found globally.

What types of hospitality jobs abroad are there?

There are hospitality jobs abroad that suit professionals in various venues. From incredible U.S. resorts in a summer setting to the sprawling ski locations on the South Island of New Zealand, each has countless roles covering everything from 'Front of House' to bar work.


Will I get time off?

Time off is an important part of experiencing local culture in your own way.

You’ll have guaranteed time off alongside your colleagues to explore the local area, enjoy some downtime, or even contribute to other areas of resort life.

These parts are just as important to rest and recuperate, so there'll be a chance to do it all.

Time off varies depending on your resort and your role, but they will all be confirmed ahead of you starting.

Can I choose a resort?

Part of the service we provide is ensuring that we find the best possible resort for you, based on your skillset and experience.

Resorts set their staffing needs and select candidates based on their skills and availability, which we'll then find great applicants for.

We collaborate with you to enhance your application to appeal to a wide range of employers, increasing your chances of securing the best possible placement options in the United States.

Where will I stay at the resorts and what will my meal options be?

As the resorts are often situated in remote areas, your employer will provide you with accommodation to simplify the process.

You'll be offered good quality sleeping quarters on or near the site, which typically cost between $150 and $250 per week, much cheaper than in towns or cities.

The dining arrangements will then depend on the resort, but there'll be options to ensure you're fully fed for every day.

You may have access to employee cafeterias where meals are provided at a heavily discounted price, with various options available for approximately $1 to $3 per meal.

Dietary requirements will also be accommodated.

Alternatively, your accommodation may feature a communal kitchen for self-cooking, and you'll be responsible for your groceries.