Spend 12 months teaching in South Korea.

Immerse yourself in a new culture while you earn.
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Teach in Korea Overview


12 months

Age requirement

21 to 25

Pocket money

£1313-1437 monthly



Teach English in Korea with Adventure Asia

Experience a gap year like no other, where you advance your career, learn new skills and earn a salary while also being able to live in Asia.

With a 4 week online TEFL/TESOL certification, guaranteed teaching role and full support included, we'll have you covered for your adventure in Korea.


12-month paid teaching placement
Online TEFL/TESOL certification
Subsidised accommodation
Access to lesson plan database
Airport pick-up
Visa assistance
Cultural orientation
Support throughout your placement
Choice of intake dates
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Additional Fees
Visa Cost: We can assist you in finding the necessary information
Flights: You're responsible for your travel arrangements
Travel Insurance: Ensure you have travel insurance for peace of mind

The most adventurous way to level up your career.

Spend a year teaching in Korea with support provided.
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Is transportation to and from work provided as part of the program?

While transportation is not provided by the schools, transport services such as bus rides and train rides are generally inexpensive, costing anything from around £1.80 to £4.00 for a return day ticket.

How easy is it to travel around South Korea?

Travelling in South Korea is made simple through the use of Naver Maps (an app similar to Google Maps), being close to subway lines and having a small grasp of written Korean as this helps with things like interpreting bus stop signs.

What are your daily living expenses like in South Korea?

While daily living expenses varies based on your budget, if you stick to a tight budget, it's possible to manage with as little as £20 per day, covering both food and local transportation. Entertainment choices and frequency of eating out are two factors that will have influence on your budget. While food is arguably South Korea's biggest expense, local cost saving options are always available to help mitigate this.


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