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Teach English Abroad and TEFL Guide

If you've got a calling to help educate other communities and generations, landing a Teach English abroad job will provide a life-changing opportunity to build unrivalled experience.

Wherever or whatever you plan to teach, you'll need the right experience to take the next step on your teaching career ladder. If you teach English abroad, you'll gain those essential steps on your resume and have an incredible time exploring a new culture as you do.

Teaching jobs abroad cater to experienced educators and beginner teachers, providing global opportunities to contribute. It does, however, require you to put the work into gaining the relevant qualifications. Whether pursuing TEFL or ESL qualifications, these roles offer valuable teaching experience, cultural immersion, and a solid foundation for an international teaching career.

With programs like Adventure China facilitating ESL roles in China for qualified individuals or Adventure Asia for teaching qualifications and roles in places like South Korea, there is something for all teachers.

Do I have to speak the local language to then teach English abroad?

Speaking the local language is not required in most teaching jobs abroad. However, most Teach English abroad jobs involve local language and culture training, as understanding both will help your placement. We suggest researching the basics before going, which helps prepare you well.

Do I have to do speak in front of a class if I teach English abroad?

Teaching jobs abroad requires you to deliver classes independently to younger students. There’ll be support in putting these sessions together and lots of prep before doing so, but yes, it’ll be up to you. It’s fantastic character-building, and after a few, it’ll become second nature to you.

Are all teach English abroad jobs in the classroom?

Most teach English abroad jobs will require you in the classroom, as this is the best method to deliver training. However, if you want something less formal, you could consider Adventure China, where you help support Chinese summer camps with their day-to-day activities, including helping with English.

Where can I teach English abroad?

Teaching English abroad has surged in popularity in recent years, whilst the demand to learn the language in other countries has always been there. There are many opportunities across Asia to do this. Japan and South Korea are hot favourites for travellers who want to support others in the classroom.


Can I teach English abroad?

With the right experience and background, you can secure some fantastic teach English abroad roles.

The best mode of entry may be to build experience in the teaching field first.

Adventure China takes on teachers who wish to be an English teacher in China, and it provides a lower barrier to entry.

We also have teaching opportunities in both South Korea and Japan, which require slightly more experience.

Once you've got this sort of experience, it is so much easier to then be accepted onto a TEFL course or Teach English as a Foreign Language qualification.

Where are some of the teaching jobs abroad?

It totally depends on which route or option you take.

If you're looking at gaining experience in teaching jobs abroad, but you don't wish to be constrained by a rigid TEFL qualification, then being an English Teacher in China, or securing a teaching job abroad in America or Canada is the best way to go.

We also have teaching opportunities in both South Korea and Japan, which focuses on an ESL qualification.

If you wish to secure a TEFL qualification, or you happen to have your Teach English as a Foreign Language experience already, there are countries all around the world where you can work.

Can I be an English teacher in China?


Through Adventure China, you can get real-world, classroom teaching experience in China, where you can lead classes and have an impact on the lives of campers.

China is fast becoming a major superpower in the world and being an English teacher in China is an incredible experience to add to your CV.

If you wish to teach English abroad, this is a unique experience not to be missed.

What are teaching jobs abroad?

Teaching jobs abroad can take many shapes.

Teaching jobs abroad aren't just limited to teaching language, and we have broken down some the different teaching jobs abroad below:

  • Teaching English Abroad Job: If you want to get involved and teach English abroad, you'll receive full support in class planning and teaching. You'll be speaking in your native tongue and helping children pick up the basics themselves, especially in China.
  • Teaching Activities Jobs Abroad: If you've got a skill or hobby, you can definitely utilise this to teach abroad. Leading an activity takes a lot of skilled leadership and you can even make a difference in a child's life if they follow your lead and love the activity.

What's the difference between TEFL and TESOL?

You may come across different acronyms, such as:

  • TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • ELT (English Language Teaching)
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)

These terms are interchangeable, and usually mean close to the same thing.

The main difference is the provider of the qualification, and therefore there are slight changes between the different courses.