Student Jobs Abroad

Welcome to summer; the perfect study break.

It's time to swap the classroom for the outdoors with our student jobs abroad.

Student Jobs Overview

Travel Level

Beginners - Experienced

Job Examples

Camp roles, hospitality roles, teaching


USA, Canada, and China

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Student Jobs Abroad Guide

Student jobs aren't a chore anymore. If you want to feel alive, make an impact, and create memories that last a lifetime, then these student jobs abroad are perfect for you.

Once college or university finishes, there are four months to fill with an opportunity. You can either head back home for work or escape and venture out into the world for a transformative summer of meaningful travel.

There's a range of student jobs overseas fitting your passion, background, and experience level. Whether it's leading outdoor adventures in AmericaChina, or Canada or teaching in South Korea, there are student jobs abroad for anyone who wants to make a difference.

How much do student jobs abroad pay?

Student jobs overseas have varying pay rates depending on location. The main reason for travel is cultural exchange and contributing to another community, but every program ensures you earn enough to enjoy your placement and travel afterwards.

How long are student jobs abroad?

Student jobs abroad appreciate your limited time available between study terms, so the contract accommodates that. As such, you’ll need to be available for 3-4 months in the summer, allowing you to also travel the country afterwards.

Where can I get a student job abroad?

Student jobs abroad are limited to the summer, so you’ll find roles in locations that require a summer season. This means there’s a huge range of potential destinations worldwide, from summer camps in America and summer camps in Canada to other opportunities in China and elsewhere.

How can I get a student job abroad?

Student jobs overseas are for those studying yet looking to earn money while seeing the world. As your timeframe is limited (being between terms), student jobs abroad fit within it. Agencies understand that, so their easy application processes are tailored to these roles.


Can I get a reference from my summer student job?


Provided you've done a good job (which we're sure you will), then your employer will happily provide a professional reference stating your work contract and performance.

This can be super useful going for further jobs, or for university, so make it your aim to get an amazing reference from your student job.

As a student, can I work full time during the holidays?

Yes, students are allowed to work full time during the holidays, making it the perfect time to earn money.

Although there are restrictions on the number of hours you work during term time, you are then allowed to work in a full time role (at least until your studies resume).

This is why so many students look to land a student summer job, as it's the perfect fundraiser for either the rest of summer, or the start of your studies.

How can I apply for a summer job abroad?

There are two ways you can go about it: either go direct, or through an agency.

Direct is when you see an open student travel opportunity (like if you see a job role directly advertised by an employer) and you pop over your CV in the hope they see and like it.

If you go through an agency, they are able to use their extensive knowledge of the industry to not only find you the correct roles that are out there, but to also support you and provide you with the guidance needed to help you understand what makes you the right candidate for a given role.

This includes a full application process, where they can ensure that you sing about your strengths and make sure they match the requirements of the employers.

Which country has the most student travel job opportunities?

Every country has loads of student travel opportunities for the summer, across a number of industries.

However, student jobs abroad are very dependent on meeting the visa requirements for certain countries.

As such, certain areas are easier to secure summer roles for student travel than others.

Over our many years of helping work and travel abroad, we have built up trusted relationships with employers and visa sponsors.

This means we can ensure that we offer a comprehensive, fully managed job placement package in a number of different countries.

Where can I work in the summer?

There are so many student travel opportunities throughout the summer.

Where you work can be very dependent on what you would like to do as your student travel job.

Summer camps are hugely popular student travel jobs, with destinations including America, Canada, and China high on the list.

If you'd like to teach, then there are lots of potential destinations, such as South Korea, in which you can do so.

There is also resort work in America, where you can further your passion and career in the hospitality industry.

The great thing is that there's something for everyone, whether a student or not.