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We inspire people to go further.

Welcome to the home of meaningful travel. We're for impactful experiences. We're for cultural exchange. We're for work and travel that moves you. Whether you've been around the globe, or you're yet to take the first step, you're one of us.

Cultural exchange can take you all around the world through work and travel.

Everything you need to know about working abroad.

Travellers who work abroad are able to fully immerse themselves in diverse cultures, while supporting the local economies of the places they're visiting through cultural exchange. Find out more how you can work and travel abroad.

Travel with intention.

Featured Travel Job Opportunities

Camp Canada
  • Contrato ¡garantizado!
  • Remuneración de al menos 1500 CAD
  • Asistencia con el permiso de trabajo
  • Seguro médico por 10 semanas
Camp Leaders
  • Alojamiento y comida
  • Asistencia para el trámite de Visa J1
  • Línea de emergencia en los Estados Unidos las 24 horas
  • Hasta 90 días de seguro médico
Who are Smaller Earth

Smaller Earth is one of the UK's leading work and travel providers in meaningful travel and cultural exchange. We’re proud to send thousands of travellers abroad on life changing adventures each and every year to travel and experience working abroad.

Whether you want to work at a summer camp (in America, Canada or China), volunteer in Africa, or own an epic gap year job abroad, we've got the advice, expertise and cultural exchange programs for you.

We're proud to be a global company to offer the opportunity of meaningful travel and cultural exchange worldwide to our applicants.

Inside Smaller Earth
Why Work and Travel Abroad

We believe that cultural exchange and travelling changes your life. It broadens your horizons, changes your perspective and grows you as a person. Everyone should travel. Travel has the power to be truly meaningful and finding that meaning is why we do what we do.

Working abroad gives the opportunity to experience a place on a deeper level. It challenges your perception, encourages cultural understanding and creates lasting friendships. We’ve learnt first hand that by working in another country, you connect with people, you share values and ultimately become more culturally aware. Work and travel shows you the world from a whole new perspective and we believe that revealing the bigger picture through cultural exchange will make a Smaller Earth.

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What Work and Travel Programmes Can I Do

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Use your talents to create impactful content from anywhere on the globe, and have it featured on Smaller Earth.

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