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Who are Smaller Earth?

From our 15 international offices, we send thousands of young people on work and travel programs, all around the world. On a deeper level, we believe that we're changing the world by inspiring people to go further, one person at a time.

We believe that travel is the key to changing the world. It's not just about going to new places and seeing new sights - it's about the experience, and what it does to you. Travel is the best way we've found to add profound meaning to our lives - and the success of our programs prove that other people are searching for those experiences too.

Cultural exchange is about connecting with people from different backgrounds, and finding common value and purpose with them. We've been all around the world, and found ours. Wherever you go, go further.

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Our History: From 1999-Present

We started our journey in 1999, and it all began with Camp Leaders in America. From those early days, we've grown into a trusted and well-known leader in the summer camp industry, and a top provider of international cultural exchange opportunities. Smaller Earth was born to provide life-changing experiences all over the globe - and hopefully, to be the spark of inspiration for the next generation.

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Our Purpose

All over the world, we're driven by a common mission - to inspire people to go further.

It's the reason we get out of bed each day, and the reason why we believe in what we do. We're all about meaningful travel, cultural exchange, and making the world a better place - and we recognize the impact we can make by achieving our goal.

We're for travel that moves you - because inspired people inspire change.

Our 6 Core Values

It started as a set of common traits among a group of passionate individuals. Eventually, we got them down in writing - and now, they guide us in every decision we make. Our values help us get where we're going - they're the standards we set for ourselves, and they guide us to do what's right, instead of what's easy. They represent the people we're striving to be - and they remind us that we're human.

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Our Vision

We're on a mission to make a difference. We've had a long journey, but it's not nearly over. We're dedicated to providing exceptional cultural exchange experiences, all around the world - and we're not slowing down.

We believe we can make a positive impact on a global scale. By living our purpose and staying true to our values, we can achieve our vision: to be the global leaders in life-changing cultural exchange by 2030.

Our Brands

We're a growing international group of cultural exchange brands guided by a shared set of values, purpose and vision. Each brand has a different story, but they've all had similar roads - their success is due to the passion and dedication of people who dared to make a difference.

Meet the Team

Our team is made up of passionate, dedicated individuals from all around the world. They all bring something unique to the table - but it's their willingness to work together that truly makes Smaller Earth what it is.

Smaller Earth Presents:

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How we give back.

Although Smaller Earth has expanded all around the world to become a global company, it still has it's headquarters at the iconic Albert Dock in Liverpool, UK, where it was founded.

The Go Further Project gives back to the local community in Liverpool, and in 2019, expanded to include participants from other locations around the UK. Smaller Earth works with universities and other organizations to provide young people from under-represented backgrounds with an opportunity for the ultimate summer abroad.

Careers & Opportunities

Join a group of people all over the world who are actively working to make a difference - by connecting and inspiring people through cultural exchange. We're on the lookout for dedicated, committed individuals who believe in cultural exchange and want to make a difference. Whatever your background, the people we hire are committed to inspiring people to go further.

Explore our world.

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